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2015Evaluation of a Rapid Immunochromatographic Treponemal Antibody Test Comparing the Treponema Pallidum Particle Agglutination Assay김현숙, 이민걸, 이종한Article
2012Reference ranges for HE4 and CA125 in a large Asian population by automated assays and diagnostic performances for ovarian cancer.김윤정, 김현숙, 박용정, 이은영, 이종한Article
2011Carbapenem-non-susceptible Acinetobacter baumannii of sequence type 92 or its single-locus variants with a G428T substitution in zone 2 of the rpoB gene 배일권, 이경원, 이양순, 이종한, 정석훈Article
2011Diagnostic performances of HE4 and CA125 for the detection of ovarian cancer from patients with various gynecologic and non-gynecologic diseases.김현숙, 박용정, 이종한Article
2011Impact of hepatitis B virus (HBV) x gene mutations on hepatocellular carcinoma development in chronic HBV infection 김현숙, 박전한, 이재면, 이종한, 한광협Article
2010Correlation between quantitative serum HBsAg and HBV DNA test in Korean patients who showed high level of HBsAg.김수정, 김현숙, 박용정, 안상훈, 이종한Article
2010Identification of adenovirus, influenza virus, parainfluenza virus, and respiratory syncytial virus by two kinds of multiplex polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and a shell vial culture in pediatric patients with viral pneumonia 김동수, 김현숙, 박용정, 이종한, 최종락Article
2010New automated hepatitis C virus (HCV) core antigen assay as an alternative to real-time PCR for HCV RNA quantification 김도영, 김범석, 김현숙, 박용정, 이종한, 한광협Article
2010False-positive rate of a "fourth-generation" HIV antigen/antibody combination assay in an area of low HIV prevalence. 김신영, 김준명, 김현숙, 이종한, 최준용Article
2010국내 B형 간염에 의한 간암 초기 환자에서의 혈장 DNA p53 유전자 Arg72Pro 다형성 및 exon 7 codon 249 돌연변이 김현숙, 박용정, 이종한Article
2010Comparisons of three automated systems for genomic DNA extraction in a clinical diagnostic laboratory 김현숙, 박용정, 이종한, 최종락Article
2010Evaluation of three automated enzyme immunoassays for detection of anti-cyclic citrullinated peptide antibodies in qualitative and quantitative aspects 김신영, 김정호, 김현숙, 이종한Article
2009Detection of a novel CBFB/MYH11 variant fusion transcript (K-type) showing partial insertion of exon 6 of CBFB gene using two commercially available multiplex RT-PCR kits박태성, 송재우, 이경아, 이승태, 이종한, 최종락Article
2009Concomitant isochromosome 17q and trisomy 14 in a patient with myelodysplastic syndrome in leukemic transformation김진석, 박태성, 송재우, 양우익, 이종한, 최종락Article
2009Establishing a surveillance network for severe lower respiratory tract infections in Korean infants and young children.김동수, 김현숙, 이종한Article
2008MLL rearrangement with t(6;11)(q15;q23) as a sole abnormality in a patient with de novo acute myeloid leukemia: conventional cytogenetics, FISH, and multicolor FISH analyses for detection of rare MLL-related chromosome abnormalities.박태성, 송재우, 이경아, 이상국, 이승태, 이종한, 최종락Article