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발생중인 생쥐 하악에서 tenascin-N 의 발현 양상

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 Expression patterns of tenascin-N in the developing mandible 
 장수산  ;  박성호  ;  오상빈  ;  정영수  ;  이종민  ;  정한성 
 Korean Journal of Oral Anatomy (대한구강해부학회지), Vol.40(1) : 43-49, 2019-12 
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 Korean Journal of Oral Anatomy (대한구강해부학회지) 
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Tenascin-N ; incisor ; diastema ; molar
Previous studies have demonstrated that tenascin-N belongs to the family of tenascins, which are found in the extracellular matrix of various embryonic tissues, wounds, and tumors. Tenascin is expressed in the embryonic epithelium, including the neural epithelium from which neural crest cells emerge. However, the expression pattern and role of tenascin-N in the craniofacial region remains unknown. In this study, expression patterns of tenascin-N were confirmed in the mouse craniofacial region from embryonic day 12.5 (E12.5) to postnatal 11. In the diastema region, tenascin-N was strongly expressed in the mesenchyme from E12.5 to E14.5. Tenascin-N expression was also detected in the developing tooth germ. From the bell stage to the premature stage, tenascin- N was expressed in the odontoblasts and ameloblasts of the molar tooth germ, and the ameloblasts of the incisor tooth germ. These findings indicate that the spatial and temporal expression of tenascin-N might have a role in proper mouse craniofacial development, especially tooth development
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