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College of Medicine - Dept. of Anatomy
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2018Real-time dynamics of neutrophil clustering in response to phototoxicity-induced cell death and tissue damage in mouse ear dermis현영민article
2018Mitofusin-2 Expression Is Implicated in Cervical Cancer Pathogenesis안성용, 장향란, 현영민article
2018Real-time monitoring of cancer cells in liver mouse bone marrow 이우정, 조남훈, 현영민article
2018Two-photon Intravital Imaging of Leukocytes During the Immune Response in Lipopolysaccharide-treated Mouse Liver현영민article
2018Conserved Noncoding Sequences Boost ADR1 and SP1 Regulated Human Swiprosin-1 Promoter Activity 안성용, 현영민article
2018Sensing of Vascular Permeability in Inflamed Vessel of Live Animal 현영민article
2018TAGLN2 polymerizes G-actin in a low ionic state but blocks Arp2/3-nucleated actin branching in physiological conditions 현영민article
2018T cell microvilli constitute immunological synaptosomes that carry messages to antigen-presenting cells. 현영민article
2017Deep insight into neutrophil trafficking in various organs현영민article
2016Live Imaging of Influenza Infection of the Trachea Reveals Dynamic Regulation of CD8+ T Cell Motility by Antigen 현영민article
2016Neutrophil Extravasation Cascade: What Can We Learn from Two-photon Intravital Imaging? 현영민article
2015Neutrophil trails guide influenza-specific CD8(+) T cells in the airways 현영민article
2015Visualization of integrin Mac-1 in vivo 현영민article
2015TAGLN2 regulates T cell activation by stabilizing the actin cytoskeleton at the immunological synapse 현영민article
2014Optogenetic control of chemokine receptor signal and T-cell migration 현영민article
2014Sepsis lethality via exacerbated tissue infiltration and TLR-induced cytokine production by neutrophils is integrin α3β1-dependent현영민article
2014Migration of neutrophils targeting amyloid plaques in Alzheimer's disease mouse model 현영민article
2013Inflammation-induced interstitial migration of effector CD4⁺ T cells is dependent on integrin αV 현영민article
2013Extravasating Neutrophil-derived Microparticles Preserve Vascular Barrier Function in Inflamed Tissue 현영민article
2012Role of β1 integrin in tissue homing of neutrophils during sepsis 현영민article
2012Opposing roles for RhoH GTPase during T-cell migration and activation. 현영민article
2012Uropod elongation is a common final step in leukocyte extravasation through inflamed vessels 현영민article
2010Acetylation modulates prolactin receptor dimerization 현영민article