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Metal artifact reduction in kV CT images throughout two-step sequential deep convolutional neural networks by combining multi-modal imaging (MARTIAN)

 Hojin Kim  ;  Sang Kyun Yoo  ;  Dong Wook Kim  ;  Ho Lee  ;  Chae-Seon Hong  ;  Min Cheol Han  ;  Jin Sung Kim 
 SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, Vol.12(1) : 20823, 2022-12 
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Extraterrestrial Environment* ; Mars* ; Multimodal Imaging ; Neural Networks, Computer ; Tomography, X-Ray Computed
This work attempted to construct a new metal artifact reduction (MAR) framework in kilo-voltage (kV) computed tomography (CT) images by combining (1) deep learning and (2) multi-modal imaging, defined as MARTIAN (Metal Artifact Reduction throughout Two-step sequentIAl deep convolutional neural Networks). Most CNNs under supervised learning require artifact-free images to artifact-contaminated images for artifact correction. Mega-voltage (MV) CT is insensitive to metal artifacts, unlike kV CT due to different physical characteristics, which can facilitate the generation of artifact-free synthetic kV CT images throughout the first network (Network 1). The pairs of true kV CT and artifact-free kV CT images after post-processing constructed a subsequent network (Network 2) to conduct the actual MAR process. The proposed framework was implemented by GAN from 90 scans for head-and-neck and brain radiotherapy and validated with 10 independent cases against commercial MAR software. The artifact-free kV CT images following Network 1 and post-processing led to structural similarity (SSIM) of 0.997, and mean-absolute-error (MAE) of 10.2 HU, relative to true kV CT. Network 2 in charge of actual MAR successfully suppressed metal artifacts, relative to commercial MAR, while retaining the detailed imaging information, yielding the SSIM of 0.995 against 0.997 from the commercial MAR.
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