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김진성 [Kim, Jinsung]
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College of Medicine - Dept. of Radiation Oncology
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2019Synthetic CT reconstruction using a deep spatial pyramid convolutional framework for MR-only breast radiotherapy김진성Article
2019MRI super-resolution reconstruction for MRI-guided adaptive radiotherapy using cascaded deep learning: In the presence of limited training data and unknown translation model김진성Article
2019Combining deep-inspiration breath hold and intensity-modulated radiotherapy for gastric mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma: Dosimetric evaluation using comprehensive plan quality indices 김진성, 백종걸, 윤홍인, 최서희Article
2019Clinical Evaluation of Commercial Atlas-Based Auto-Segmentation in the Head and Neck Region 김나리, 김주호, 김진성, 박광우, 이응만, 이호, 장지석Article
2019Skin Dose Comparison of CyberKnife and Helical Tomotherapy for Head-and-Neck Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy 김용배, 김진성, 박광우, 이호Article
2018Optimization of treatment planning workflow and tumor coverage during daily adaptive magnetic resonance image guided radiation therapy (MR-IGRT) of pancreatic cancer 김진성Article
2018Optimal dose reduction algorithm using an attenuation-based tube current modulation method for cone-beam CT imaging 김진성Article
2018Kilovoltage radiotherapy for companion animals: dosimetric comparison of 300 kV, 450 kV, and 6 MV X-ray beams 김진성, 조연아Article
2018A Hybrid Approach to Reduce Cone-Beam Artifacts for a Circular Orbit Cone-Beam CT System김진성Article
2018Efficient Verification of X-ray Target Replacement for the C-series High Energy Linear Accelerator 김진성Article
2018Impact of the Respiratory Motion and Longitudinal Profile on Helical Tomotherapy 김진성, 박광우, 안소현, 이호Article
2018Patient-Specific Quality Assurance in a Multileaf Collimator-Based CyberKnife System Using the Planar Ion Chamber Array 김용배, 김진성, 이응만, 이호Article
2018Practical Implementation of Patient-Specific Quality Assurance for Small and Multiple Brain Tumors in CyberKnife with Fixed Collimators 김용배, 김진성, 박광우, 이응만, 이호Article
2018Acceptance Testing and Commissioning of Robotic Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy M6 System Equipped with InCiseTM2 Multileaf Collimator 김용배, 김진성, 박광우, 이호Article
20173D 프린팅 비압박 유방 팬텀 제작을 위한 복셀 기반 수치 모델에 관한 연구 김진성Article
2017Variable step size methods for solving simultaneous algebraic reconstruction technique (SART)-type cbct reconstructions 김진성Article
2017Generation of polychromatic projection for dedicated breast computed tomography simulation using anthropomorphic numerical phantom. 김진성Article
2017Monte Carlo simulation of secondary neutron dose for scanning proton therapy using FLUKA. 김진성Article
2017Clinical outcomes of multileaf collimator-based CyberKnife for spine stereotactic body radiation therapy금웅섭, 김나리, 김진성, 백종걸, 이창걸, 이호Article
2016Carotid-Sparing TomoHelical 3-Dimensional Conformal Radiotherapy for Early Glottic Cancer. 김진성Article
2016Optimization of Proton CT Detector System and Image Reconstruction Algorithm for On-Line Proton Therapy. 김진성Article
2016Commissioning and Validation of a Dedicated Scanning Nozzle at Samsung Proton Therapy Center 김진성Article
2016Evaluation of quality of life using a tablet PC-based survey in cancer patients treated with radiotherapy: a multi-institutional prospective randomized crossover comparison of paper and tablet PC-based questionnaires (KROG 12-01)김진성Article
2016An efficient iterative CBCT reconstruction approach using gradient projection sparse reconstruction algorithm 김진성Article
2016Half-Fan-Based Intensity-Weighted Region-of-Interest Imaging for Low-Dose Cone-Beam CT in Image-Guided Radiation Therapy 김진성Article
2016Secondary Neutron Dose Measurement for Proton Line Scanning Therapy 김진성Article
2016Secondary cancer-incidence risk estimates for external radiotherapy and high-dose-rate brachytherapy in cervical cancer: phantom study김진성Article
2016Effect of Radiation Therapy Techniques on Outcome in N3-positive IIIB Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Treated with Concurrent Chemoradiotherapy. 김진성Article
2016An Empirical Approach to Dosimetric Effect of Carbon Fiber Couch for Flattening Filter Free Beam of Elekta LINAC 금기창, 김진성, 박광우, 안소현, 이호Article
2015Feasibility Study of the Neutron Dose for Real-time Image-guided Proton Therapy: A Monte Carlo Study김진성Article
2015Development of a 3D optical scanning-based automatic quality assurance system for proton range compensators김진성Article
2015The first private-hospital based proton therapy center in Korea; status of the Proton Therapy Center at Samsung Medical Center 김진성Article
2015A virtual simulator designed for collision prevention in proton therapy김진성Article
2015The Proton Therapy Nozzles at Samsung Medical Center: A Monte Carlo Simulation Study using TOPAS김진성Article
2015Feasibility of using Geant4 Monte Carlo simulation for IMRT dose calculations for the Novalis Tx with a HD-120 multi-leaf collimator김진성Article