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박경아 [Park, Kyung Ah]
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College of Medicine - Dept. of Anatomy
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2015The effect of ASK1 on vascular permeability and edema formation in cerebral ischemia 박경아, 송주현, 이원택, 이종은Article
2015PKA Inhibitor H89 (N-[2-p-bromocinnamylamino-ethyl]-5-isoquinolinesulfonamide) Attenuates Synaptic Dysfunction and Neuronal Cell Death following Ischemic Injury 박경아, 송주현, 이원택, 이종은, 전소영Article
2015Restorative benefits of transplanting human mesenchymal stromal cells overexpressing arginine decarboxylase genes after spinal cord injury박경아, 이원택, 이종은Article
2015Agmatine Attenuates Brain Edema and Apoptotic Cell Death after Traumatic Brain Injury 김재영, 박경아, 이원택, 이종은Article
2014Apoptosis signal regulating kinase 1 (ASK1): Potential as a therapeutic target for Alzheimer’s disease. 박경아, 송주현, 이원택, 이종은Article
2014Agmatine improves cognitive dysfunction and prevents cell death in Streptozotocin-induced Alzheimer rat model. 박경아, 송주현, 이원택, 이종은Article
2014Association between risk factors for vascular dementia and adiponectin 박경아, 송주현, 이원택, 이종은Article
2014Receptor for Advanced Glycation End Products (RAGE) and Its Ligands: Focus on Spinal Cord Injury 박경아, 송주현, 이원택, 이종은Article
2014The Beneficial Effect of Melatonin in Brain Endothelial Cells against Oxygen-Glucose Deprivation Followed by Reperfusion-Induced Injury 박경아, 송주현, 이원택, 이종은Article
2014Retroviral Expression of Human Arginine Decarboxylase Reduces Oxidative Stress Injury in Mouse Cortical Astrocytes. 박경아, 이원택, 이종은, 홍사민Article
2014Glutathione rescues brain endothelial cells from hydrogen peroxide-induced oxidative stress by activating Nrf2 expression. 박경아, 송주현, 이원택, 이종은Article
2013The Multifaceted Effects of Agmatine on Functional Recovery after Spinal Cord Injury through Modulations of BMP-2/4/7 Expressions in Neurons and Glial Cells 박경아, 박유미, 보카라키란쿠마, 이원택, 이종은Article
2013Agmatine promotes the migration of murine brain endothelial cells via multiple signaling pathways구본녀, 박경아, 이원택, 이종은Article
2013The Effect of Agmatine on Expression of IL-1β and TLX Which Promotes Neuronal Differentiation in Lipopolysaccharide-Treated Neural Progenitors 박경아, 송주현, 이원택, 이종은Article
2013The Combinational Treatment of Antioxidants Protects Brain Endothelial Cells Against Oxygen-Glucose Deprivation Followed by Reperfusion Induced Injury박경아, 송주현, 이원택, 이종은Article
2013Melatonin Improves Cognitive Impairment in Alzheimer’s Disease박경아, 송주현, 이원택, 이종은Article
2013Apoptosis signal-regulating kinase 1 (ASK1) is linked to neural stem cell differentiation after ischemic brain injury 박경아, 송주현, 이원택, 이종은, 전소영, 조경주Article
2013TRPV1 Activation in Primary Cortical Neurons Induces Calcium-Dependent Programmed Cell Death 박경아, 송주현, 이원택, 이종은, 이준홍Article
2013Overexpression of Human Arginine Decarboxylase Rescues Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells against H2O2 Toxicity through Cell Survival Protein Activation 박경아, 이원택, 이종은Article
2012Protective effects of agmatine on lipopolysaccharide-injured microglia and inducible nitric oxide synthase activity.박경아, 이원택, 이종은, 홍사민Article
2012Agmatine Produces Neuroprotection and Cognitive Improvement in Rat Treated with Streptozotocin.박경아, 양원석, 이원택, 이종은Article
2012Genetically Modifed Stem Cells and Their Applications in Central Nervous System Injury Models.박경아, 보카라키란쿠마, 이원택, 이종은Article
2011Retroviral expression of arginine decarboxylase attenuates oxidative burden in mouse cortical neural stem cells박경아, 이원택, 이종은Article
2011The expression of human papillomavirus type 16 (HPV16 E7) induces cell cycle arrest and apoptosis in radiation and hypoxia resistant glioblastoma cells. 문승욱, 박경아, 이원택, 이종은Article
2011Agmatine-reduced collagen scar area accompanied with surface righting reflex recovery after complete transection spinal cord injury박경아, 박유미, 이원택, 이종은Article
2011Agmatine enhances neurogenesis by increasing ERK1/2 expression, and suppresses astrogenesis by decreasing BMP 2,4 and SMAD 1,5,8 expression in subventricular zone neural stem cells.김사현, 박경아, 이원택, 이종은Article
2011Effects of agmatine on hypoxic microglia and activity of nitric oxide synthase박경아, 박유미, 이원택, 이종은, 홍사민Article
2011Basketball training increases striatum volume박경아, 이원택Article
2010Soybeans ameliolate diabetic nephropathy in rats 박경아, 윤방부, 이종은Article
2010Agmatine reduces nitric oxide synthase expression and peroxynitrite formation in the cerebral cortex in a rat model of transient global cerebral ischemia박경아, 이원택, 이종은Article
2010Agmatine attenuates brain edema through reducing the expression of aquaporin-1 after cerebral ischemia 김재환, 박경아, 이원택, 이종은Article
2010Recovered changes in the spleen by agmatine treatment after transient cerebral ischemia 김재환, 박경아, 이종은Article
2010Regulation of endothelial nitric oxide synthase by agmatine after transient global cerebral ischemia in rat brain 문진희, 박경아, 이원택, 이종은Article
2010Recombinant hexahistidine arginine decarboxylase (hisADC) induced endogenous agmatine synthesis during stress김재환, 문승욱, 박경아, 이원택, 이종은Article
2010Endogenous agmatine inhibits cerebral vascular matrix metalloproteinases expression by regulating activating transcription factor 3 and endothelial nitric oxide synthesis박경아, 이원택, 이종은, 정현주, 최윤정Article
2009Agmatine Attenuates Nitric Oxide Synthesis and Protects ER-structure from Global Cerebral Ischemia in Rats 김재환, 문진희, 박경아, 이원택, 이종은Article
2009Neuroprotective effects of agmatine on oxygen-glucose deprived primary-cultured astrocytes and nuclear translocation of nuclear factor-kappa B.김재환, 박경아, 성공제, 이원택, 이종은, 홍사민Article
2009Experience-dependent plasticity of cerebellar vermis in basketball players박경아, 이원택Article
2008뇌허혈 손상시 아그마틴이 기질분해효소의 발현에 미치는 영향김재환, 박경아, 이원택, 이종은Article
2008Overexpression of Hoxc8, a homeobox gene, in B16F10 melanoma inhibits the growth of tumor cells김명희, 박경아, 박형우Article
2007Agmatine inhibits matrix metalloproteinase-9 via endothelial nitric oxide synthase in cerebral endothelial cells박경아, 이원택, 이종은Article
2007Pyruvate Reduces the Necrotic but not Apoptotic Component of OGD/Reoxygenation Injury in Primary Murine CorticalNeuronal cult cultNeuronal cultures박경아, 이원택, 이종은Article
2007방사선 조사 및 저산소환경 노출시 간암세포주 HepG2의 p53관여 작용기작과 세포사멸에 미치는 사람 유두종 바이러스 type 16 E6와 E7 단백질의 영향박경아, 이원택, 이종은Article
2007The role of uninjured C-afferents and injured afferents in the generation of mechanical hypersensitivity after partial peripheral nerve injury in the rat김동욱, 남택상, 박경아, 이원택, 임중우, 장준호Article
2006대두식이가 흰쥐의 당뇨병성 신경병증에 미치는 영향김승민, 박경아, 이원택Article
2006Effects of Capsaicin on the c-fos in the spinal dorsal horn and substance P- and CGRP-like immunoreactivities in the dorsalroot ganglia of the experimental arthritic rat model박경아, 이원택, 이종은Article
2006Evaluation of Morphological Plasticity in the Cerebella of Basketball Players with MRI 박경아, 이원택Article
2005당뇨병성 신경병증에 미치는 α-lipoic acid의 보호효과박경아, 안수경, 이원택, 이종은, 하헌주Article
2005열처치에 의한 기질분해효소의 조절김종열, 박경아, 이원택, 이종은Article
2004Agmatine reduces infarct area in a mouse model of transient focal cerebral ischemia and protects cultured neurons from ischemia-like injury김재환, 박경아, 이종은Article