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Ohrr, Hee Choul [오희철]
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College of Medicine (의과대학) - Dept. of Preventive Medicine (예방의학교실)

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2022Association between low-density lipoprotein cholesterol and cardiovascular mortality in statin non-users: a prospective cohort study in 14.9 million Korean adults INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY
2022High-density lipoprotein cholesterol and cardiovascular mortality: a prospective cohort study among 15.8 million adultsEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PREVENTIVE CARDIOLOGY
2021High-density lipoprotein cholesterol and all-cause mortality by sex and age: a prospective cohort study among 15.8 million adults INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY
2020Higher cholesterol levels, not statin use, are associated with a lower risk of hepatocellular carcinoma BRITISH JOURNAL OF CANCER
2016Low Systolic Blood Pressure and Vascular Mortality Among More Than 1 Million Korean Adults CIRCULATION
2015Association between all-cause mortality and insurance status transition among the elderly population in a rural area in Korea: Kangwha Cohort StudyHEALTH POLICY
2015Low systolic blood pressure and mortality from all-cause and vascular diseases among the rural elderly in Korea; Kangwha cohort study MEDICINE
2015Body Mass Index and Mortality among Korean Elderly in Rural Communities: Kangwha Cohort Study PLOS ONE
2014Agent Orange exposure and cancer incidence in Korean Vietnam veterans: a prospective cohort study.CANCER
2014Population based study of the association between binge drinking and mortality from cancer of oropharynx and esophagus in korean men: the Kangwha cohort study. ASIAN PACIFIC JOURNAL OF CANCER PREVENTION
2013Life Satisfaction of Korean Elderly Parents According To Offspring Gender: A Kangwha Cohort Study International Journal of Translation and Community Medicine
2013Anemia before pregnancy and risk of preterm birth, low birth BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES: Maternal prepregnancy hemoglobin concentration has rarely been explored as a risk of poor birthEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL NUTRITION
2012Gender-specific combined effects of smoking and hypertension on cardiovascular disease mortality in elderly Koreans: The Kangwha Cohort StudyMATURITAS
2012Physical activity level and risk of death: the severance cohort study JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY
2012Life satisfaction and mortality in elderly people: the Kangwha Cohort Study BMC PUBLIC HEALTH
2011Immunizing children aged 9 to 15 months with live attenuated SA14-14-2 Japanese encephalitis vaccine in Thailand. JOURNAL OF THE MEDICAL ASSOCIATION OF THAILAND
2011베트남 참전군인의 사망양상 Korean Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (대한직업환경의학회지)
2011Combined effects of cognitive impairment and hypertension on total mortality in elderly people: the Kangwha Cohort studyGERONTOLOGY
2011Reproductive risk factors for cardiovascular disease mortality among postmenopausal women in Korea: the Kangwha Cohort Study, 1985-2005.MENOPAUSE-THE JOURNAL OF THE NORTH AMERICAN MENOPAUSE SOCIETY
2010Alcohol consumption and digestive cancer mortality in Koreans: the Kangwha Cohort Study JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY
2010Binge drinking and hypertension on cardiovascular disease mortality in Korean men and women: a Kangwha cohort study STROKE
2010지역사회에 거주하는 치매노인의 특성과 보호자의 부담감에 따른 방문작업치료 요구도 Journal of Korean Society of Occupational Therapy (대한작업치료학회지)
2009Smoking and risk of tuberculosis incidence, mortality, and recurrence in South Korean men and women AMERICAN JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY
2009Body mass index and stroke mortality by smoking and age at menopause among Korean postmenopausal women STROKE
2009Binge drinking and mortality from all causes and cerebrovascular diseases in korean men and women: a Kangwha cohort study STROKE
2009High-density lipoprotein-cholesterol and ischemic heart disease risk in Korean men with cardiac risk CIRCULATION JOURNAL
2009Association between ginseng intake and mortality: Kangwha cohort study JOURNAL OF ALTERNATIVE AND COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE
2008A 5-year follow-up of antibody response in children vaccinated with single dose of live attenuated SA14-14-2 Japanese encephalitis vaccine: immunogenicity and anamnestic responsesVACCINE
2008가족기반 코호트 연구의 사례와 전망 Korean Journal of Epidemiology
2008Body mass index and cancer risk in Korean men and womenINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CANCER
2007Single dose of SA 14-14-2 vaccine provides long-term protection against Japanese encephalitis: A case-control study in Nepalese children 5 years after immunizationVACCINE
2007Fetal growth and neonatal mortality in KoreaPAEDIATRIC AND PERINATAL EPIDEMIOLOGY
2007Age at menopause and cause-specific mortality in South Korean women: Kangwha Cohort StudyMATURITAS
2007Body Mass Index and Mortality in South Korean Men Resulting From Cardiovascular Disease: A Kangwha Cohort StudyANNALS OF EPIDEMIOLOGY
2006A comparison of perinatal mortality in Korea on holidays and working daysBJOG-AN INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF OBSTETRICS AND GYNAECOLOGY
2006Body-Mass Index and Mortality in Korean Men and Women NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE
2005Fasting Serum Glucose Level and Cancer Risk in Korean Men and WomenJAMA-JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION
2005Effect of single dose of SA 14-14-2 vaccine 1 year after immunisation in Nepalese children with Japanese encephalitis: a case-control studyLANCET
2005A comparison of response rate and time according to the survey methods used: A randomized controlled trialEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY
2005일본뇌염(Japanese Encephalitis)의 역학 Korean Journal of Epidemiology
2005우리나라 당뇨병의 유병률과 관리 상태 Korean Journal of Medicine (대한내과학회지)
2004The effect of methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase polymorphism C677T on cervical cancer in Korean womenGYNECOLOGIC ONCOLOGY
2004한국거주 불법신분 조선족들의 정신건강 및 삶의 질에 대한 연구 Journal of the Korean Neuropsychiatric Association (신경정신의학)
2004즐겨 마시는 술의 종류와 음주 및 건강특성의 관련성 Journal of Preventive Medicine and Public Health
2004의료기관에서 집단발생한 세균성이질의 감염관리 Korean Journal of Nosocomial Infection Control (병원감염관리)
2004음주와 순환기계질환 사망 및 전체사망과의 관련성 Journal of Preventive Medicine and Public Health
2004사망전 노인의 전체 보건의료비용에서 보완대체요법 비용과 비용 분율에 관한 연구 Journal of Preventive Medicine and Public Health
2004교육요구도 변화와 만족도에 근거한 전염병관리 전문요원 교육과정의 효과 평가 Journal of Preventive Medicine and Public Health
2003전국 관청의 금연프로그램 실시 현황과 문제점 Journal of Korean Society for Health Education and Promotion (보건교육·건강증진학회지)
2003인삼의 사망에 대한 예방효과에 관한 연구 JOURNAL OF GINSENG RESEARCH