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2011How to manage pyloric tumours that are difficult to resect completely with endoscopic resection: comparison of the retroflexion vs. forward view technique.김지현, 김현기, 김호근, 박준철, 박효진, 신성관, 윤영훈, 이상길, 이상인, 이용찬, 이혁, 최경석Article
2011Closure of a gastrotracheal fistula using a cardiac septal occluder device.이용찬, 이현정Article
2011Role of F-FDG PET Scans in Patients with Helicobacter pylori-Infected Gastric Low-Grade MALT Lymphoma 강대용, 김세훈, 김지현, 양우익, 윤미진, 이용찬, 정재복Article
2011Acute Esophageal Necrosis Associated with Esophageal Foreign Body Injury and the Development of Pneumomediastinum 김미나, 박윤혜, 이용강, 이용찬, 이혁, 최아라Article
2011Early gastric cancer of signet ring cell carcinoma is more amenable to endoscopic treatment than is early gastric cancer of poorly differentiated tubular adenocarcinoma in select tumor conditions김충배, 노성훈, 박경호, 송시영, 이상길, 이용찬, 정문재, 형우진Article
2011Lymphovascular invasion is an important predictor of lymph node metastasis in endoscopically resected early gastric cancers.김지현, 김현기, 김호근, 노성훈, 박준철, 이용찬Article
2011Is minimal change esophagitis really part of the spectrum of endoscopic findings of gastroesophageal reflux disease? A prospective, multicenter study김지현, 박효진, 이용찬Article
2011High microsatellite instability predicts good prognosis in intestinal-type gastric cancers김현기, 김호근, 노성훈, 신성관, 이용찬Article
2010Effect of Helicobacter pylori infection on the sonic hedgehog signaling pathway in gastric cancer cells김유진, 김지현, 김현기, 신현수, 양우익, 이용찬, 최연정Article
2010A Planned Prospective, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Multicenter Trial Assessing the Effect of Helicobacter pylori Eradication on the Healing of Iatrogenic Ulcer after Endoscopic Resection of Gastric Neoplasm. 이용찬, 천재희Article
2010Undifferentiated histology after endoscopic resection may predict synchronous and metachronous occurrence of early gastric cancer김유진, 박준철, 서주희, 신성관, 이상길, 이용찬Article
2010Long-term clinical outcomes of self-expanding metal stents for treatment of malignant gastroesophageal junction obstructions and prognostic factors for stent patency: effects of anticancer treatments김범경, 김유진, 김지현, 박재준, 박준철, 송시영, 이상길, 이용찬, 정재복Article
2010A Pilot Study of Sequential Capsule Endoscopy Using MiroCam and PillCam SB Devices with Different Transmission Technologies 박승우, 박정엽, 방승민, 송시영, 신성관, 이상길, 이용찬, 천재희Article
2010Predictive capability of anorectal physiologic tests for unfavorable outcomes following biofeedback therapy in dyssynergic defecation 김원호, 김은수, 문창모, 박재준, 신재국, 이용찬, 전승민, 정재복, 천재희, 홍성필Article
2010Predictive factors for local recurrence after endoscopic resection for early gastric cancer: long-term clinical outcome in a single-center experience김유진, 박준철, 서주희, 신성관, 이상길, 이용찬Article
2010Treatment outcome of localized Helicobacter pylori-negative low-grade gastric MALT lymphoma. 김유진, 서창옥, 양우익, 이용찬Article
2010In Vitro Adenosine Triphosphate Based Chemotherapy Response Assay in Gastric Cancer 김호근, 노성훈, 이용찬, 형우진Article
2010Histologic diagnosis based on forceps biopsy is not adequate for determining endoscopic treatment of gastric adenomatous lesions김지현, 박준철, 신성관, 이상길, 이용찬, 정재복Article
2010Prevalence of Barrett's esophagus remains low in the Korean population: nationwide cross-sectional prospective multicenter study박효진, 이용찬Article
2010Helicobacter pylori CagA phosphorylation status determines the gp130-activated SHP2/ERK and JAK/STAT signal transduction pathways in gastric epithelial cells 김지현, 이용찬, 최연정Article
2010Comparison of procedural sequences in same-day bidirectional endoscopy without benzodiazepine and propofol sedation: starting at the bottom or the top김지현, 송시영, 이상길, 이용찬, 조재희Article
2010Rebamipide may be comparable to H2 receptor antagonist in healing iatrogenic gastric ulcers created by endoscopic mucosal resection: a prospective randomized pilot study 김유진, 김지현, 이상길, 이용찬, 천재희Article
2010Contrasting activity of Hedgehog and Wnt pathways according to gastric cancer cell differentiation: relevance of crosstalk mechanisms.김유진, 김지현, 박준철, 이여송, 이용찬, 정재복Article
2010Clinicopathological features and prognostic factors of proximal gastric carcinoma in a population with high Helicobacter pylori prevalence: a single-center, large-volume study in Korea김유진, 김지현, 김충배, 노성훈, 박준철, 신성관, 이상길, 이용찬, 형우진Article
2010Gastropericardial fistula as a complication in a refractory gastric ulcer after esophagogastrostomy with gastric pull-up 김지현, 박세미, 이용찬, 정재복Article
2009Clinical spectrum of reflux esophagitis among 25,536 Koreans who underwent a health check-up: a nationwide multicenter prospective, endoscopy-based study이용찬Article
2009Endoscopic resection for undifferentiated early gastric cancer김지현, 김충배, 김현기, 김호근, 노성훈, 이상길, 이용찬, 정재복, 천재희, 형우진Article
2009한국인에서 Helicobacter pylori 감염 빈도 변화 및 감염 관련 인자:건강검진 수진자 대상의 8년 연구 이용찬Article
2009The Prevalence and Clinical Characteristics of Esophageal Involvement in Patients with Behcet's Disease: A Single Center Experience in Korea 김원호, 김지현, 김태일, 이상길, 이승우, 이용찬, 천재희Article
2009Self-expandable metal stents for recurrent malignant obstruction after gastric surgery김홍정, 박승우, 박정엽, 방승민, 송시영, 이용찬Article
2009Pathological characteristics of gastrointestinal stromal tumours with PDGFRA mutations강현주, 권지은, 김남규, 김세훈, 김호근, 노성훈, 이용찬, 형우진Article
2009Achalasia combined with esophageal cancer treated by concurrent chemoradiation therapy 김유진, 김충배, 김호근, 박준철, 신성관, 이상길, 이용찬Article
2009전체 위장관을 침범한 베체트 장염 환자에서 연속 발생한 위, 결장 천공 김남규, 김원호, 김태일, 김호근, 박재준, 신동엽, 이용찬, 천재희Article
2009미분화 조기위암의 내시경 절제술 김지현, 이용찬Article
2009Clinicopathological aspects and prognostic value with respect to age: an analysis of 3,362 consecutive gastric cancer patients김유진, 김지현, 김충배, 노성훈, 박준철, 이상길, 이용찬, 형우진Article
2008Endosonographic features of gastric ectopic pancreases distinguishable from mesenchymal tumors김지현, 이용찬, 이제희, 임준석, 정재복, 형우진Article
2008Clinical application of self-expandable metallic stent for treatment of colorectal obstruction caused by extrinsic invasive tumors.김병창, 김원호, 김태일, 송시영, 신성재, 이용찬Article
2008Effectiveness of self-expanding metal stents for malignant antropyloric and duodenal obstruction with a comparison between covered and uncovered stents김홍정, 박승우, 박정엽, 방승민, 송시영, 이용찬Article
2008Helicobacter pylori eradication therapy may facilitate gastric ulcer healing after endoscopic mucosal resection: a prospective randomized study김원호, 김지현, 김태일, 이상길, 이용찬, 천재희Article
2008직장 용종으로 나타난 유육종증 1예 강원석, 김범경, 김원호, 이상길, 이용찬, 천재희Article
2008위상피 종양의 내시경 점막절제술 후 치유되지 않은 인공 위궤양: 2예의 증례 보고 김지현, 박종필, 이상길, 이용찬, 천재희Article
2008Normal Ambulatory 24-Hour Esophageal pH Values in Koreans -A Multicenter Study- 박효진, 이용찬Article
2008위식도역류질환에서 1주 Esomeprazole 치료의 진단적 의의 박효진, 이용찬Article
2008직장 유암종에서 내시경 치료의 효용성에 대한 후향 조사 김원호, 김유진, 김태일, 박세미, 이상길, 이승우, 이용찬, 정재복, 천재희Article
2007A case of more abundant and dysplastic adenomas in the interposed colon than in the native colon 권지은, 김호근, 송경호, 윤영훈, 이용찬, 정재복, 황혜진Article
2007전이 또는 재발 위암에 대한 Docetaxel, Cisplatin, 5-FU 복합 항암화학요법 김지현, 이용찬Article
2007회결장동맥의 동맥류 파열에 의한 대량 장출혈을 동반한 베체트 장염 김승업, 김원호, 백승혁, 이상길, 이용찬, 임준석, 천재희Article
2007Anti-inflammatory Effect of Capsaicin in Helicobacter pylori-Infected Gastric Epithelial Cells김지현, 이용찬Article
2007Advanced Gastric Cancer Showing Complete Remission of Metastatic Lymph Node after Chemotherapy 김유진, 김지현, 이용찬, 정재복Article
2007Clinicopathologic factors influence accurate endosonographic assessment for early gastric cancer김지현, 송기섭, 송시영, 윤영훈, 이용찬, 정재복, 천재희Article