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Issue DateTitleJournal Title
2023Histologic and Electron Microscopic Characterization of a Human Immature Permanent Premolar with Chronic Apical Abscess 16 Years after Regenerative Endodontic ProceduresJOURNAL OF ENDODONTICS
2023Biological Function and Potential Applications of Garcinol in Human Dental Pulp Stem CellsJOURNAL OF ENDODONTICS
2023Hydyothermally treated coral scaffold promotes prolifertion of mesenchymal stem cells and enhances segmental bone defect healing FRONTIERS IN BIOENGINEERING AND BIOTECHNOLOGY
2023Targeting dysregulated lipid metabolism in the tumor microenvironment ARCHIVES OF PHARMACAL RESEARCH
2023Ultrasound‐guided thread lifting for the prevention of parotid gland and diagnosing parotid duct complications SKIN RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY
2023Sonoanatomy of the platysmal bands: What causes the platysmal band?SURGICAL AND RADIOLOGIC ANATOMY
2023Novel anatomical guidelines for botulinum neurotoxin injection in the mentalis muscle: a review Anatomy and Cell Biology
2023Botulinum neurotoxin injection for treating plunged nose and post-rhinoplasty: anatomical perspectives of depressor septi nasi, nasalis, leveator labii superioris alaeque nasi muscle Anatomy and Cell Biology
2023Ultrasonographic observations of the paradoxical mentalis bulging in regard to botulinum neurotoxin injection for mentalis muscle SKIN RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY
2023Partial in vivo reprogramming enables injury-free intestinal regeneration via autonomous Ptgs1 induction SCIENCE ADVANCES
2023Three-dimensional micromorphology of human midpalatal suture and pterygomaxillary articular complexJOURNAL OF THE WORLD FEDERATION OF ORTHODONTISTS
2023Adult dental epithelial stem cell-derived organoids deposit hydroxylapatite biomineral INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ORAL SCIENCE
2023Novel anatomical proposal for botulinum neurotoxin injection targeting depressor anguli oris for treating drooping mouth corner Anatomy and Cell Biology
2023Effect of icariin surface treatment on the resorption of denuded roots after replantation in ratINTERNATIONAL ENDODONTIC JOURNAL
2023Crossing fibers may underlie the dynamic pulling forces of muscles that attach to cartilage at the tip of the nose SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
2023A novel orthodontic adhesive containing zinc-doped phosphate-based glass for preventing white spot lesionsJOURNAL OF DENTISTRY
2023Gravitational Acceleration Test Results According to Functional Movement Screen and Morphological Symmetry Results of Air Force Cadets SYMMETRY-BASEL
2023Astrocytic FoxO1 in the hypothalamus regulates metabolic homeostasis by coordinating neuropeptide Y neuron activityGLIA
2023Alveolar bone and tibia responses to hormonal and mineral abnormalities in rats with chronic kidney disease: A pilot studyORAL DISEASES
2023TRPC expression in human periodontal ligament cells and the periodontal tissue of periodontitis mice: a preliminary study Laboratory Animal Research

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