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Assessment of errors and misused statistics in dental research

Jee Soo (Jay) Kim ; Dong-Kie Kim ; Suk Jin Hong INTERNATIONAL DENTAL JOURNAL, Vol.61(3) : 163-167, 2011

Dishevelled has a YAP nuclear export function in a tumor suppressor cont...

Yoonmi Lee ; Nam Hee Kim ; Eunae Sandra Cho ; Ji Hye Yang ; Yong Hoon Cha ; H... NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, Vol.9(1) : 2301, 2018

Nomogram for risk prediction of malignant transformation in oral leukopl...

Xianglan Zhang ; Ki-Yeol Kim ; Zhenlong Zheng ; Shadavlonjid Bazarsad ; Jin Kim ORAL ONCOLOGY, Vol.72 : 132-139, 2017
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Issue DateTitleJournal Title
2021Clinical efficacy of nonsurgical root canal treatment using a single-cone technique with white endoseal MTA : a randomized clinical trial Thesis
2021기도삽관 중 발생하는 치아손상 예방을 위한 삼차원 프린터 기반 환자 맞춤형 치아 보호 장치 개발 Thesis
2021Biomechanical stability and clinical success rate of dual-thread miniscrews Thesis
20213D printing을 이용한 투명 교정 장치의 전치부 초기 단계 배열에 대한 목표 달성 평가 Thesis
2021콘빔전산화단층영상을 활용한 한국인 하악 소구치의 근관 및 치근 형태의 후향적 연구 Thesis
2021A retrospective study for prediction of factors affecting survival of primary molars following pulpotomy with mineral trioxide aggregate Thesis
2020Evaluation of tooth discoloration caused by two different calcium silicate-based sealers Thesis
2020Anti-cariogenic Effect of Experimental Resin Cement Containing Ursolic Acid Using Dental Microcosm Biofilm Thesis
2020Comparison of Biocompatibility of Newly Developed Calcium Silicate-Based Sealers and Epoxy Resin-Based Sealer on Human Periodontal Ligament Stem Cells Thesis
2020Comparison of Torsional and Cyclic Fatigue Resistance of Various Nickel-titanium Single-file Systems Thesis
2020Dimensional change of maxillary sinus augmented with collagenated synthetic bone block compared to synthetic bone particulates: a preclinical animal experiment in rabbits Thesis
2018구강내 장치를 이용한 혼합치열기 전치부 기능성 반대교합의 치료기간 분석 Thesis
2018PERMA Profiler를 이용한 구강작열감증후군 환자의 웰빙 지수 평가 Thesis
2018하악 제2소구치 결손과 연관된 치아 결손 및 발육지연 Thesis
2017Effect of the number of abutment teeth on the marginal and internal accuracy of four-unit monolithic zirconia fixed dental prostheses Thesis
2017Mandibular condyle and fossa morphology according to vertical and sagittal skeletal patterns: a cone beam computed tomography study Thesis
2017Incidence of Isthmus and Dimensions in Mesiobuccal and Mesial Roots of First Molars Thesis
2017Filling Quality Evaluation of Calcium Silicate-based Sealer and Gutta Percha Cones using Two Obturation Techniques Thesis
2017Measurement and comparison of facial skin thickness by ultrasonography and 3D scanner Thesis
2017Evaluation of the Current Perception and Pain Tolerance Thresholds Thesis