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김신영 [Kim, Sin Young]
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2019고빈도항원에 대한 항체: 국내 보고 현황 및 수혈 경험 김신영, 최승준Article
2018Mitochondrial DNA multiplex real-time polymerase chain reaction inhibition assay for quality control of pathogen inactivation by ultraviolet C light in platelet concentrates김신영Article
2018구강 위생과 위의 암성 병변과의 상관관계 김신영, 김지현, 문익상, 박재준, 박효진, 윤영훈, 이동원, 정다현Article
2018Cryopreservation of Genotyped ABO Subgroup RBCs for Quality Assurance of ABO Grouping Reagents김신영, 김현옥Article
2018Application of Multiplex Ligation-Dependent Probe Amplification Assay for Genotyping Major Blood Group Systems Including DEL Variants in the D-Negative Korean Population 김신영, 김현옥, 이승태, 최종락Article
2018Identification of Anti-Gerbich Antibody in an Emirati Marrow Hematopoietic Progenitor Cell Donor with Fy(a-b-) Phenotype 김신영, 김현옥, 유철주, 최승준Article
2018자가면역용혈환자에서 항-Fya 동종항체에 의한 급성용혈성수혈반응 1예 김신영, 김윤덕, 김현옥, 최승준Article
2018The effect of therapeutic leukapheresis on early complications and outcomes in patients with acute leukemia and hyperleukocytosis: a propensity score-matched study김신영, 김현옥, 나현진, 정석훈, 최연화Article
2018Analysis of red blood cell use in elective surgeries over 12 years in Korea.김신영, 김현옥Article
2017Identification of cell morphology parameters from automatic hematology analyzers to predict peripheral blood CD34 positive cell count after mobilization 김신영, 신새암, 이경아, 최종락Article
2017Di(a+b-) 표현형을 가진 환자에서 발견된 항-Dib 2예: 국내 희귀혈액형 헌혈자 등록 사업의 필요성 제안 김신영, 김현옥Article
2017A novel association between relaxin receptor polymorphism and hematopoietic stem cell yield after mobilization 김신영, 신새암, 이경아, 최종락Article
2017Successful launch of an ABO-incompatible kidney transplantation program to overcome the shortage of compatible living donors: experience at a single center김명수, 김범석, 김순일, 김신영, 김유선, 김현옥, 이재근, 이주한, 정현주, 허규하Article
2017Effects of Neutralization by Soluble ABH Antigens Produced by Transplanted Kidneys From ABO-Incompatible Secretor Donors 김명수, 김신영, 김유선, 김지은, 김현옥, 이재근, 최종락Article
2017Successful kidney transplantation across a positive complement-dependent cytotoxicity crossmatch by using C1q assay-directed, bortezomib-assisted desensitization: A case report. 김범석, 김신영, 김유선, 김혜진, 박금보래, 박윤희, 정향숙, 정현주, 허규하Article
2016Fundamental Monomeric Biomaterial Diagnostics by Radio-frequency Signal Analysis김신영Article
2016백혈구증가증치료에서의 백혈구성분채집술 - 단일 상급 종합병원의 10년간 경험 김신영, 김현옥, 이경애Article
2016ABO 부적합 신 이식 전 치료적 혈장교환술 횟수의 예측 변수로서의 초기 ABO 항체 역가 김명수, 김신영, 김유선, 김지은, 김현옥Article
2016Therapeutic effects of late outgrowth endothelial progenitor cells or mesenchymal stem cells derived from human umbilical cord blood on infarct repair강석민, 김신영, 김현옥, 유경종, 윤영섭, 장양수Article
2016Survey of Clinical Laboratory Practices for 2015 Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus Outbreak in the Republic of Korea 김신영, 김정호, 용동은, 최종락Article
2016Frequency and pattern of noninfectious adverse transfusion reactions at a tertiary care hospital in Korea 김신영, 김현옥, 조주영Article
2016Guidelines for the Laboratory Diagnosis of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus in Korea 김신영, 김정호, 용동은, 이혁민, 최종락Article
2016Korean Society for Laboratory Medicine Practice Guidelines for the Molecular Diagnosis of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome During an Outbreak in Korea in 2015 김신영, 김정호, 용동은, 최종락Article
2016Serious Adverse Transfusion Reactions Reported in the National Recipient-Triggered Trace Back System in Korea (2006-2014). 김신영Article
2016Poly-L-lysine Prevents Senescence and Augments Growth in Culturing Mesenchymal Stem Cells Ex Vivo. 김신영, 김현옥, 송승용, 유대현, 최유정, 허준석Article
2016The effect of rituximab dose on infectious complications in ABO-incompatible kidney transplantation.김명수, 김범석, 김순일, 김신영, 김유선, 김현옥, 송승환, 이재근, 허규하Article
2016췌장암 환자에서 검출된 항-f(ce) 항체 증례보고 김신영, 김현옥, 나현진, 이은경Article
2015의료기관 혈액원의 변화 및 대한적십자사혈액원에 대한 만족도 조사 김신영, 김현옥Article
2015혈액은행 자동화 검사장비 ORTHO VISION를 이용한ABO 항체역가검사의 평가 김신영, 김현옥, 이은경Article
2015예정 수술에서의 수술 별 적혈구제제 최대혈액신청량 재설정 김신영, 김현옥Article
2015조혈모세포로부터 적혈구 분화에 사용되는 무혈청 배지의 성능비교 김신영, 김현옥, 전유라Article
2015수혈 후 아나필락시스를 보인 환자의 세척 혈소판 수혈 경험 1례 김신영Article
2015Low-interference washing-free electrochemical immunosensor using glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase as an enzyme label김신영Article
2015Therapeutic plasma exchange using the Spectra Optia cell separator compared with the COBE Spectra 김도균, 김신영, 김현옥, 정석훈Article
2015Redox cycling-amplified enzymatic Ag deposition and its application in the highly sensitive detection of creatine kinase-MB김신영Article
2015치료적 혈장교환술에 사용하는 치환용액의 선택과 주의사항 김신영, 김현옥, 신새암, 최계령, 최승준Article
2014An interference-free and rapid electrochemical lateral-flow immunoassay for one-step ultrasensitive detection with serum김신영Article
2014RhD 불일치 간이식 환자에서 동종면역 방지를 위한 고용량Rh 면역글로불린의 사용 김순일, 김신영, 김현옥, 최승준Article
2014Erythropoietic Potential of CD34+ Hematopoietic Stem Cells from Human Cord Blood and G-CSF-Mobilized Peripheral Blood 김신영, 김현옥, 김홍련Article
2014Electroreduction-based electrochemical-enzymatic redox cycling for the detection of cancer antigen 15-3 using graphene oxide-modified indium-tin oxide electrodes김신영Article
2014Washing-free heterogeneous immunosensor using proximity-dependent electron mediation between an enzyme label and an electrode김신영Article
2014단일 상급종합병원에서 증례를 중심으로 본 대량수혈 현황 김신영, 김현옥, 최계령Article
2014Microarray based on autodisplayed Ro proteins for medical diagnosis of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE)김신영Article
2013Performance review of the National Blood Safety Improvement Project in Korea (2004-2009) 김신영, 김현옥Article
2013Comparisons of fully automated syphilis tests with conventional VDRL and FTA-ABS tests김신영, 김현숙, 박용정, 이은영, 최승준Article
2013The role of failure modes and effects analysis in showing the benefits of automation in the blood bank김신영, 김현옥Article
2013Detection and genotyping of human papillomavirus by five assays according to cytologic results김신영, 김정호, 김현숙Article
2013Variation in the Numbers of Red Blood Cell Units Transfused at Different Medical Institution Types from 2006 to 2010 in Korea 김신영Article
2013항체동정검사상 범응집반응을 보인 환자에서 최소반응강도 적혈구제제의 수혈 효과 김신영, 김현옥, 정준원Article
2013Performance Evaluation of LUMIPULSE G1200 Autoimmunoanalyzer for the Detection of Serum Hepatitis B Virus Markers김신영, 김현숙, 박용정, 이은영, 최승준Article