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College of Dentistry - Dept. of Oral Biology
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2018The role of rhFGF-2 soaked polymer membrane for enhancement of guided bone regeneration김형준, 문홍석, 박영범, 심준성, 정문규, 정한성
2018Immunohistochemical Analysis on Cortex-to-Cortex Healing After Mandibular Vertical Ramus Osteotomy: A Preliminary Study박형식, 정영수, 정한성, 정휘동
2018Evaluation of the Biodistribution of Human Dental Pulp Stem Cells Transplanted into Mice김선일, 김의성, 신수정, 정한성
2018FGF10 Is Required for Circumvallate Papilla Morphogenesis by Maintaining Lgr5 Activity 이종민, 정한성
2018Cell cycle of the enamel knot during tooth morphogenesis정한성
2018Inhibition of the Zeb family prevents murine palatogenesis through regulation of apoptosis and the cell cycle복진웅, 신정오, 이종민, 정한성
2018Differential Mechanism of Periodontitis Progression in Postmenopause 이동준, 이종민, 정한성
2018High-Definition X-Ray Imaging of Small Gecko Skin Surface Protuberances for Digitization and 3D Printing정한성
2018An Explanation for How FGFs Predict Species-Specific Tooth Cusp Patterns정한성
2018Inhibitory effect of IFITM5 on cementoblast differentiation is associated with Wnt signaling데이비드 그린, 정한성
2017Estimated Time of Biomineralization in Developing Rat Incisors 김성오, 송제선, 이제호, 정한성
2017High Quality Bioreplication of Intricate Nanostructures from a Fragile Gecko Skin Surface with Bactericidal Properties 이종민, 정한성
2017Natural and Synthetic Coral Biomineralization for Human Bone Revitalization정한성
2017Genetic analysis of non-syndromic familial multiple supernumerary premolars송제선, 정한성, 최형준
2017Bio-implant as a novel restoration for tooth loss 이동준, 이종민, 정한성
2017Prevalence of delayed tooth development and its relation to tooth agenesis in Korean children김성오, 송제선, 이제호, 정한성
2016Small-Scale Fabrication of Biomimetic Structures for Periodontal Regeneration. 데이비드 그린, 이중석, 정한성
2016The Grooved Rodent Incisor Recapitulates Rudimentary Teeth Characteristics of Ancestral Mammals.정한성
2016Novel insights into a retinoic-acid-induced cleft palate based on Rac1 regulation of the fibronectin arrangement이종민, 정한성
2016Bioinspired materials for regenerative medicine: going beyond the human archetypes데이비드 그린, 정한성
2016Molecular Characterization of Two Monoclonal Antibodies against the Same Epitope on B-Cell Receptor Associated Protein 31 정한성
2016UV Photofunctionalization Effect on Bone Graft in Critical One-Wall Defect around Implant: A Pilot Study in Beagle Dogs 김지환, 문홍석, 박영범, 이재훈, 정한성
2016Chiral Biomaterials: From Molecular Design to Regenerative Medicine김은정, 데이비드 그린, 이동준, 이종민, 정한성
2016Altered tooth morphogenesis after silencing the planar cell polarity core component, Vangl2데이비드 그린, 정한성
2016Fine tuning of Rac1 and RhoA alters cuspal shapes by remolding the cellular geometry 정한성
2016Comparative Gene-Expression Analysis of Periodontal Ligament and Dental Pulp in the Human Permanent Teeth 김성오, 문석준, 박원서, 손흥규, 송제선, 정한성, 최형준
2016Genetic Comparison of Stemness of Human Umbilical Cord and Dental Pulp 강정민, 김성오, 문석준, 송제선, 정한성, 최병재, 최형준
2016Sox2 contributes to tooth development via Wnt signaling.정한성
2016Postoperative irradiation after implant placement: A pilot study for prosthetic reconstruction 금기창, 김준원, 심준성, 정문규, 정한성
2016Diversification and enrichment of clinical biomaterials inspired by Darwinian evolution데이비드 그린, 이동준, 정한성
2016Comparison of Stemness and Gene Expression between Gingiva and Dental Follicles in Children 강정민, 김성오, 이제호, 정한성, 최형준
2016Histone H3K27 Demethylase JMJD3 in Cooperation with NF-κB Regulates Keratinocyte Wound Healing정한성
2015Hippo pathway/Yap regulates primary enamel knot and dental cusp patterning in tooth morphogenesis이여문, 정한성
2015A contrasting function for miR-137 in embryonic mammogenesis and adult breast carcinogenesis. 정한성, 조경원, 탕칭황
2015Roles of Wnt inhibitory factor 1 during tooth morphogenesis이여문, 정한성
2015Role of region-distinctive expression of Rac1 in regulating fibronectin arrangement during palatal shelf elevation김성일, 이여문, 정한성, 탕칭황
2015A model system for polydactyly; The Korean Ogye 김은정, 데이비드 그린, 정한성
2015Epitope Mapping of Antibodies Suggests the Novel Membrane Topology of B-Cell Receptor Associated Protein 31 on the Cell Surface of Embryonic Stem Cells: The Novel Membrane Topology of BAP31 정한성
2015Strain of bone-implant interface and insertion torque regarding different miniscrew thread designs using an artificial bone model김광만, 유형석, 정한성, 차정열, 황충주
2015Advanced functional polymers for regenerative and therapeutic dentistry여영부, 정한성
2015CXXC5 is a negative-feedback regulator of the Wnt/β-catenin pathway involved in osteoblast differentiation이유미, 정한성
2015Marine Structural Biomaterials in Medical Biomimicry정한성
2015Osteogenic potency of nacre on human mesenchymal stem cells 정한성
2015PGC-Enriched miRNAs Control Germ Cell Development 신정오, 정한성
2015Spontaneous gene transfection of human bone cells using 3D mineralized alginate-chitosan macrocapsules김은정, 정한성
2015Gastrin-releasing peptide expression and its effect on the calcification of developing mouse incisor김은정, 이동준, 정한성
2014YAP and TAZ Regulate Skin Wound Healing이민정, 정한성
2014A new type of dental anomaly: molar-incisor malformation (MIM)김성오, 송제선, 이제호, 이효설, 정한성, 최형준
2014In vitro and in vivo characteristics of stem cells from human exfoliated deciduous teeth obtained by enzymatic disaggregation and outgrowth김성오, 송제선, 신동민, 전미정, 정한성, 최병재, 최형준
2014Calcifying tissue regeneration via biomimetic materials chemistry.정한성