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고빈도항원에 대한 항체: 국내 보고 현황 및 수혈 경험

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 Alloantibodies to High-Incidence Antigen: Review of Cases and Transfusion Experiences in Korea 
 최승준  ;  정유나  ;  조덕  ;  김신영 
 Korean Journal of Blood Transfusion (대한수혈학회지), Vol.30(2) : 101-112, 2019 
Journal Title
 Korean Journal of Blood Transfusion (대한수혈학회지) 
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High-incidence antigen ; Alloantibody ; Hemolytic transfusion reaction ; Panagglutination
Antibodies to high-incidence red blood cell antigens should be considered if panagglutination reactions are noted in all panel cells, and negative reactions to autologous red blood cells are detected on antibody screening and identification tests. In Korea, most of those antibodies are identified through international reference laboratories. To prevent a hemolytic transfusion reaction, antigen-negative red cells should be provided for those patients who have antibodies to red cell antigens. However, this is nearly impossible when the antibody has specificity to high-incidence red cell antigen. In those cases, transfusion of autologous blood, cryopreserved rare blood and the least incompatible blood components can be considered. In the case of surgery, acute normovolemic hemodilution or intraoperative blood salvage can also be considered. For the patients who have antibodies to high-incidence red cell antigens, it should be discussed to set up a national reference laboratory to quickly identify antibody specificities, and to consider establishing rare blood donor registry and frozen rare blood storage/supply system. This article reviews characteristics of antibodies to high-incidence antigens found in Koreans and also the transfusion experiences of those patients based on literature.
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