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김현숙 [Kim, Hyon Suk]
Department :
College of Medicine : Dept. of Laboratory Medicine
(Yonsei Health Research Network)
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2017 Two Cases of Antibody-Mediated Rejection Following Kidney Transplantation due to HLA-DQB1 Allele-Specific and DQ Alpha Protein-Specific HLA Antibodies 김범석, 김유선, 김현숙, 박금보래, 송승환
2016 Comparison of Six Automated Treponema-Specific Antibody Assays 김현숙, 박금보래, 임정훈
2016 Bone marrow chimerism detection using next generation sequencing based on single nucleotide polymorphisms following liver transplantation: comparison with short tandem repeat-PCR 김지은, 김현숙, 주동진, 최종락, 홍경란
2016 Use of Wisteria Floribunda Agglutinin-Positive Human Mac-2 Binding Protein in Assessing Risk of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Due to Hepatitis B Virus. 김도영, 박준용, 안상훈, 안성수, 한광협, 허자윤, 김범경, 김승업, 김현숙, 박영년
2016 Host immune responses to antigens derived from a predominant strain of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. 김현숙, 조상래, 허윤경
2016 Effect of major histocompatibility complex haplotype matching by C4 and MICA genotyping on acute graft versus host disease in unrelated hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. 김명수, 김종선, 김현숙, 정준원
2016 Combined use of AFP, PIVKA-II, and AFP-L3 as tumor markers enhances diagnostic accuracy for hepatocellular carcinoma in cirrhotic patients 김도영, 안상훈, 임태섭, 정규식, 한광협, 김범경, 김승업, 김현숙, 박준용, 신승환
2016 Successful kidney transplantation after desensitization in a patient with positive flow crossmatching and donor-specific anti-HLA-DP antibody: A Case report 김명수, 송승환, 이주한, 김유선, 김현숙, 박금보래
2016 Clinical Utility of a New Automated Hepatitis C Virus Core Antigen Assay for Prediction of Treatment Response in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C 김도영, 김범경, 김승업, 김자경, 김현숙, 박준용, 안상훈, 한광협
2016 Accuracy of three different fecal calprotectin tests in the diagnosis of inflammatory bowel disease 김원호, 홍성필, 김태일, 김현숙, 박수정, 천재희
2016 Annual Report on the External Quality Assessment Scheme for Immunoassay Tests in Korea (2015) 김영란, 김현숙, 심정은
2015 A new HLA-B*15 allele, HLA-B*15:263, identified in a Korean individual 김현숙, 박금보래, 박용정
2015 Evaluation of a Rapid Immunochromatographic Treponemal Antibody Test Comparing the Treponema Pallidum Particle Agglutination Assay 김현숙, 이민걸, 이종한
2014 Pooled nucleic acid testing to identify antiretroviral treatment failure during HIV infection in Seoul, South Korea 오동현, 정수진, 최준용, 최흔, 한상훈, 구남수, 김민형, 김선빈, 김용찬, 김재경, 김준명, 김현숙, 김혜원, 송제은, 안진영, 안혜원
2014 Human Leukocyte Antigen-G (HLA-G) Polymorphism and Expression in Breast Cancer Patients 김현숙, 박병우, 박세호, 정세리
2014 Pre-S mutations of hepatitis B virus affect genome replication and expression of surface antigens 김승택, 김현숙, 박전한, 안상훈, 이희승, 정애리, 최성훈, 한광협, 김경식, 김범경
2014 자동화 검사법으로 측정한 혈청 히알루론산의 평가: 류마티스관절염 진단을 위한 김현숙, 박용정
2014 Resolution of Ambiguous HLA Genotyping in Korean by Multi-Group-Specific Sequence-Based Typing 김유선, 김현숙, 박용정
2014 Short Communication: Prospective Comparison of Qualitative Versus Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction for Monitoring Virologic Treatment Failure in HIV-Infected Patients 김민형, 김선빈, 김재경, 김준명, 김현숙, 송제은, 안진영, 안혜원, 정수진, 최준용, 최흔, 한상훈, 구남수
2014 Risk assessment of clinical outcomes in Asian patients with chronic hepatitis B using enhanced liver fibrosis test. 유은진, 한광협, 김도영, 김범경, 김승업, 김현숙, 박영년, 박준용, 안상훈
2014 Comparison of an automated rapid plasma reagin (RPR) test with the conventional RPR card test in syphilis testing. 김현숙, 이민걸
2014 Maintaining remission in lamivudine-resistant patients with a virological response to adefovir add-on lamivudine after stopping lamivudine therapy. 김도영, 김미나, 김승업, 김현숙, 박준용, 안상훈, 이상헌, 전재윤, 한광협
2014 The Korean Heart Study: rationale, objectives, protocol, and preliminary results for a new prospective cohort study of 430,920 men and women 김현숙, 김희진, 목예진, 이덕철, 장양수, 지선하
2014 Increasing the Efficiency of Laboratory Performance by Using the Onboard Dilution Algorithm of the Elecsys Hepatitis B Surface Antigen II Quantitative Assay 김현숙
2013 Detection and genotyping of human papillomavirus by five assays according to cytologic results 김신영, 김정호, 김현숙
2013 Tuberculin Skin Test and Boosted Reactions among Newly Employed Healthcare Workers: An Observational Study 김송이, 김영삼, 김현숙, 박무석, 용동은, 이경원, 장준, 강영애, 김세규
2013 Two Distinct Functional Patterns of Hepatitis C Virus (HCV)-Specific T Cell Responses in Seronegative, Aviremic Patients 김범석, 김현숙, 박정탁, 이정은, 최규헌
2013 Serum Adiponectin and Type 2 Diabetes: A 6-Year Follow-Up Cohort Study 박성하, 박종숙, 안철우, 이상학, 지선하, 김현숙, 김희진, 목예진
2013 Performance Evaluation of LUMIPULSE G1200 Autoimmunoanalyzer for the Detection of Serum Hepatitis B Virus Markers 김신영, 김현숙, 박용정, 이은영
2013 Comparisons of fully automated syphilis tests with conventional VDRL and FTA-ABS tests 김신영, 김현숙, 박용정, 이은영
2013 Adiponectin as predictor for diabetes among pre-diabetic groups 김현숙, 지선하
2013 아디포넥틴 ELISA 검사 성능 평가와 한국인의 혈청 아디포넥틴 참고구간 설정 박용정, 김현숙
2012 Performance evaluation of new automated hepatitis B viral markers in the clinical laboratory: two quantitative hepatitis B surface antigen assays and an HBV core-related antigen assay. 김현숙, 박용정
2012 Anaphylactic transfusion reaction in a patient with anhaptoglobinemia: the first case in Korea 김현숙, 김현옥, 민유홍
2012 Evaluation of revisited fucosylated alpha-fetoprotein (AFP-L3) with an autoanalyzer μTAS in a clinical laboratory. 김정호, 김현숙, 박용정
2012 Comparison of automated multiplexed bead-based ANA screening assay with ELISA for detecting five common anti-extractable nuclear antigens and anti-dsDNA in systemic rheumatic diseases. 김현숙, 박용정
2012 Specific IgE measurement using AdvanSure® system: comparison of detection performance with ImmunoCAP® system in Korean allergy patients. 김창훈, 김현숙, 박경희, 박중원, 손명현, 이재현, 홍천수, 김경원
2012 Diagnostic utilities of procalcitonin and C-reactive protein for the prediction of bacteremia determined by blood culture. 김현숙
2012 Diagnostic values of urine CYFRA21-1, NMP22, UBC, and FDP for the detection of bladder cancer. 김현숙
2012 Performance evaluation of the Vitros anti-hepatitis C virus antibody assay for use in clinical laboratories. 김현숙, 박용정
2012 Serum cytokine levels in chronic hepatitis B patients receiving peginterferon alpha-2a therapy. 김현숙, 박준용, 한광협
2012 Reference ranges for HE4 and CA125 in a large Asian population by automated assays and diagnostic performances for ovarian cancer. 이은영, 이종한, 김윤정, 김현숙, 박용정
2012 Allele frequencies of human leukocyte antigen-G in a Korean population. 김유선, 김현숙, 박용정, 박윤희
2012 Serum neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin and interleukin-18 as predictive biomarkers for delayed graft function after kidney transplantation 김현숙, 이은영, 김명수
2012 Comparison of the Abbott RealTime High-Risk Human Papillomavirus (HPV), Roche Cobas HPV, and Hybrid Capture 2 assays to direct sequencing and genotyping of HPV DNA 김현숙, 박용정
2012 Predictive value of HBsAg quantification for determining the clinical course of genotype C HBeAg-negative carriers. 김현숙, 박준용, 박하나, 서주희, 안상훈, 이중민, 전재윤, 한광협, 김도영
2012 Diagnostic significance of serum HMGB1 in colorectal carcinomas 송미영, 신나라, 신창훈, 이한나, 김현숙, 김호근, 민병소
2012 Prospective validation of FibroTest in comparison with liver stiffness for predicting liver fibrosis in Asian subjects with chronic hepatitis B 안상훈, 전재윤, 조동후, 김도영, 조인래, 김범경, 한광협, 김승업, 김현숙, 박영년, 박준용
2012 A novel multiplex real-time PCR assay for the concurrent detection of hepatitis A, B and C viruses in patients with acute hepatitis 박용정, 신동호, 이미정, 최규헌, 김범석, 김현숙
2012 Soluble human leukocyte antigen-G expression in hepatitis B virus infection and hepatocellular carcinoma 김유선, 김현숙, 박용정
2012 Evaluation of sequence-specific priming and real-time polymerase chain reaction assays for detecting HLA-B*51 alleles confirmed by sequence-based typing 김순일, 김유선, 김현숙
2012 Evaluation of the UniCel™ DxI 800 immunoassay analyzer in measuring five tumor markers 김현숙
2011 최근 일반 건강인에서의 매독 유병률 경향: 서울지역 단일 기관에서의 연구 김현숙, 백진옥, 이민걸
2011 Impact of hepatitis B virus (HBV) x gene mutations on hepatocellular carcinoma development in chronic HBV infection 김현숙, 박전한, 이재면, 이종한, 한광협
2011 Quantitative hepatitis B surface antigen and hepatitis B e antigen titers in prediction of treatment response to entecavir. 김도영, 김현숙, 박준용, 박하나, 안상훈, 이중민, 전재윤, 한광협
2011 Predictive factors for indeterminate result on the QuantiFERON test in an intermediate tuberculosis-burden country 구남수, 김준명, 김창오, 김현숙, 백지현, 송영구, 정수진, 진성준, 최준용, 한상훈
2011 Diagnostic performances of HE4 and CA125 for the detection of ovarian cancer from patients with various gynecologic and non-gynecologic diseases. 김현숙, 박용정, 이종한
2011 Chlamydia trachomatis 검출을 위한 실시간 중합효소연쇄반응법 2종의 평가 김신영, 김현숙
2011 Luminex 단일항원검사법을 이용해 검출한 제공자 특이항체의 신장이식 후 항체매개성 거부반응 발생에 대한 예측도 분석 김명수, 김순일, 김유선, 김현숙, 주동진, 허규하
2011 Evaluation of a fully automated treponemal test and comparison with conventional VDRL and FTA-ABS tests. 김현숙, 박용정
2011 Evaluation of automated serum des-gamma-carboxyprothrombin (DCP) assays for detecting hepatocellular carcinoma 김정호, 김현숙, 박용정
2011 항 HIV 웨스턴블롯에서 미결정을 보인 환자의 분석 -최근 5년간 한국의 한 대학병원에서의 경험- 김현숙, 박용정
2011 Serum cytokine levels in patients with chronic hepatitis B according to lamivudine therapy 김현숙, 박용정, 한광협
2011 Usefulness of serum anti-p53 antibody assay for lung cancer diagnosis 김현숙, 박용정
2010 Comparisons of three automated systems for genomic DNA extraction in a clinical diagnostic laboratory 최종락, 김현숙, 박용정, 이종한
2010 Evaluation of three automated enzyme immunoassays for detection of anti-cyclic citrullinated peptide antibodies in qualitative and quantitative aspects 김신영, 김정호, 김현숙, 이종한
2010 Axillary lymph node metastasis: CA-15-3 and carcinoembryonic antigen concentrations in fine-needle aspirates for preoperative diagnosis in patients with breast cancer 박병우, 박성희, 손유미, 임종백, 곽진영, 김민정, 김수진, 김은경, 김현숙, 문희정
2010 New automated hepatitis C virus (HCV) core antigen assay as an alternative to real-time PCR for HCV RNA quantification 김도영, 김범석, 김현숙, 박용정, 이종한, 한광협
2010 Identification of adenovirus, influenza virus, parainfluenza virus, and respiratory syncytial virus by two kinds of multiplex polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and a shell vial culture in pediatric patients with viral pneumonia 김동수, 김현숙, 박용정, 이종한, 최종락
2010 False-positive rate of a "fourth-generation" HIV antigen/antibody combination assay in an area of low HIV prevalence. 김신영, 김준명, 김현숙, 이종한, 최준용
2010 Immunoassay분과 신빙도조사 결과보고 (2009) 김현숙
2010 Correlation between quantitative serum HBsAg and HBV DNA test in Korean patients who showed high level of HBsAg. 김수정, 김현숙, 박용정, 안상훈, 이종한
2010 Determination of lamotrigine in human serum by high-performance liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry. 권오헌, 김정호, 김현숙, 이병인, 이운형, 허경
2010 국내 B형 간염에 의한 간암 초기 환자에서의 혈장 DNA p53 유전자 Arg72Pro 다형성 및 exon 7 codon 249 돌연변이 김현숙, 박용정, 이종한
2009 A new automated multiple allergen simultaneous test-chemiluminescent assay (MAST-CLA) using an AP720S analyzer 김현숙
2009 Immunoassay분과 신빙도조사 결과보고 (2008) 김현숙
2009 Establishing a surveillance network for severe lower respiratory tract infections in Korean infants and young children. 김동수, 김현숙, 이종한
2009 국내 한 대학병원 혈액원에서의 헌혈자 선별검사 결과(2006∼2008) 김현옥, 김현숙
2009 Anti-HCV signal-to-cutoff ratio in predicting hepatitis C viremia 김현숙
2008 Immunologic control for polyomavirus infection after kidney transplantation 김명수, 김순일, 김유선, 김현숙, 안형준, 이종훈, 정현주, 주만기, 허규하
2008 Immunoassay검사 신빙도조사 결과보고 (2007) 권오헌, 김현숙, 선영규
2008 Prevalence and patterns of anti-nuclear antibodies in Korean children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis according to ILAR criteria 김기환, 김동수, 김현숙, 신재일
2008 소아 잠복 결핵 감염 진단에 있어서 투베르쿨린 피부반응 검사와 결핵 특이항원 자극 Interferon-γ 분비능 측정의 비교 김동수, 김현숙, 인요한, 김기환
2008 Clinical Performance Evaluation of Four Automated Chemiluminescence Immunoassays for Hepatitis C Virus Antibody Detection 김신영, 김정호, 김현숙, 박윤희
2008 HIV 1형 RNA Viral Load 검출을 위한 두 가지 실시간 핵산증폭법의 비교 김현숙
2008 The role of a whole blood interferon-gamma assay for the detection of latent tuberculosis infection in Bacille Calmette-Guérin vaccinated children 김기환, 김동수, 김현숙
2008 국내 임상검사실의 2007년도 HIV 혈청검사 현황 김현숙
2007 Post-evaluation of rapid HIV kits in the Korean market by an anti-HIV EQAS panel 김현숙
2007 혈청 아디포넥틴 측정 키트(AdipoMark)의 개발과 심혈관질환 위험요인과의 관련성 연구 김현숙, 윤지은, 지선하
2007 한국인의 혈청 아디포넥틴과 당뇨병 진단기준 실정에 관한 연구 김현숙, 윤지은, 지선하
2007 Immunoassay분과 외부 신빙도조사 결과보고 (2006) 권오헌, 김현숙
2007 면역혈청검사 신빙도조사 결과보고 (2006) 김현숙
2006 Urinary HLA-DR and CD54 expression—indicators for inflammatory activity in decoy cell shedding patients 김세훈, 김유선, 김현숙, 정현주
2006 면역혈청검사 신빙도 조사 결과보고 (2005) 김현숙
2006 Immunoassay 분과 외부 신빙도 조사 결과보고 (2005) 권오헌, 김현숙
2006 Anti-Saccharomyces cerevisiae antibody in intestinal Behçet's disease patients: Relation to clinical course 김원호, 김태일, 김현숙, 이상길
2006 신장이식 후 Polyomavirus 감염의 조기진단과 선행적 면역억제제의 조절효과 김명수, 김순일, 김유선, 김현숙, 정현주
2006 Bio-rad elite microplate 장비를 이용한 HBs 항원, HCV, HIV 항원-항체 검사시약 평가 김현숙
2005 Evaluation of methods for monitoring drug resistance in chronic hepatitis B patients during lamivudine therapy based on mass spectrometry and reverse hybridization 김현숙, 장혜영, 안상훈, 한광협
2005 Serum IgA/C3 ratio may be a useful marker of disease activity in severe Henoch-Schönlein nephritis 김현숙, 박지민, 이재승, 정현주
2005 White Blood Cell Count and Risk for All-Cause, Cardiovascular, and Cancer Mortality in a Cohort of Koreans 김현숙, 지선하
2005 Ex Vivo Generation of RBCs from CD34+ Cells in Human Umbilical Cord Blood and Expression Profile Analysis Using Microarray 김현숙, 김현옥, 라선영, 유철주
2005 null 김세주, 최영철, 김우경, 김원주, 김찬형, 김현숙, 박효진, 이경열
2005/01 Annual Report on External Quality Assessment of Immunoassay Subcommittee in Korean Clinical Laboratory Survey (2004) 권오헌, 김현숙
2004 면역혈청검사 신빙도 조사 결과보고 (2003) 김현숙
2004 전신성홍반성루푸스에서 자가항체에 의한 호중구 세포자멸사의 증가 김현숙
2004 Adoptive Immunotherapy for Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Disease in Immunocompromised Patients 권오헌, 김현숙, 김현옥, 임종백, 최종락
2004 Immunoassay분과 신빙도조사 결과보고 (2003) 김현숙
2003 Microtiter Plate형 전이금속 Optode 개발 연구 김현숙
2001 Evaluation of diagnostic methods of re-emerging malaria in Korean patients 김현숙
2001 Evaluation of a simultaneous HIV antigen and antibody detection test in Korean population 김준명, 김현숙