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구민희 [Ku, Min Hee]
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College of Medicine (의과대학) - Dept. of Radiology (영상의학교실)

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2019Smart Microcapsules with Molecular Polarity- and Temperature-Dependent Permeability구민희, 양재문Article
2019Effect of polydiacetylene-based nanosomes on cell viability and endocytosis구민희, 양재문Article
2019Beyond EGFR inhibition: multilateral combat strategies to stop the progression of head and neck cancer구민희, 양재문Article
2018Lithographically Designed Conical Microcarriers for Programed Release of Multiple Actives구민희, 양재문Article
2018Implantable Photothermal Agents based on Gold Nanorods-Encapsulated Microcube구민희, 양재문Article
2018Aptamer-Modified Magnetic Nanosensitizer for In Vivo MR Imaging of HER2-Expressing Cancer구민희, 서진석, 양재문, 허단Article
2018Microsphere-Based Nanoindentation for the Monitoring of Cellular Cortical Stiffness Regulated by MT1-MMP구민희, 김남희, 서진석, 양재문, 육종인Article
2017Microfluidic Production of Biodegradable Microcapsules for Sustained Release of Hydrophilic Actives구민희, 양재문Article
2017Acquired resistance to BRAF inhibition induces epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition in BRAF (V600E) mutant thyroid cancer by c-Met-mediated AKT activation 고윤우, 구민희, 김다희, 김정민, 김창훈, 변형권, 양재문, 윤선옥, 윤주헌, 최은창Article
2016Photothermal ablation of cancer cells using self-doped polyaniline nanoparticles구민희, 서진석, 양재문Article
2016Synthesis and Characterization of Water-Soluble Conjugated Oligoelectrolytes for Near-Infrared Fluorescence Biological Imaging구민희, 양재문Article
2016Femto-molar detection of cancer marker-protein based on immuno-nanoplasmonics at single-nanoparticle scale구민희, 서진석, 양재문Article
2016In vivo sensing of proteolytic activity with an NSET-based NIR fluorogenic nanosensor구민희, 서진석, 양재문Article
2016Microfluidic Production of Uniform Microcarriers with Multicompartments through Phase Separation in Emulsion Drops구민희, 양재문Article
2016Effects for Sequential Treatment of siAkt and Paclitaxel on Gastric Cancer Cell Lines 구민희, 서진석, 양재문Article
2015Self-Doped Conjugated Polymeric Nanoassembly by Simplified Process for Optical Cancer Theragnosis구민희, 서진석, 양재문, 허용민Article
2015Galactosylated magnetic nanovectors for regulation of lipid metabolism based on biomarker-specific RNAi and MR imaging구민희, 박상욱, 서진석, 양재문, 이찬주, 허단, 허용민Article
2015Metabolic stress induces a Wnt-dependent cancer stem cell-like state transition 구민희, 김남희, 박은성, 서진석, 양재문, 육종인, 이유진, 정재호, 허용민Article
2015A magnetic polyaniline nanohybrid for MR imaging and redox sensing of cancer cells구민희, 서진석, 양재문, 이유진, 허단, 황승연Article
2014Localized surface plasmon resonance based nanobiosensor for biomarker detection of invasive cancer cells구민희, 서진석, 양재문, 이유진, 허용민Article
2014Molecular recognition of protecolytic activity in metastatic cancer cells using fluorogenic gold nanoprobes구민희, 서미란, 서진석, 양재문, 육종인, 이유진, 이은직, 이현정, 허단, 허용민, 황승연Article
2014Maleimidyl magnetic nanoplatform for facile molecular MRI구민희, 서진석, 양재문, 이영한, 이유진, 허단, 허용민, 황승연Article
2013Molecular sensing for biomarkers of invasive cancer cells using localized surface plasmon resonance구민희, 서진석, 양재문, 허용민Article
2013CD44-specific supramolecular hydrogels for fluorescence molecular imaging of stem-like gastric cancer cells구민희, 박은성, 서진석, 양재문, 정재호, 허용민Article
2013Functional Nanoplatforms for Enhancement of Chemotherapeutic Index구민희, 양재문, 이유진, 정재호, 허용민Article