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College of Medicine - Dept. of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
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2019Temporal and differential regulation of KAISO-controlled transcription by phosphorylated and acetylated p53 highlights a crucial regulatory role of apoptosis고동인, 김경섭, 허만욱Article
2019Hypoxia-induced RelA/p65 derepresses SLC16A3 (MCT4) by downregulating ZBTB7A고동인, 김경섭, 윤영소, 허만욱Article
2019HIC2, a new transcription activator of SIRT1김경섭, 이승현, 전부남, 허만욱Article
2019Zbtb7c is a critical gluconeogenic transcription factor that induces glucose-6-phosphatase and phosphoenylpyruvate carboxykinase 1 genes expression during mice fasting김경섭, 안용호, 전부남, 허만욱Article
2019Epigenetic Regulation of Dlg1, via Kaiso, Alters Mitotic Spindle Polarity and Promotes Intestinal Tumorigenesis윤영소, 허만욱Article
2019Reciprocal negative regulation between the tumor suppressor protein p53 and B cell CLL/lymphoma 6 (BCL6) via control of caspase-1 expression고동인, 김경섭, 전부남, 허만욱Article
2018SIRT3 deregulation is linked to mitochondrial dysfunction in Alzheimer's disease 허만욱Article
2017Kr-POK (ZBTB7c) regulates cancer cell proliferation through glutamine metabolism전부남, 허만욱Article
2017ZNF509S1 downregulates PUMA by inhibiting p53K382 acetylation and p53-DNA binding김건홍, 김경섭, 전부남, 허만욱Article
2016Role of MIZ-1 in AMELX gene expression고동인, 전부남, 허만욱Article
2016Zbtb7c is a molecular 'off' and 'on' switch of Mmp gene transcription고동인, 김건홍, 김경섭, 전부남, 허만욱Article
2015ZBTB2 increases PDK4 expression by transcriptional repression of RelA/p65 고동인, 김건홍, 김경섭, 김민영, 김세훈, 전부남, 최원일, 허만욱Article
2015Transcriptional activation of APAF1 by KAISO (ZBTB33) and p53 is attenuated by RelA/p65고동인, 전부남, 허만욱Article
2014KAISO, a critical regulator of p53-mediated transcription of CDKN1A and apoptotic genes김민경, 전부남, 최원일, 허만욱Article
2014Role of Promyelocytic Leukemia Zinc Finger (PLZF) in Cell Proliferation and Cyclin-dependent Kinase Inhibitor 1A (p21WAF/CDKN1A) Gene Repression김건홍, 김민영, 전부남, 최원일, 허만욱Article
2014CXXC5 is a transcriptional activator of Flk-1 and mediates bone morphogenic protein-induced endothelial cell differentiation and vessel formation허만욱Article
2014Promyelocytic Leukemia Zinc Finger-Retinoic Acid Receptor α (PLZF-RARα), an Oncogenic Transcriptional Repressor of Cyclin-dependent Kinase Inhibitor 1A (p21WAF/CDKN1A) and Tumor Protein p53 (TP53) Genes김건홍, 김민영, 윤재현, 최원일, 허만욱Article
2014Human Kruppel-related 3 (HKR3) is a novel transcription activator of alternate reading frame (ARF) gene김경섭, 허만욱Article
2014Two ZNF509 (ZBTB49) isoforms induce cell-cycle arrest by activating transcription of p21/CDKN1A and RB upon exposure to genotoxic stress 김민경, 김민영, 윤재현, 전부남, 최원일, 허만욱Article
2013The proto-oncoprotein FBI-1 interacts with MBD3 to recruit the Mi-2/NuRD-HDAC complex and BCoR and to silence p21WAF/CDKN1A by DNA methylation 고동인, 김경섭, 유미영, 윤재현, 전부남, 최원일, 허만욱Article
2013Regulation of the Cyclin-dependent Kinase Inhibitor 1A Gene (CDKN1A) by the Repressor BOZF1 through Inhibition of p53 Acetylation and Transcription Factor Sp1 Binding고동인, 김경섭, 김민경, 전부남, 허만욱Article
2013Kaiso is a key regulator of spleen germinal center formation by repressing Bcl6 expression in splenocytes허만욱Article
2012The proto-oncoprotein KR-POK represses transcriptional activation of CDKN1A by MIZ-1 through competitive binding고동인, 윤재현, 전부남, 최원일, 허만욱Article
2012Kr-pok increases FASN expression by modulating the DNA binding of SREBP-1c and Sp1 at the proximal promoter 고동인, 김민경, 윤재현, 전부남, 최원일, 허만욱Article
2012A unique histone deacetylase inhibitor alters microRNA expression and signal transduction in chemoresistant ovarian cancer cells 허만욱Article
2012KR-POK interacts with p53 and represses its ability to activate transcription of p21WAF1/CDKN1A. 고동인, 김경섭, 김민경, 윤채옥, 전부남, 최원일, 허만욱Article
2011The pleiohomeotic functions as a negative regulator of Drosophila even-skipped gene during embryogenesis전부남, 최원일, 허만욱Article
2010NF-kappaB activation in hypothalamic pro-opiomelanocortin neurons is essential in illness- and leptin-induced anorexia. 허만욱Article
2009ZBTB2, a novel master regulator of the p53 pathway 김명화, 유미영, 윤아름, 윤채옥, 전부남, 최원일, 허만욱Article
2009SOCS1 protects protein tyrosine phosphatases by thioredoxin upregulation and attenuates Jaks to suppress ROS-mediated apoptosis허만욱Article
2009Proto-oncogene FBI-1 represses transcription of p21CIP1 by inhibition of transcription activation by p53 and Sp1 김세훈, 김평환, 윤채옥, 전부남, 최원일, 허만욱Article
2009Eukaryotic translation initiator protein 1A isoform, CCS-3, enhances the transcriptional repression of p21CIP1 by proto-oncogene FBI-1 (Pokemon/ZBTB7A).김유리, 유미영, 전부남, 최원일, 허만욱Article
2009A novel POK family transcription factor, ZBTB5, represses transcription of p21CIP1 gene. 윤채옥, 전부남, 최원일, 허만욱Article
2008Proto-oncogene FBI-1 (Pokemon/ZBTB7A) represses transcription of the tumor suppressor Rb gene via binding competition with Sp1 and recruitment of co-repressors 유정윤, 윤호근, 전부남, 최원일, 허만욱Article
2008Proto-oncogene FBI-1 (Pokemon) and SREBP-1 synergistically activate transcription of fatty-acid synthase gene (FASN). 김경섭, 김명화, 김연숙, 김유리, 박혜진, 유정윤, 전부남, 최원일, 허만욱Article
2007Regulation of Pokemon 1 activity by sumoylation김유진, 노희은, 유미영, 전부남, 최원일, 허만욱Article
2007Pharmacokinetics of GST-TatdMt, a recombinant fusion protein possessing potent anti-obesity activity, in Mice허만욱Article
2007New Fast BiFC Plasmid Assay System for in Vivo Protein-Protein Interactions김명화, 노희은, 허만욱Article
2006Regulation of GLUT4 gene expression by SREBP-1c in adipocytes 김경섭, 안용호, 허만욱Article
2005FBI-1 Enhances Transcription of the Nuclear Factor-κB (NF-κB)-responsive E-selectin Gene by Nuclear Localization of the p65 Subunit of NF-κB 김명화, 김정민, 박혜진, 이동기, 허만욱Article
2005Transcriptional Activity of Sp1 Is Regulated by Molecular Interactions between the Zinc Finger DNA Binding Domain and the Inhibitory Domain with Corepressors, and This Interaction Is Modulated by MEK 이민영, 전부남, 허만욱Article
2005Histone deacetylase-1 represses transcription by interacting with zinc-fingers and interfering with the DNA binding activity of Sp1김명화, 박혜진, 이정안, 허만욱Article
2005Dose-linear pharmacokinetics, tissue distribution, and excretion of a recombinant fusion protein 125I-GST-TatdMt possessing potent anti-obesity activity허만욱Article
2005Artificial Zinc Finger Fusions Targeting Sp1-binding Sites and the trans-Activator-responsive Element Potently Repress Transcription and Replication of HIV-1 김정민, 정득림, 허만욱Article
2002Daunomycin binding to deoxypolynucleotides with alternating sequences: complete thermodynamic profiles of heterogeneous binding sites.허만욱Article
2002Activation of dynamin I gene expression by Sp1 and Sp3 is required for neuronal differentiation of N1E-115 cells. 허만욱Article
2002Comparative binding of antitumor drugs to DNA containing the telomere repeat sequence. 허만욱Article
2002Zeste maintains repression of Ubx transgenes: support for a new model of Polycomb repression 허만욱Article
2001Temporal and spatial regulation of a gene expression by the spatial arrangement of the cis-elements at proximal promoter region in vivo.허만욱Article
2001형질전환 생쥐에서 인간 혹스 조절인자에 의해 유도된 리포터 transgene의 역동적 발현패턴권윤정, 김명희, 박형우, 신재승, 허만욱Article