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Issue DateTitleJournal Title
2022Tumour microbiomes and Fusobacterium genomics in Vietnamese colorectal cancer patients NPJ BIOFILMS AND MICROBIOMES
2022The Superficial Temporal Artery and Zygomatico-Orbital Artery: Superficial Arterial Distribution of the Anterior Temple Area BIOMED RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL
2022The Mandible: An Atlas of Osteological and Radiological Anatomy Anatomy and Cell Biology
2022A novel needle-free microjet drug injector using Er:YAG LASER: A completely new concept of transdermal drug delivery systemCLINICAL ANATOMY
2023Face painting as an anatomical learning tool based on individual ultrasonographic examinationCLINICAL ANATOMY
2023Sonoanatomy and an ultrasound scanning protocol of the intramuscular innervation pattern of the infraspinatus muscleREGIONAL ANESTHESIA AND PAIN MEDICINE
2023The Deep Temporal Arteries: Anatomical Study with Application to Augmentations Procedures of the TempleCLINICAL ANATOMY
2023New anatomical insights of the superficial branch of the zygomaticotemporal nerve for treating temporal migraines: An anatomical studyCLINICAL ANATOMY
2023Buddlejasaponin IV induces apoptotic cell death by activating the mitochondrial‑dependent apoptotic pathway and reducing α2β1 integrin‑mediated adhesion in HT‑29 human colorectal cancer cellsONCOLOGY REPORTS
2022Murder of a Korean Police Officer with a Homemade Firearm Anatomy & Biological Anthropology(해부·생물인류학)
2022Expression patterns of high-mobility group genes during tooth development Korean Journal of Oral Anatomy(대한구강해부학회지)
2022A novel enhancer of Shh in tooth development Korean Journal of Oral Anatomy(대한구강해부학회지)
2022A rare case of ligature strangulation using a dental unit: Distinguishing suicide from homicide in a death scene investigationJOURNAL OF FORENSIC SCIENCES
2022목맴 사망의 사건 현장에서 끈자국 측정을 위한 해부학적 연구 Anatomy & Biological Anthropology(해부·생물인류학)
2023Evaluating intramuscular neural distribution in the cricopharyngeus muscle for injecting botulinum toxinAURIS NASUS LARYNX
2023Comparative study of the penetration force between the superficial and deep temporal fascia for easier temple augmentation technique using hyaluronic acid fillerJOURNAL OF PLASTIC RECONSTRUCTIVE AND AESTHETIC SURGERY
2023Sphenoid Bone Determines the Curvature of the Cranial Vault in Postnatal Skull Development in C57BL/6 Mice JBM : Journal of Bone Metabolism
2023Does the fixture thread depth affect the accuracy of implant placement during fully guided immediate implant placement?: A human cadaver studyCLINICAL ORAL IMPLANTS RESEARCH
2023MAST4 controls cell cycle in spermatogonial stem cellsCELL PROLIFERATION
2023Epithelial plasticity enhances regeneration of committed taste receptor cells following nerve injury EXPERIMENTAL AND MOLECULAR MEDICINE

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