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College of Medicine - Dept. of Neurology
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2019(18)F-flortaucipir uptake patterns in clinical subtypes of primary progressive aphasia류철형, 유영훈, 이명식, 조한나, 최재용Article
2018Distinct patterns of amyloid-dependent tau accumulation in Lewy body diseases류철형, 유영훈, 이명식, 이승하, 이재훈, 조한나, 최재용Article
2018Tau Positron Emission Tomography Imaging in Degenerative Parkinsonisms 류철형, 유영훈, 이명식, 조한나, 최재용Article
2018Impaired finger dexterity and nigrostriatal dopamine loss in Parkinson's disease류철형, 이명식, 이승하, 조한나Article
2018Abnormal somatosensory temporal discrimination in Parkinson's disease: Pathophysiological correlates and role in motor control deficits이명식Article
2018Predicted sequence of cortical tau and amyloid-beta deposition in Alzheimer disease spectrum류철형, 유영훈, 이명식, 이재훈, 이혜선, 조한나, 최재용Article
2018Off-Target (18)F-AV-1451 Binding in the Basal Ganglia Correlates with Age-Related Iron Accumulation류철형, 안성준, 유영훈, 이명식, 이재훈, 조한나, 최재용Article
2018Predominant subcortical accumulation of (18)F-flortaucipir binding in behavioral variant frontotemporal dementia류철형, 유영훈, 이명식, 조한나, 최재용Article
201718F-AV-1451 Binds to Putamen in Multiple System Atrophy류철형, 유영훈, 이명식, 이승하, 조한나, 최재용Article
2017Excessive tau accumulation in the parieto-occipital cortex characterizes early-onset Alzheimer's disease류철형, 유영훈, 이명식, 이승하, 이재훈, 조한나, 최영철, 최재용Article
2017Clinical Features Indicating Nigrostriatal Dopaminergic Degeneration in Drug-Induced Parkinsonism 류철형, 안성준, 이명식, 이승하Article
2017Parkinsonian Patients with Striatal Cribriform State Present Rapidly Progressive Axial Parkinsonism류철형, 이명식, 이승하, 조한나Article
2017Radiological Findings of Two Sisters with Aceruloplasminemia Presenting with Chorea이명식Article
201718F-AV-1451 binds to motor-related subcortical gray and white matter in corticobasal syndrome류철형, 백민석, 유영훈, 이명식, 이승하, 조한나, 최재용Article
2017Brain regional iron contents in progressive supranuclear palsy류철형, 안성준, 이명식, 이승하Article
2017Subcortical 18 F-AV-1451 binding patterns in progressive supranuclear palsy류철형, 유영훈, 이명식, 이승하, 조한나, 최재용Article
2017Paroxysmal freezing of gait in a patient with mesial frontal transient ischemic attacks 류철형, 이명식, 이승하, 황희원Article
2016Delayed iron deposit and atrophy of the putamen in a case with osmotic demyelination syndrome류철형, 안성준, 이명식, 이승하Article
2016In vivo cortical spreading pattern of tau and amyloid in the Alzheimer disease spectrum류철형, 유영훈, 이명식, 이재훈, 이혜미, 이혜선, 조한나, 최재용Article
2016Tau PET in Alzheimer disease and mild cognitive impairment류철형, 유영훈, 이명식, 이재훈, 이혜미, 조한나, 최재용Article
2016Clinical Heterogeneity of Atypical Pantothenate Kinase-Associated Neurodegeneration in Koreans 류철형, 손영호, 이명식, 이필휴Article
2016Impact of Prolonged Temporal Discrimination Threshold on Finger Movements of Parkinson's Disease 류철형, 이명식Article
2016Re-emergent Tremor Without Rest Tremor After Lenticular Infarctions이명식, 이승하Article
2016Tau Accumulation in Primary Motor Cortex of Variant Alzheimer's Disease with Spastic Paraparesis류철형, 유영훈, 이명식, 조한나, 최재용Article
2015[(18)F] FP-CIT PET study in parkinsonian patients with leukoaraiosis김샤롬, 김한결, 김혜인, 류철형, 오여진, 유영훈, 이명식, 이승하, 한철수Article
2015Overlap of autism spectrum disorder and glucose transporter 1 deficiency syndrome associated with a heterozygous deletion at the 1p34.2 region김윤중, 김은주, 이명식, 이명준Article
2015Impact of regional striatal dopaminergic function on kinematic parameters of Parkinson's disease김샤롬, 류철형, 이명식, 이명준Article
2015Current Status of Huntington's Disease in Korea: A Nationwide Survey and National Registry Analysis 류철형, 이명식, 이필휴Article
2015Feasibility of Computed Tomography-Guided Methods for Spatial Normalization of Dopamine Transporter Positron Emission Tomography Image 류철형, 유영훈, 이명식, 조한나Article
2015Parkinsonism and Dementia Associated with Giant Virchow-Robin Spaces 류철형, 이명식, 정태섭Article
2015대뇌피질 대사저하가 관찰된안구간대경련-근간대경련증후군 라윤경, 류철형, 이명식Article
2015Neuroimaging studies and whole exome sequencing of PLA2G6-associated neurodegeneration in a family with intrafamilial phenotypic heterogeneity.류철형, 이명식Article
2014Kinematic Analysis in Patients with Parkinson’s Disease and SWEDD김샤롬, 류철형, 이명식, 이명준Article
2014Expansion of the clinicopathological and mutational spectrum of Perry syndrome이명식, 이명준Article
2014Cognitive dysfunction associated with falls in progressive supranuclear palsy김샤롬, 이명식, 이명준Article
2013Factors related to outcomes of subthalamic deep brain stimulation in Parkinson’s disease 강동완, 김해유, 손영호, 이명식, 장원석, 장진우Article
2012Striatal dopamine loss and discriminative sensory dysfunction in Parkinson's disease류철형, 유영훈, 이명식, 이명준Article
2012Association of mutations in the glucocerebrosidase gene with Parkinson disease in a Korean population손영호, 이명식, 이필휴Article
2011Cerebral cortical areas in which thickness correlates with severity of motor deficits of Parkinson's disease류철형, 유영훈, 이명식Article
2011Sonographic abnormalities in idiopathic restless legs syndrome (RLS) and RLS in Parkinson's disease이명식Article
2011The effect of age on motor deficits and cerebral glucose metabolism of Parkinson's disease남정모, 류철형, 유영훈, 이명식Article
2011Rhabdomyolysis induced by severe levodopa induced dyskinesia in a patient with Parkinson's disease류철형, 이명식Article
2011Mesencephalic midline change on transcranial sonography in early Parkinson's disease patients with depression이명식Article
2011Imaging evidence of nigral damage in dystonia secondary to disulfiram intoxication류철형, 이명식Article
2011A patient with genetically confirmed myoclonus-dystonia responded to anticholinergic treatment and improved spontaneously 류철형, 이명식Article
2011Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome in a Patient with Corticobasal Degeneration 류철형, 이명식Article
2010Topographical distribution of cerebral cortical thinning in patients with mild Parkinson's disease without dementia.류철형, 유영훈, 이명식Article
2010Bilateral ballism after herpes encephalitis with thalamic lesion이명식Article
2010Levodopa responsive hemidystonia associated with contralateral nigral lesion류철형, 이명식Article
2010Cerebral glucose metabolism of Parkinson's disease patients with mild cognitive impairment류철형, 유영훈, 이명식Article