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Regulation of the Cyclin-dependent Kinase Inhibitor 1A Gene (CDKN1A) by the Repressor BOZF1 through Inhibition of p53 Acetylation and Transcription Factor Sp1 Binding

 Min-Kyeong Kim ; Bu-Nam Jeon ; Man-Wook Hur ; Chae-Ok Yun ; So-Yoon Park ; Kyung-Sup Kim ; Dong-In Koh 
 Journal of Biological Chemistry, Vol.288(10) : 7053~7064, 2013 
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 Journal of Biological Chemistry 
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The human POZ domain and Krüppel-like zinc finger (POK) family proteins play important roles in the regulation of apoptosis, cell proliferation, differentiation, development, oncogenesis, and tumor suppression. A novel POK family transcription factor, BTB/POZ and zinc finger domains factor on chromosome 1 (BOZF-1; also called ZBTB8A), contains a POZ domain and two C2H2-type Krüppel-like zinc fingers and is localized at nuclear speckles. Compared with paired normal tissues, BOZF1 expression is increased in cancer tissues of the prostate, breast, and cervix. BOZF1 repressed the transcription of p21WAF/CDKN1A by acting on the proximal promoter concentrated with Sp1-binding GC boxes. BOZF1 competed with Sp1 in binding to GC boxes 1-5/6 of the CDKN1A proximal promoter. In addition, BOZF1 interacted with p53 and decreased the acetylation of p53 by p300, which reduced the DNA binding activity of p53 at the far distal p53-binding element. BOZF1 blocked the two major molecular events that are important in both constitutive and inducible transcription activation of CDKN1A. BOZF1 is unique in that it bound to all the proximal GC boxes to repress transcription, and it inhibited p53 acetylation without affecting p53 stability. BOZF1 might be a novel proto-oncoprotein that stimulates cell proliferation.
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