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College of Medicine - Dept. of Environmental Medical Biology
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2019Role of gamma-giardin in ventral disc formation of Giardia lamblia 김주리, 박순정Article
2019RNA-sequencing Profiles of Cell Cycle-Related Genes Upregulated during the G2-Phase in Giardia lamblia 김주리, 박순정, 신미영Article
2018Roles of end-binding 1 protein and gamma-tubulin small complex in cytokinesis and flagella formation of Giardia lamblia김주리, 박순정Article
2018Role of Heat Shock Proteases in Quorum-Sensing-Mediated Regulation of Biofilm Formation by Vibrio Species 박순정Article
2017Epigenome mapping highlights chromatin-mediated gene regulation in the protozoan parasite Trichomonas vaginalis 김주리, 김형표, 박순정, 송민지, 용태순, 이명희Article
2017Role of α-Actinin 2 in Cytoadherence and Cytotoxicity of Trichomonas vaginalis 김주리, 박순정, 이혜연Article
2017Trichomonas vaginalis α-Actinin 2 Modulates Host Immune Responses by Inducing Tolerogenic Dendritic Cells via IL-10 Production from Regulatory T Cells 김주리, 박순정, 이혜연Article
2017Phosphorylation of Serine 148 in Giardia lamblia End-binding 1 Protein is Important for Cell Division김주리, 박순정, 이혜연Article
2017Interaction between Trichomonas vaginalis and the Prostate Epithelium 박순정Article
2016Identification of a Novel Microtubule-Binding Protein in Giardia lamblia 박순정Article
2015TLR2, but not TLR4, plays a predominant role in the immune responses to cholera vaccines박순정Article
2015Role of AcsR in expression of the acetyl-CoA synthetase gene in Vibrio vulnificus 김민정, 김주리, 박순정, 이혜연Article
2015Role of VcrD1 protein in expression and secretion of flagellar components in Vibrio parahaemolyticus김민정, 김주리, 박순정Article
2015VvpM induces human cell death via multifarious modes including necroptosis and autophagy 박순정, 신미영Article
2015Stationary-phase induction of vvpS expression by three transcription factors: repression by LeuO and activation by SmcR and CRP박순정Article
2015Comparison between mixed lysate antigen and α-actinin antigen in ELISA for serodiagnosis of trichomoniasis박순정, 이혜연Article
2014Giardia lamblia binding immunoglobulin protein triggers maturation of dendritic cells via activation of TLR4-MyD88-p38 and ERK1/2 MAPKs.김주리, 김형표, 박순정, 이혜연Article
2014VvpM, an extracellular metalloprotease of Vibrio vulnificus, induces apoptotic death of human cells.박순정, 신미영Article
2014Characterization of microtubule-binding and dimerizatino activity of Giardia lamblia end-binding 1 protein 김주리, 박순정Article
2013Regulation of haemolysin(VvhA) production by ferric uptake regulator (Fur) in Vibrio vulnificus: repression of vvhA transcription by Fur and proteolysis of VVhA by Fur-repressive exoproteases박순정Article
2013Role of capsular polysaccharide (CPS) in biofilm formation and regulation of CPS production by quorum-sensing in Vibrio vulnificus박순정Article
2013Identification of α-11 giardin as a flagellar and surface component of Giardia lamblia김주리, 박순정, 용태순, 이혜연Article
2012Excretory-secretory products of Giardia lamblia induce interleukin-8 production in human colonic cells via activation of p38, ERK1/2, NF-κB and AP-1박순정, 용태순, 이혜연Article
2011Vibrio vulnificus IlpA induces MAPK-mediated cytokine production via TLR1/2 activation in THP-1 cells, a human monocytic cell line박순정Article
2011NF-κB and CREB are involved in IL-8 production of human neutrophils induced by Trichomonas vaginalis-derived secretory products. 김경아, 남영희, 민아림, 박순정, 신명헌, 이영아Article
2011Crystal structure of Toll-like receptor 2-activating lipoprotein IIpA from Vibrio vulnificus박순정Article
2011Complete genome sequence of Vibrio vulnificus MO6-24/O. 박순정Article
2011Cell death mediated by Vibrio parahaemolyticus type III secretion system 1 is dependent on ERK1/2 MAPK, but independent of caspases 박순정Article
2011Functional characterization of EpsC, a component of the type II secretion system, in the pathogenicity of Vibrio vulnificus 김주리, 박순정, 황원Article
2011FrsA functions as a cofactor-independent decarboxylase to control metabolic flux박순정Article
2011Identification of antigenic proteins in Trichomonas vaginalis 김주리, 박순정, 신명헌, 이혜연Article
2010Functional characterization of the IlpA protein of Vibrio vulnificus as an adhesin and its role in bacterial pathogenesis 김주리, 박순정Article
2010Identification of end-binding 1 (EB1) interacting proteins in Giardia lamblia강경필, 김주리, 박순정, 용태순Article
2010Prevalence of pediculosis capitis among Korean children박순정, 신명헌, 용태순, 이인용Article
2010A mammalian insulysin homolog is regulated by enzyme IIA(Glc) of the glucose transport system in Vibrio vulnificus.박순정Article
2009Expression of the cpdA gene, encoding a 3',5'-cyclic AMP (cAMP) phosphodiesterase, is positively regulated by the cAMP-cAMP receptor protein complex. 박순정Article
2009Proinflammatory cytokine and nitric oxide production by human macrophages stimulated with Trichomonas vaginalis 박순정Article
2009Potential role of HMG CoA reductase inhibitor on oxidative stress induced by advanced glycation endproducts in vascular smooth muscle cells of diabetic vasculopathy 권혁문, 민필기, 박순정, 윤영원, 이병권, 이영호, 임세중, 장우철, 홍범기, 황기철Article
2009Comparative proteomic analysis of trophozoites versus cysts of Giardia lamblia.김주리, 박순정Article
2009Vibrio vulnificus-induced cell death of human mononuclear cells requires ROS-dependent activation of p38 and ERK 1/2 MAPKs김우향, 박순정Article
2009Evaluation of alpha-tubulin as an antigenic and molecular probe to detect Giardia lamblia 김주리, 박순정, 송경주, 신명헌Article
2009Giardia lamblia: immunogenicity and intracellular distribution of GHSP-115, a member of the Giardia head-stalk family of proteins.김주리, 박순정, 용태순Article
2009Role of NtrC-regulated exopolysaccharides in the biofilm formation and pathogenic interaction of Vibrio vulnificus. Kim HS, Park SJ, Lee KH박순정Article
2008Giardia lamblia EB1 is a functional homolog of yeast Bim1p that binds to microtubules김주리, 박순정, 용태순Article
2008Vibrio vulnificus-induced death of Jurkat T-cells requires activation of p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase by NADPH oxidase-derived reactive oxygen species김우향, 박순정, 신명헌Article
2008Interaction of BOP1, a protein for ribosome biogenesis, with EB1 in Giardia lamblia.김주리, 박순정, 심서보, 용태순Article
2008Vibrio vulnificus rpoS expression is repressed by direct binding of cAMP-cAMP receptor protein complex to its two promoter regions 박순정Article
2008Identification and characterization of a mitochondrial iron-superoxide dismutase of Cryptosporidium parvum김주리, 박순정Article
2008Effect of Iron on Adherence and Cytotoxicity of Entamoeba histolytica to CHO Cell Monolayers 박순정, 용태순, 이종원Article
2007Role of NtrC in biofilm formation via controlling expression of the gene encoding an ADP-glycero-manno-heptose-6-epimerase in the pathogenic bacterium, Vibrio vulnificus박순정Article