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Functional characterization of EpsC, a component of the type II secretion system, in the pathogenicity of Vibrio vulnificus

 Won Hwang  ;  Na Yeon Lee  ;  Soon-Jung Park  ;  Kyu-Ho Lee  ;  Kun-Soo Kim  ;  Mi-Ae Lee  ;  Juri Kim 
 Infection and Immunity, Vol.79(10) : 4068-4080, 2011 
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 Infection and Immunity 
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EpsC, one of the components comprising the type II secretion system (T2SS), was isolated from a human-pathogenic bacterium, Vibrio vulnificus, to evaluate its role in eliciting virulence. An espC-deleted mutant of V. vulnificus displayed a reduced cytotoxicity to the human cell line HEp-2 and an attenuated virulence in a mouse model. This mutant exhibited dramatic defects in the secretion of diverse extracellular proteins, such as outer membrane proteins, transporters, and the known secreted factors, notably, a hemolysin (VvhA) and an elastase (VvpE). A defect in its secretion of proteins was restored by in trans complementation of the intact epsC gene. Analyses of cellular fractions revealed that VvhA and VvpE of the ΔepsC mutant were not excreted outside the cell but were present mainly in the periplasmic space. Examination of a V. vulnificus mutant deficient in TolC, a component of the T1SS, showed that it is not involved in the secretion of VvhA and VvpE but that it is necessary for the secretion of another major toxin of V. vulnificus, RtxA. Therefore, the T2SS is required for V. vulnificus pathogenicity, which is mediated by at least two secreted factors, VvhA and VvpE, via facilitating the secretion and exposure of these factors to host cells
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김주리(Kim, Ju Ri) ; 박순정(Park, Soon Jung) ; 황원(Hwang, Won)
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