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신경진 [Shin, Kyoung Jin]
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College of Medicine - Dept. of Forensic Medicine
(Yonsei Health Research Network)
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2019Platform-independent models for age prediction using DNA methylation data신경진Article
2019DNA methylation of the ELOVL2, FHL2, KLF14, C1orf132/MIR29B2C, and TRIM59 genes for age prediction from blood, saliva, and buccal swab samples신경진, 정상은Article
2019Association of Asian mitochondrial DNA haplogroup B with new development of knee osteoarthritis in Koreans신경진Article
2018Forensic SNP Genotyping with SNaPshot: Development of a Novel In-house SBE Multiplex SNP Assay신경진Article
2018Discriminating power of rapidly mutating Y-STRs in deep rooted endogamous pedigrees from Sindhi population of Pakistan.신경진, 이환영Article
2017Sequence-based diversity of 23 autosomal STR loci in Koreans investigated using an in-house massively parallel sequencing panel신경진, 양우익, 이은영, 이환영Article
2017DNA methylation-based age prediction from various tissues and body fluids 신경진, 이환영, 정상은Article
2017한국인 가족에 발생한 백색 해면상 모반 증례김진, 김학진, 박광호, 신경진, 장향란, 허종기Article
2017DNA methylation-based age prediction from saliva: High age predictability by combination of 7 CpG markers신경진, 양우익, 이은희, 이환영, 정상은Article
2017A multiplex PCR system for 13 RM Y-STRs with separate amplification of two different repeat motif structures in DYF403S1a신경진, 양우익, 이은영, 이환영Article
2016Investigation into the sequence structure of 23 Y chromosomal STR loci using massively parallel sequencing신경진, 이은영, 이환영Article
2016Off-ladder alleles due to a single nucleotide polymorphism in the flanking region at DYS481 detected by the PowerPlex® Y23 System신경진, 이은영, 이환영Article
2016DNA methylation profiling for a confirmatory test for blood, saliva, semen, vaginal fluid and menstrual blood신경진, 양우익, 이환영Article
2016Forensic DNA methylation profiling from evidence material for investigative leads신경진, 이환영Article
2016Massively parallel sequencing of the entire control region and targeted coding region SNPs of degraded mtDNA using a simplified library preparation method.신경진, 양우익, 양인석, 이은영, 이환영, 정상은Article
2016Massively parallel sequencing of 17 commonly used forensic autosomal STRs and amelogenin with small amplicons.신경진, 양우익, 양인석, 이환영, 정상은Article
2016Isolation and characterization of tumorspheres from a recurrent pineoblastoma patient: Feasibility of a patient-derived xenograft.강석구, 곽지용, 김동석, 김선호, 김세훈, 김의현, 신경진, 이지현, 장종희, 허용민Article
2015Mitochondrial DNA 4977bp deletion mutation in peripheral blood reflects atrial remodeling in patients with non-valvular atrial fibrillation 고영국, 김숙경, 박재형, 박희남, 신경진, 황기철Article
2015Comparative study of STR loci for typing old skeletal remains with modified protocols of AmpFlSTR Identifiler and AmpFlSTR MiniFiler STR Kits 신경진, 이환영Article
2015Epigenetic age signatures in the forensically relevant body fluid of semen: a preliminary study신경진, 양우익, 이환영, 정상은Article
2015Genome-wide methylation profiling and a multiplex construction for the identification of body fluids using epigenetic markers신경진, 안자현, 양우익, 이은영, 이환영, 정상은, 최아진Article
2015Haplotype and mutation analysis for newly suggested Y-STRs in Korean father-son pairs김은혜, 신경진, 양우익, 이은영, 이환영Article
2015Confirmation of Y haplogroup tree topologies with newly suggested Y-SNPs for the C2, O2b and O3a subhaplogroups신경진, 양우익, 이은영, 이환영Article
2014Population data for 30 insertion-deletion markers in a Korean population김은혜, 신경진, 양우익, 양인석, 이환영Article
2014차세대 염기서열 분석법을 이용한 15개 상염색체 STR의 염기서열 생성 및 유전자형 분석 김은혜, 신경진, 양우익, 양인석, 정상은Article
2014Body fluid identification by integrated analysis of DNA methylation and body fluid-specific microbial DNA신경진, 양우익, 이환영, 최아진Article
2014Analysis of 22 Y chromosomal STR haplotypes and Y haplogroup distribution in Pathans of Pakistan신경진, 양우익, 이은영, 이환영Article
2013A one step multiplex PCR assay for rapid screening of East Asian mtDNA haplogroups on forensic samples신경진, 양우익, 윤정아, 이환영Article
2013IDH1 mutation analysis in low cellularity specimen: A limitation of diagnostic accuracy and a proposal for the diagnostic procedure김세훈, 신경진, 이은영Article
2013법의 분야에서 DNA 메틸화를 이용한 연령 추정 신경진, 안자현, 양우익, 이환영, 최아진Article
2013Y-SNP miniplexes for East Asian Y-chromosomal haplogroup determination in degraded DNA김나영, 박명진, 신경진, 양우익, 이은영, 이환영Article
2013Modified Midi- and Mini-Multiplex PCR Systems for Mitochondrial DNA Control Region Sequence Analysis in Degraded Samples김나영, 신경진, 양우익, 이환영Article
2013한국인에서 높은 변이율을 갖는 조절 영역 단일염기다형성 분석을통한 빠르고 간편한 미토콘드리아 DNA 검색법 신경진, 양우익, 이환영Article
2013mtDNAprofiler: A Web Application for the Nomenclature and Comparison of Human Mitochondrial DNA Sequences신경진, 양우익, 양인석, 이환영Article
2013상염색체 STR 유전자형 시뮬레이션을 이용한 한국인에서의 혈연지수 분포 분석 신경진, 양우익, 양인석, 이환영Article
2013DNA methylation-specific multiplex assays for body fluid identification신경진, 안자현, 양우익, 이환영, 최아진Article
2012Body fluid identification in forensics. 신경진, 양우익, 이환영Article
2012Potential forensic application of DNA methylation profiling to body fluid identification.신경진, 양우익, 이환영Article
2012Understanding the Y chromosome variation in Korea--relevance of combined haplogroup and haplotype analyses.박명진, 신경진, 양우익, 이환영Article
2012Evaluating the genomic and sequence integrity of human ES cell lines; comparison to normal genomes박명진, 신경진Article
2012Y-STR 일배체형의 빈도와 부계친족지수 산출을 위한 웹기반 데이터베이스 박명진, 신경진, 양우익, 양인석, 이환영Article
2012Collaborative genetic mapping of 12 forensic short tandem repeat (STR) loci on the human X chromosome신경진, 심정은Article
2011복구효소를 이용한 손상된 DNA의 STR 유전자형 분석 신경진, 심정은, 양우익, 이환영Article
2011Forensic and genetic characterization of mtDNA from Pathans of Pakistan김나영, 신경진, 알라락하, 양우익, 양인석, 윤정아, 이환영Article
2011A genetic investigation of Korean mummies from the Joseon Dynasty김나영, 박명진, 신경진, 양우익, 이환영Article
2011Rapid direct PCR for ABO blood typing.김나영, 박명진, 신경진, 양우익, 이환영Article
2011Rapid growth of choroidal melanoma during pregnancy신경진, 양우익, 이성철, 이승규Article
2010The chronology of second and third molar development in Koreans and its application to forensic age estimation박명진, 신경진, 최종훈Article
2010DNA typing for the identification of old skeletal remains from Korean War victims김나영, 박명진, 신경진, 심정은, 이환영Article
2010Simple and highly effective DNA extraction methods from old skeletal remains using silica columns김나영, 박명진, 신경진, 심정은, 이환영Article