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Choi, Seung Jun [최승준]
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College of Medicine (의과대학) - Dept. of Laboratory Medicine (진단검사의학교실)
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Issue DateTitleJournal Title
2020Human induced pluripotent stem cell line banking for the production of rare blood type erythrocytes JOURNAL OF TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE
2020Blood Supply and Demand in Korea: What Is in Store for the Future? YONSEI MEDICAL JOURNAL
2019Serum procalcitonin as an independent diagnostic markers of bacteremia in febrile patients with hematologic malignancies PLOS ONE
2019단일 기관에서의 수혈관련 급성폐손상 증례보고 및 새로운 진단 기준에 대한 고찰 Korean Journal of Blood Transfusion(대한수혈학회지)
2019고빈도항원에 대한 항체: 국내 보고 현황 및 수혈 경험 Korean Journal of Blood Transfusion (대한수혈학회지)
2018자가면역용혈환자에서 항-Fya 동종항체에 의한 급성용혈성수혈반응 1예 Korean Journal of Blood Transfusion (대한수혈학회지)
2018Identification of Anti-Gerbich Antibody in an Emirati Marrow Hematopoietic Progenitor Cell Donor with Fy(a-b-) Phenotype YONSEI MEDICAL JOURNAL
2015Establishing quality control ranges for antimicrobial susceptibility testing of Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Staphylococcus aureus: a cornerstone to develop reference strains for Korean clinical microbiology laboratories ANNALS OF LABORATORY MEDICINE
2015치료적 혈장교환술에 사용하는 치환용액의 선택과 주의사항 Korean Journal of Blood Transfusion (대한수혈학회지)
2014RhD 불일치 간이식 환자에서 동종면역 방지를 위한 고용량Rh 면역글로불린의 사용 Laboratory Medicine Online
2014Cys482Trp Missense Mutation in the Coagulation Factor XI Gene (F11) in a Korean Patient with Factor XI Deficiency ANNALS OF LABORATORY MEDICINE
2013Immature platelet fraction in diabetes mellitus and metabolic syndromeTHROMBOSIS RESEARCH
2013Comparisons of fully automated syphilis tests with conventional VDRL and FTA-ABS testsCLINICAL BIOCHEMISTRY
2013Performance Evaluation of LUMIPULSE G1200 Autoimmunoanalyzer for the Detection of Serum Hepatitis B Virus MarkersJOURNAL OF CLINICAL LABORATORY ANALYSIS
2012국내 백혈구여과제거 혈액제제의 사용현황 Laboratory Medicine Online
2012A Gly1609Arg missense mutation in the vWF gene in a Korean patient with von Willebrand disease type 2AANNALS OF CLINICAL AND LABORATORY SCIENCE
2011유두상 갑상선암의 경부 림프절 전이 진단을 위한 미세침 흡인 세척액 갑상선글로불린 검사의 유용성 Laboratory Medicine Online
2011의료기관 내 적혈구제제 적정 재고량 감소를 통한 적혈구제제의 혈액은행 내 보존기간의 개선 Korean Journal of Blood Transfusion (대한수혈학회지)
2010백혈구연층법으로 분리 제조한 농축적혈구, 혼합혈소판 및 동결혈장 제제의 품질 평가 Korean Journal of Blood Transfusion (대한수혈학회지)