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Kim, Kyoung Nam [김경남]
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College of Dentistry (치과대학) - Dept. of Dental Biomaterials and Bioengineering (치과생체재료공학교실)

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2017Evaluation of the accuracy and precision of four intraoral scanners with 70% reduced inlay and four-unit bridge models of international standard DENTAL MATERIALS JOURNAL
2017Antibacterial activity and effect on gingival cells of microwave-pulsed non-thermal atmospheric pressure plasma in artificial saliva SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
2017Immunomodulatory/anti-inflammatory effect of ZOE-based dental materialsDENTAL MATERIALS
2017Non-thermal atmospheric pressure plasma functionalized dental implant for enhancement of bacterial resistance and osseointegrationDENTAL MATERIALS
2016Long-Term Antibacterial Performance and Bioactivity of Plasma-Engineered Ag-NPs/TiO2 Nanotubes for Bio-ImplantsJOURNAL OF BIOMEDICAL NANOTECHNOLOGY
2016Non-thermal atmospheric pressure plasma increased mRNA expression of growth factors in human gingival fibroblastsCLINICAL ORAL INVESTIGATIONS
2016The in vitro and in vivo effects of a fast-dissolving mucoadhesive bi-layered strip as topical anesthetics DENTAL MATERIALS JOURNAL
2016Cytotoxicity and anti-inflammatory effects of zinc ions and eugenol during setting of ZOE in immortalized human oral keratinocytes grown as three-dimensional spheroids.DENTAL MATERIALS
2016Bone Regeneration Using a Mixture of Silicon-Substituted Coral HA and β-TCP in a Rat Calvarial Bone Defect Model MATERIALS
2015a-TCP를 첨가한 글라스 아이오노머 시멘트의 법랑질 탈회저항성 Korean Journal of Dental Materials (대한치과재료학회지)
2015치과재료 품목의 국제조화를 위한 각국 분류체계의 비교연구 Korean Journal of Dental Materials (대한치과재료학회지)
2015An Alternative to Annealing TiO2 Nanotubes for Morphology Preservation: Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet TreatmentJOURNAL OF NANOSCIENCE AND NANOTECHNOLOGY
2015SLA 처리 티타늄 표면에서의 유전자발현에 대한 상온대기압 플라즈마의 효과 Korean Journal of Dental Materials (대한치과재료학회지)
2015수증기 첨가 상온 대기압 플라즈마의 미백 효과 Korean Journal of Dental Materials (대한치과재료학회지)
2015골유도 재생술을 위한 다공성 티타늄-은 합금 메쉬의 골 형성 Korean Journal of Dental Materials (대한치과재료학회지)
2015Resin bonding of metal brackets to glazed zirconia with a porcelain primer KOREAN JOURNAL OF ORTHODONTICS
2015Catechol-Functionalized Synthetic Polymer as a Dental Adhesive to Contaminated Dentin Surface for a Composite Restoration BIOMACROMOLECULES
2015The Study on Inhibition of Planktonic Bacterial Growth by Non-Thermal Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet Treated Surfaces for Dental ApplicationJOURNAL OF BIOMEDICAL NANOTECHNOLOGY
2015치과용 지르코니아의 in vitro 및 in vivo 생물학적 평가Korean Journal of Dental Materials (대한치과재료학회지)
2015Cytotoxicity and terminal differentiation of human oral keratinocyte by indium ions from a silver-palladium-gold-indium dental alloyDENTAL MATERIALS
2015Air atmospheric-pressure plasma-jet treatment enhances the attachment of human gingival fibroblasts for early peri-implant soft tissue seals on titanium dental implant abutmentsACTA ODONTOLOGICA SCANDINAVICA
2014Characterization of hydroxyapatite containing a titania layer formed by anodization coupled with blastingACTA ODONTOLOGICA SCANDINAVICA
2014Cytotoxicity Evaluation of Elastomeric Impression Materials Using Different Fibroblasts Cell LinesJournal of Korean Dental Science
2014상온대기압 질소 및 공기 플라즈마가 의치상용 레진의표면 특성과 살균효과에 미치는 영향 Journal of Korean Society of Dental Hygiene (한국치위생학회지)
2014상온 대기압 플라즈마의 치의학적 응용 Journal of the Korean Dental Association (대한치과의사협회지)
2014Positive control for cytotoxicity evaluation of dental vinyl polysiloxane impression materials using sodium lauryl sulfateACTA ODONTOLOGICA SCANDINAVICA
2014Cellular attachment and differentiation on titania nanotubes exposed to air- or nitrogen-based non-thermal atmospheric pressure plasma. PLOS ONE
2014A comparative study of three cytotoxicity test methods for nanomaterials using sodium lauryl sulfate.JOURNAL OF NANOSCIENCE AND NANOTECHNOLOGY
2014Air atmospheric pressure plasma jet pretreatment for drop-wise loading of dexamethasone on hydroxyapatite scaffold for increase of osteoblast attachment.JOURNAL OF NANOSCIENCE AND NANOTECHNOLOGY
2014Fabrication of bioactive, antibacterial TiO2 nanotube surfaces, coated with magnetron sputtered Ag nanostructures for dental applications.JOURNAL OF NANOSCIENCE AND NANOTECHNOLOGY
2014BMP-2 promotes oral squamous carcinoma cell invasion by inducing CCL5 release PLOS ONE
2014The disinfection of impression materials by using microwave irradiation and hydrogen peroxideJOURNAL OF PROSTHETIC DENTISTRY
2014Cytotoxicity Comparison of the Nanoparticles Deposited on Latex Rubber Bands between the Original and Stretched State JOURNAL OF NANOMATERIALS
2014Development of hydrophilic dental wax without surfactant using a non-thermal air atmospheric pressure plasma jetJOURNAL OF PHYSICS D-APPLIED PHYSICS
2014Cell immobilization on polymer by air atmospheric pressure plasma jet treatmentJAPANESE JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS
2014Biological evaluation of micro-nano patterned implant formed by anodic oxidationCURRENT APPLIED PHYSICS
2014The enhanced integrin-mediated cell attachment and osteogenic gene expression on atmospheric pressure plasma jet treated micro-structured titanium surfacesCurrent Applied Physics
2014Tailoring of antibacterial Ag nanostructures on TiO2 nanotube layers by magnetron sputteringJournal of Biomedical Materials Research Part B - Applied Biomaterials
2014Cytotoxicity Test of One-Step Self-Etching Bonding Agents by Standardized Dentin Barrier Test Using Polyurethane Discs MATERIALS
2014Cytotoxicity evaluation of zinc oxide-eugenol and non-eugenol cements using different fibroblast cell linesACTA ODONTOLOGICA SCANDINAVICA
2013Modification of TiO(2) nanotube surfaces by electro-spray deposition of amoxicillin combined with PLGA for bactericidal effects at surgical implantation sitesACTA ODONTOLOGICA SCANDINAVICA
2013중증 치주염환자의 치은열구액에서 전신 급성감염인자인 C-reactive protein의 검출 Journal of the Korean Research Society for Dental Materials (대한치과기재학회지)
2013SLA 처리된 임플란트 표면에서 상온대기압 공기 플라즈마가 세포활성에 미치는 영향 Journal of the Korean Research Society for Dental Materials (대한치과기재학회지)
2013Time-dependent growth of TiO2 nanotubes from a magnetron sputtered Ti thin filmThin Solid Films
2013The effects of enhancing the surface energy of a polystyrene plate by air atmospheric pressure plasma jet on early attachment of fibroblast under moving incubationTHIN SOLID FILMS
2013Tooth Whitening Effects by Atmospheric Pressure Cold Plasmas with Different GasesJAPANESE JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS
2013Acid neutralizing, mechanical and physical properties of pit and fissure sealants containing melt-derived 45S5 bioactive glassDENTAL MATERIALS
2013Surface modification of biphasic calcium phosphate scaffolds by non-thermal atmospheric pressure nitrogen and air plasma treatment for improving osteoblast attachment and proliferationTHIN SOLID FILMS
2013Synthesis and in vitro evaluation of silica coated gold nanoparticles for hyperthermia Journal of the Korean Research Society for Dental Materials (대한치과기재학회지)
2013저온 상압 플라즈마의 치아 미백 효과 및 법랑질 표면형상의 변화에 미치는 효과 Journal of the Korean Research Society for Dental Materials (대한치과기재학회지)