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Assessment of errors and misused statistics in dental research

Jee Soo (Jay) Kim ; Dong-Kie Kim ; Suk Jin Hong INTERNATIONAL DENTAL JOURNAL, Vol.61(3) : 163-167, 2011

Dishevelled has a YAP nuclear export function in a tumor suppressor cont...

Yoonmi Lee ; Nam Hee Kim ; Eunae Sandra Cho ; Ji Hye Yang ; Yong Hoon Cha ; H... NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, Vol.9(1) : 2301, 2018

Nomogram for risk prediction of malignant transformation in oral leukopl...

Xianglan Zhang ; Ki-Yeol Kim ; Zhenlong Zheng ; Shadavlonjid Bazarsad ; Jin Kim ORAL ONCOLOGY, Vol.72 : 132-139, 2017
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2021Prognostic implications of CK13 and CK19 expression in the malignant transformation of oral precancerous lesions Dissertation
2021Bone regeneration using 3D-printed polycaprolactone scaffold mixed with β-tricalcium phosphate in rabbit calvarial defects Dissertation
2021Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic evaluation of local minocycline agents in treating peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis: An experimental in vivo study Dissertation
2021Changes in mucogingival junction after an apically positioned flap with collagen matrix at sites with or without previous guided bone regeneration : a prospective comparative cohort study Dissertation
2021Conflicts between histologic and clinical/radiologic findings in functional endoscopic sinus surgery for managing maxillary sinusitis following sinus augmentation Dissertation
2021Automated clustering of the three-dimensional mandibular canal course using unsupervised machine learning method Dissertation
2021Lateral bone augmentation using a titanium mesh combined with the bone substitute and/or collagen membrane on peri-implant dehiscence defects: An experimental in vivo study Dissertation
2021Effects of sulforaphane treatment on gingival elasticity and orthodontic relapse after rotational tooth movement in beagle dogs Dissertation
2021Assessment of compatibility between various intraoral scanners and 3D printers through an accuracy analysis of 3D printed models Dissertation
2021Effect of mandibular advancement device on symptoms of disc displacement with reduction Dissertation
2021Effect of low-concentration hydrofluoric acid hot-etching on shear bond strength and biaxial flexural strength of zirconia after thermocycling Dissertation
2021Maxillary sinus augmentation using biphasic calcium phosphate: 3-6 year results of a case series on dimensional stability Dissertation
2021Screw stability depending on shoulder coverage of tissue level implants by using finite element analysis and in vitro study Dissertation
2021Clinical benefits of ridge preservation for implant placement compared to natural healing in maxillary teeth: A retrospective study Dissertation
2021Repeatability comparison of conventional mounting technique using facebow and virtual mounting technique based on cone beam computed tomography Dissertation
2021Histologic analysis of ridge preservation using deproteinized porcine bone: A retrospective human study Dissertation
2021Development of detection technique for minimal residual diseases through detection of circulating tumor DNA in oral cancer patients Dissertation
2021Transcriptomic profiles and their correlations in saliva and gingival tissue biopsy samples from periodontitis and healthy patients Dissertation
2021Human mesiodens is associated with a synonymous variant in the ACVR2A gene Dissertation
2021Effects of ultraviolet treatment and alendronate immersion on cellular behavior of MG-63 osteoblast-like cells and human gingival fibroblasts cultured on titanium substrata Dissertation