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Assessment of errors and misused statistics in dental research

Jee Soo (Jay) Kim ; Dong-Kie Kim ; Suk Jin Hong INTERNATIONAL DENTAL JOURNAL, Vol.61(3) : 163-167, 2011

Dishevelled has a YAP nuclear export function in a tumor suppressor cont...

Yoonmi Lee ; Nam Hee Kim ; Eunae Sandra Cho ; Ji Hye Yang ; Yong Hoon Cha ; H... NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, Vol.9(1) : 2301, 2018

Nomogram for risk prediction of malignant transformation in oral leukopl...

Xianglan Zhang ; Ki-Yeol Kim ; Zhenlong Zheng ; Shadavlonjid Bazarsad ; Jin Kim ORAL ONCOLOGY, Vol.72 : 132-139, 2017

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