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남택상 [Nam, Taick Sang]
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College of Medicine - Dept. of Physiology
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2017Repetitive motor cortex stimulation reinforces the pain modulation circuits of peripheral neuropathic pain 남택상, 이배환, 차명훈Article
2015Different spatial expressions of c-Fos in the nucleus of the solitary tract following taste stimulation with sodium, potassium, and ammonium ions in rats.곽용호, 남택상, 이배환, 임중우, 한정수Article
2015Peripheral NMDA receptors mediate antidromic nerve stimulation-induced tactile hypersensitivity in the rat 김동욱, 남택상, 임중우, 전재범, 정세정Article
2012Changes in cytokine expression after electroacupuncture in neuropathic rats 곽용호, 남택상, 이배환, 차명훈Article
2012Highly pure and expandable PSA-NCAM-positive neural precursors from human ESC and iPSC-derived neural rosettes 강훈철, 김대성, 김동욱, 김한수, 남택상, 임중우, 장지호, 조성래Article
2011Inhibition of hexokinase leads to neuroprotection against excitotoxicity in organotypic hippocampal slice culture남택상, 이배환Article
2011Intracellular acidification evoked by moderate extracellular acidosis attenuates transient receptor potential V1 (TRPV1) channel activity in rat dorsal root ganglion neurons. 남택상, 안덕선, 정승수Article
2011Modulation of N-type Ca²⁺ currents by moxonidine via imidazoline I₁ receptor activation in rat superior cervical ganglion neurons.김영환, 남택상, 안덕선, 정승수Article
2010Modulation of N-type calcium currents by presynaptic imidazoline receptor activation in rat superior cervical ganglion neurons 김영환, 남택상, 안덕선, 정승수, 정지현Article
2010Peripheral contributions to the mechanical hyperalgesia following a lumbar 5 spinal nerve lesion in rats김동욱, 김정원, 남택상, 이배환, 임중우, 장준호Article
2010Transplantation of GABAergic neurons from ESCs attenuates tactile hypersensitivity following spinal cord injury김대성, 김동욱, 남택상, 임중우, 전용훈, 정세정Article
2009Modulation of neuropathic pain by galanin and neuropeptide Y at the level of the medulla in rats남택상, 이배환, 장진우, 정세정, 차명훈Article
2009Modification of cortical excitability in neuropathic rats: a voltage-sensitive dye study.남택상, 이배환, 차명훈Article
2008Anti-oxidant effect of ascorbic and dehydroascorbic acids in hippocampal slice culture.남택상, 원란, 이배환Article
2008Lysophosphatidylcholine Increases Ca Current via Activation of Protein Kinase C in Rabbit Portal Vein Smooth Muscle Cells. 김영환, 남택상, 안덕선, 이영호, 정승수Article
2008신경손상에 의해 유발된 과민통반응에서 말초 케모카인 CCL3의 역할 남택상, 윤덕미, 임중우Article
2007The role of uninjured C-afferents and injured afferents in the generation of mechanical hypersensitivity after partial peripheral nerve injury in the rat김동욱, 남택상, 박경아, 이원택, 임중우, 장준호Article
2006Stromal Cell–Derived Inducing Activity, Nurr1, and Signaling Molecules Synergistically Induce Dopaminergic Neurons from Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells 김동욱, 남택상, 정승수Article
2006Activation of Spinal GABA Receptors Attenuates Chronic Central Neuropathic Pain after Spinal Cord Injury남택상, 백광세, 임중우Article
2006백서에서 신경압박 손상에 의해 유발된 과민반응에서 척추 및 말초 GABA-A와 B 수용체 작용제에 의한 완화효과 남택상, 백광세, 윤덕미, 임중우Article
2006제5요후근을 절단한 백서에서 제5요척수신경의 신경손상이나 전기자극에 의한 기계적 과민통 생성에 있어서 말초 글루타민산 수용기의 역할 남택상, 백광세, 윤덕미, 임중우Article
2006Elevated Contractile Responses to Acetylcholine in Organ Cultured Rabbit Carotid Artery 남택상, 안덕선, 원종은, 이영호, 정승수Article
2006Lysophosphatidylcholine Attenuates Endothelium-dependent Relaxation Responses through Inhibition of ACh-induced Endothelial [Ca2+]i Increase 남택상, 안덕선, 이영호Article
2005Mechanical and heat sensitization of cutaneous nociceptors in rats with experimental peripheral neuropathy김동욱, 남택상, 심범, 임중우Article
2005Inhibition of carbachol-evoked oscillatory currents by the NO donor sodium nitroprusside in guinea-pig ileal myocytes 남택상, 안덕선, 이영호, 이홍기, 정승수Article
2005Dehydroascorbic acid prevents oxidative cell death through a glutathione pathway in primary astrocytes김은주, 남택상, 박용구, 이배환, 정세정Article
2004Peripheral glutamate receptors contribute to mechanical hyperalgesia in a neuropathic pain model of the rat김동욱, 남택상, 백광세, 임중우Article
2004백서의 절개 창상에 스테로이드와 베라파밀의 동시주입이 반흔형성에 미치는 영향김용욱, 남택상, 조남훈Article
2003Testosterone Causes Simultaneous Decrease of [Ca2+]i and Tension in Rabbit Coronary Arteries: by Opening Voltage Dependent Potassium Channels 남택상, 안덕선, 이영호Article
2003말초신경 손상에 의한 배근신경절 세포의 전기생리적 특성 변화 남택상, 정승수Article
2003백서에서 포르말린 피하주사에 의한 척수후각신경세포의 발화 생성에 Glutamate 수용체와 GABA 수용체의 역할 남택상Article
2003척수손상으로 유도된 백서의 통각과민 반응에서 항신경성장인자의 복강 내 주입에 의한 통증 완화 효과 남택상Article
2002척수손상 후 척수 내 ionotropic glutamate 수용기 활성화가 중추 신경병증성 통증 유발에 미치는 영향 남택상, 임중우Article
2002신경병증성 통증모델 쥐에서 피부통각수용체의 민감화 남택상, 임중우Article
2002척수손상 후 척수 내 GABA 체계의 손실이 중추 신경병증성 통증 유발의 원인이라는 행동학적 및 전기생리학적인 증거 남택상, 임중우Article
2001Differential antinociceptive effect of transcutaneous electrical stimulation on pain behavior sensitive or insensitive to phentolamine in neuropathic rats남택상, 임중우Article
2001Differentiation of Neuroepithelial Progenitor Cells Implanted into Newborn Rat Brain Striatum 남택상Article
2001Capsaicin-induced Relaxation in Rabbit Coronary Artery 남택상, 안덕선, 이영호, 임중우Article
2001Inhibition by Clonidine of the Carbachol-Induced Tension Development and Nonselective Cationic Current in Guinea Pig Ileal Myocytes 남택상, 안덕선, 이영호, 정승수Article
2001Mechanism of Carbon Monoxide-Induced Relaxation in the Guinea Pig Ileal Smooth Muscle 남택상, 안덕선, 연동수, 정승수Article
2001Lysophosphatidylcholine Decreases Delayed Rectifier K+ Current in Rabbit Coronary Smooth Muscle Cells 남택상, 안덕선Article
2001Effects of iontophoretically applied substance P, calcitonin gene-related peptide on excitability of dorsal horn neurones in rats 곽영섭, 남택상, 임중우, 정승수Article
2000The Effect of Carbon Monoxide on Contraction, Cytosolic Ca2+ Level and Ionic Currents in Guinea Pig Ileal Smooth Muscle 남택상Article
2000Adrenergic sensitivity of uninjured C-fiber nociceptors in neuropathic rats 남택상, 임중우Article
2000신경병성 통증모델쥐에서 산화질소합성효소 억제제가 척수후각세포의 활성도에 미치는 영향. 남택상, 임중우Article
2000Complete Freund Adjuvant에 의한 피부염증에서 통각과민현상의 기전 남택상, 임중우Article
1999흰쥐의 신경병증성 통증에 대한 경피신경전기자극과 미세전류신경근자극 남택상Article
1999공간기억의 습득에 있어서 해마와 두정엽후위의 역할 남택상, 박용구, 이배환, 임중우Article