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강숙희 [Kang, Suki]
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College of Medicine (의과대학) - BioMedical Science Institute (의생명과학부)
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2020The stromal loss of miR-4516 promotes the FOSL1-dependent proliferation and malignancy of triple negative breast cancer강숙희, 김백길, 장연수, 조남훈Article
2020ITGB4-mediated metabolic reprogramming of cancer-associated fibroblasts강숙희, 김백길, 장연수, 조남훈Article
2018HSP27, ALDH6A1 and Prohibitin Act as a Trio-biomarker to Predict Survival in Late Metastatic Prostate Cancer강숙희, 조남훈, 최영득Article
2017Mechanical compression induces VEGFA overexpression in breast cancer via DNMT3A-dependent miR-9 downregulation 강숙희, 김백길, 조남훈, 한현호Article
2017Ovarian Clear Cell Carcinoma Sub-Typing by ARID1A Expression 강숙희, 김백길, 김영태, 조남훈, 한현호Article
2017Nodal metastasis signatures in breast cancer강숙희, 구자승, 조남훈, 차윤진, 한현호Article
2016Transcriptome-wide analysis of compression-induced microRNA expression alteration in breast cancer for mining therapeutic targets 강숙희, 김백길, 이성환, 조남훈, 한현호Article
2016STAT3-induced WDR1 overexpression promotes breast cancer cell migration강숙희, 김백길, 조남훈, 한현호Article
2016Angiopoietin-2 promotes ER+ breast cancer cell survival in bone marrow niche 강숙희, 김백길, 조남훈, 한현호Article
2016MicroRNA alteration and putative target genes in high-grade prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia and prostate cancer: STAT3 and ZEB1 are upregulated during prostate carcinogenesis.강숙희, 김백길, 조남훈, 차윤진, 최영득, 한현호Article
2016Estrogen Receptor Status Predicts Late-Onset Skeletal Recurrence in Breast Cancer Patients 강숙희, 김백길, 이성환, 조남훈, 한현호Article
2015Targeted sequencing with enrichment PCR: a novel diagnostic method for the detection of EGFR mutations. 강숙희, 김백길, 김지은, 이주현, 조남훈, 한현호Article
2014Cancer-associated fibroblast promote transmigration through endothelial brain cells in three-dimensional in vitro models강숙희, 김백길, 김세훈, 조남훈Article
2014Snail1 induced in breast cancer cells in 3D collagen I gel environment suppresses cortactin and impairs effective invadopodia formation강숙희, 김백길, 조남훈Article
2013CD24+ ovary cancer cells exhibit an invasive mesenchymal phenotype강규섭, 강숙희, 김백길, 이주현, 조남훈, 최윤표Article
2013Composite Three-Marker Assay for Early Detection of Kidney Cancer 강숙희, 임종백, 조남훈, 최영득Article
2013Human breast cancer-associated fibroblasts enhance cancer cell proliferation through increased TGF-α cleavage by ADAM17강숙희, 고명청, 김백길, 윤주헌, 조남훈, 최윤표Article
2012In situ identification and localization of IGHA2 in the breast tumor microenvironment by mass spectrometry강숙희, 고명청, 김백길, 조남훈, 최영득, 최윤표Article
2012Targeting ILK and β4 integrin abrogates the invasive potential of ovarian cancer강숙희, 김백길, 조남훈Article
2012Invasive breast cancer induces laminin-332 upregulation and integrin β4 neoexpression in myofibroblasts to confer an anoikis-resistant phenotype during tissue remodeling. 강규섭, 강숙희, 고명청, 김백길, 박행란, 조남훈, 최윤표Article
2011Laminin-332-rich tumor microenvironment for tumor invasion in the interface zone of breast cancer. 강숙희, 고명청, 김백길, 박행란, 조남훈, 최윤표Article
2011Prospective evaluation of longitudinal changes in human papillomavirus genotype and phylogenetic clade associated with cervical disease progression.강숙희, 김영태, 박애란, 송기준, 조남훈, 차윤진Article
2011Molecular portraits of intratumoral heterogeneity in human ovarian c강숙희, 심효섭, 조남훈, 최윤표Article
2010Proteomic molecular portrait of interface zone in breast cancer강규섭, 강숙희, 고명청, 김백길, 조남훈, 최윤표Article
2010CD24+ cells from hierarchically organized ovarian cancer are enriched in cancer stem cells강숙희, 고명청, 윤주헌, 조남훈, 최윤표Article
2010Panel of candidate biomarkers for renal cell carcinoma강숙희, 고명청, 김백길, 박행란, 임종백, 조남훈, 최영득, 최윤표Article
2010Stromal fibroblasts from the interface zone of human breast carcinomas induce an epithelial-mesenchymal transition-like state in breast cancer cells in vitro. 강규섭, 강숙희, 김백길, 조남훈, 최윤표Article
2010Molecular proteomics imaging of tumor interfaces by mass spectrometry강숙희, 심효섭, 윤주헌, 조남훈Article
2008NM23 as a prognostic biomarker in ovarian serous carcinoma 강숙희, 김영태, 조남훈Article
2007HPV integration begins in the tonsillar crypt and leads to the alteration of p16, EGFR and c-myc during tumor formation강숙희, 구본석, 김세헌, 조남훈, 최은창Article
2007Role of p53 in antioxidant defense of HPV-positive cervical carcinoma cells following H2O2 exposure 강숙희, 김세헌, 조남훈, 조재호Article
2006Induction of cell apoptosis in non-small cell lung cancer cells by cyclin A1 small interfering RNA강숙희, 라선영, 조남훈, 조상호Article
2006Comparative Proteomics of Ovarian Epithelial Tumors강숙희, 김세광, 조남훈Article
2006Elevation of cyclin B1, active cdc2, and HuR in cervical neoplasia with human papillomavirus type 18 infection강숙희, 조남훈Article
2006Methylation of p16INK4a is a non-rare event in cervical intraepithelial neoplasia강숙희, 김성훈, 송기준, 조남훈Article
2005Loss of Cyclin B1 followed by downregulation of Cyclin A/Cdk2, apoptosis and antiproliferation in Hela cell line강숙희, 김영태, 조남훈, 최영득, 최윤표, 홍성희Article
2005Genetic aberrance of sporadic MEN 2A component tumours: analysis of RET강숙희, 박정수, 정웅윤, 조남훈Article
2005Proteomic analysis of progressive factors in uterine cervical cancer강숙희, 조남훈Article
2005저등급 표재성 방광암의 재발에서 Matrix Metalloproteinase 발현의 분석 강숙희, 양원재, 이미경, 조남훈, 최영득Article
2005Multinucleation of koilocytes is in fact multilobation and is related to aberration of the G2 checkpoint 강숙희, 조남훈, 홍성희Article
2004MMP expression profiling in recurred stage IB lung cancer강숙희, 정경영, 조남훈, 조상호Article
2003Genotyping of 22 human papillomavirus types by DNA chip in Korean women: Comparison with cytologic diagnosis강숙희, 김영태, 김재욱, 박찬규, 조남훈Article
2003Increased expression of matrix metalloproteinase 9 correlates with poor prognostic variables in renal cell carcinoma강숙희, 라선영, 심효섭, 조남훈, 조상호, 최영득, 홍성준, 홍성희Article