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Kim, Dong Wook [김동욱]
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College of Medicine (의과대학) - Dept. of Radiation Oncology (방사선종양학교실)
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2023Preliminary study for the development of radiation safety evaluation methodology for industrial kV-rated radiation generator facilitiesNUCLEAR ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY
2023Development of open access tool for automatic use factor calculation using DICOM-RT patient data PHYSICAL AND ENGINEERING SCIENCES IN MEDICINE
2023Development of Automated Delivery Quality Assurance Analysis Software for Helical Tomotherapy TECHNOLOGY IN CANCER RESEARCH & TREATMENT
2023Novel framework for determining TPS-calculated doses corresponding to detector locations using 3D camera in in vivo surface dosimetryPHYSICS IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY
2023Analysis of Activated Materials of Disposed Medical Linear Accelerators according to Clearance Level for Self-Disposal SUSTAINABILITY
2023A New Approach to Quantify and Grade Radiation Dermatitis Using Deep-Learning Segmentation in Skin Photographs CLINICAL ONCOLOGY
2023Activity Evaluation Methodology for the Disposed Medical Linear Accelerators APPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
2022Development and verification of LEP 300 kilovoltage radiotherapy system for companion animalsJOURNAL OF THE KOREAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY
2022Dead Layer Thickness and Geometry Optimization of HPGe Detector Based on Monte Carlo Simulation Progress in Medical Physics
202250–300 kVp X-ray Transmission Ratios for Lead, Steel and Concrete Progress in Medical Physics
2022Review of Shielding Evaluation Methodology for Facilities Using kV Energy Radiation Generating Devices Based on the NCRP-49 Report Progress in Medical Physics
2022Metal artifact reduction in kV CT images throughout two-step sequential deep convolutional neural networks by combining multi-modal imaging (MARTIAN) SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
2022Shielding evaluator actual treatment leaf: A program for automatic shielding assessment using patient dataRADIATION PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY
2022Activation evaluation of Siemens linear accelerator using Monte Carlo simulation JOURNAL OF THE KOREAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY
2022Dosimetric outcomes of preoperative treatment planning with intraoperative optimization using stranded seeds in prostate brachytherapy PLOS ONE
2022A pilot study of a novel method to visualize three-dimensional dose distribution on skin surface images to evaluate radiation dermatitis SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
2022Current status of disposal and measurement analysis of radioactive components in linear accelerators in KoreaNUCLEAR ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY
2022Analysis of radiation safety management status of medical linear accelerator facilities in KoreaNUCLEAR ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY
2022Performance Evaluation of Deformable Image Registration Algorithms Using Computed Tomography of Multiple Lung Metastases TECHNOLOGY IN CANCER RESEARCH & TREATMENT
2022Feasibility of a 64-Channel Scintillation Fiber System for Real-Time Monitoring of Dwell Positions and Dwell Times of High-Dose-Rate Brachytherapy SourcesIEEE ACCESS
2021Status of Domestic and International Recommendations for Protection Design and Evaluation of Medical Linear Accelerator Facilities Progress in Medical Physics
2021Measurements of Neutron Activation and Dose Rate Induced by High-Energy Medical Linear Accelerator Progress in Medical Physics
2021Integration of rotatable tandem applicator to conventional ovoid applicator toward complete framework of intensity modulated brachytherapy (IMBT) for cervical cancerPHYSICA MEDICA-EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF MEDICAL PHYSICS
2021Development and Performance Evaluation of Wearable Respiratory Self-Training System Using Patch Type Magnetic Sensor FRONTIERS IN ONCOLOGY
2021TomoEQA: Dose verification for patient-specific quality assurance in helical tomotherapy using an exit detectorPHYSICA MEDICA-EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF MEDICAL PHYSICS
2021Monitoring beam-quality constancy considering uncertainties associated with ionization chambers in Daily QA3 device PLOS ONE
2021Application of sigmoidal optimization to reconstruct nuclear medicine image: Comparison with filtered back projection and iterative reconstruction methodNUCLEAR ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY
2020Statistical Analysis of Treatment Planning Parameters for Prediction of Delivery Quality Assurance Failure for Helical TomotherapyTECHNOLOGY IN CANCER RESEARCH & TREATMENT
2020Sensitivity of radio-photoluminescence glass dosimeters to accumulated doses PLOS ONE
2020Commissioning and clinical implementation of Mobius3D and MobiusFX: Experience on multiple linear acceleratorsPHYSICA MEDICA-EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF MEDICAL PHYSICS
2020A Retrospective Dosimetric Analysis of the New ESTRO-ACROP Target Volume Delineation Guidelines for Postmastectomy Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy After Implant-Based Immediate Breast Reconstruction FRONTIERS IN ONCOLOGY
2020History of the Photon Beam Dose Calculation Algorithm in Radiation Treatment Planning System Progress in Medical Physics
2020Assessment of dosimetric leaf gap correction factor in Mobius3D commissioning affected by couch topPHYSICAL AND ENGINEERING SCIENCES IN MEDICINE
2020Detailed evaluation of Mobius3D dose calculation accuracy for volumetric-modulated arc therapyPHYSICA MEDICA-EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF MEDICAL PHYSICS
2020TomoMQA: Automated analysis program for MVCT quality assurance of helical tomotherapy JOURNAL OF APPLIED CLINICAL MEDICAL PHYSICS
2020Efficacy and Safety Evaluation of Human Growth Hormone Therapy in Patients with Idiopathic Short Stature in Korea - A Randomised Controlled Trial European Endocrinology
2020Dosimetric Comparison of Four Commercial Patient-Specific Quality Assurance Devices for Helical TomotherapyJOURNAL OF THE KOREAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY
2019Feasibility of hybrid TomoHelical- and TomoDirect-based volumetric gradient matching technique for total body irradiation RADIATION ONCOLOGY
2019Radiotherapy Risk Estimation Based on Expert Group Survey Frontiers in Physics
2019Dosimetric Comparisons of Intensity-Modulated Radiotherapy, Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy, Tomotherapy, Stereotactic Radiosurgery, and Proton Therapy for Treatment of Patients with a Vestibular SchwannomaJOURNAL OF THE KOREAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY