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김한수 [Kim, Han Soo]
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College of Medicine : Dept. of Laboratory Medicine
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2015 PSA-NCAM-negative neural crest cells emerging during neural induction of pluripotent stem cells cause mesodermal tumors and unwanted grafts 김동욱, 김한수, 박상현, 박철용, 유정은, 이동진, 이재석, 이준원, 지은현
2014 Highly fluorescent conjugated polyelectrolyte for protein sensing and cell-compatible chemosensing applications 김한수, 김현옥, 허준석
2014 Metabolomic approaches to the normal aging process 김한수, 박성하
2013 Duration of in vitro storage affects the key stem cell features of human bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stromal cells for clinical transplantation 김한수, 김현옥
2013 Stem cells as promising therapeutic options for neurological disorders 김한수
2013 Neural transdifferentiation of human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells on hydrophobic polymer-modified surface and therapeutic effects in an animal model of ischemic stroke 김현옥, 최성미, 김은해, 김한수
2013 Mesenchymal stem cell-derived secretome and microvesicles as a cell-free therapeutics for neurodegenerative disorders 김한수, 김현옥, 최성미
2013 The Genetically Modified Polysialylated Form of Neural Cell Adhesion Molecule-Positive Cells for Potential Treatment of X-Linked Adrenoleukodystrophy 강준원, 강훈철, 김한수, 장지호
2013 Noninvasive photodetachment of stem cells on tunable conductive polymer nano thin films: selective harvesting and preserved differentiation capacity 김한수, 김현옥
2013 ABCD2 Is a Direct Target of β-Catenin and TCF-4: Implications for X-Linked Adrenoleukodystrophy Therapy 김동욱, 김한수, 박철용, 유정은, 이동진, 이재석, 이현지, 장지호
2012 A randomized trial of mesenchymal stem cells in multiple system atrophy 김한수, 정준원, 김현옥, 남정모, 남효석, 박해정, 손영호, 이종두, 이지은, 김동준, 이필휴
2012 Disease-specific induced pluripotent stem cells: a platform for human disease modeling and drug discovery. 김한수, 장지호, 허용준, 강훈철, 김대성, 유정은, 김동욱, 이동진, 김지영, 이정아
2012 Adiponectin induces dendritic cell activation via PLCγ/JNK/NF-κB pathways, leading to Th1 and Th17 polarization 김한수
2012 Proteomic analysis of microvesicles derived from human mesenchymal stem cells 김동욱, 김한수, 최성미
2012 Highly pure and expandable PSA-NCAM-positive neural precursors from human ESC and iPSC-derived neural rosettes 김한수, 남택상, 임중우, 장지호, 조성래, 강훈철, 김대성, 김동욱
2011 Selective Depletion of SSEA-3- and TRA-1-60-Positive Undifferentiated Human Embryonic Stem Cells by Magnetic Activated Cell Sorter (MACS) 김동욱, 김한수, 김현옥, 장지호
2011 Aging-Associated Decline in Innate Immunity and Therapeutic Strategies to Counteract It 김한수, 김현옥, 박성하
2011 In vivo hepatic differentiation potential of human cord blood-derived mesenchymal stem cells 김한수, 김현옥, 김신영
2011 Comparison of endothelial progenitor cells in Parkinson's disease patients treated with levodopa and levodopa/COMT inhibitor. 남효석, 손영호, 이필휴, 김한수, 김현옥
2011 Serum cytokine profiles in healthy young and elderly population assessed using multiplexed bead-based immunoassays. 김한수, 김현옥, 박성하, 윤종찬
2011 Induced pluripotent stem cell models from X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy patients 이지원, 임보영, 장지호, 허용준, 강훈철, 김대성, 김동욱, 김지영, 김한수, 유정은, 이정아
2011 Immunotherapy of malignant melanoma with tumor lysate-pulsed autologous monocyte-derived dendritic cells 김한수, 김현옥, 이민걸, 이종두, 제정환, 조영훈
2011 Protein coverage on polymer nanolayers leading to mesenchymal stem cell patterning 김한수, 김현옥
2010 Two-step maturation of immature DCs with proinflammatory cytokine cocktail and poly(I:C) enhances migratory and T cell stimulatory capacity 김형진, 백은정, 김한수, 김현옥
2010 Behavioral improvement after transplantation of neural precursors derived from embryonic stem cells into the globally ischemic brain of adolescent rats 김흥동, 이진성, 강훈철, 김대성, 김동욱, 김지영, 김한수
2010 Enhanced Neovascularization by Simultaneous Transplantation of Peripheral Blood CD34+ Hematopoietic Stem Cells and CD14+ Monocytes 김한수, 김현옥, 송시영, 이지은
2010 Fast and Efficient Isolation of Mouse Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells by Using a Biocompatible Polymer 김한수, 김현옥
2010 Robust enhancement of neural differentiation from human ES and iPS cells regardless of their innate difference in differentiation propensity 김대성, 김동욱, 김지영, 김한수, 임중우
2010 골수처리키트 내 잔존하는 골수세포로부터 중간엽줄기세포의 분리 김신영, 김한수, 김현옥
2009 A fluorescent polymer for patterning of mesenchymal stem cells 김한수, 김현옥
2009 Trima Accel® 의 Leukoreduction Chamber 내 단핵세포의 성상분석과 수지상세포의 분화유도 김신영, 김한수, 김현옥, 백은정, 이승태, 이양순
2009 Stroma-free mass production of clinical-grade red blood cells (RBCs) by using poloxamer 188 as an RBC survival enhancer 김현옥, 김한수
2009 인간배아줄기세포와 기형종: 전분화능의 증거와 조직공학 리서치 툴로서의 가치 김한수
2008 Post-thaw viable CD34(+) cell count is a valuable predictor of haematopoietic stem cell engraftment in autologous peripheral blood stem cell transplantation. 김신영, 김한수, 김현옥, 백은정
2008 In vitro clinical-grade generation of red blood cells from human umbilical cord blood CD34+ cells 김신영, 김한수, 김현옥, 백은정
2008 Generation of functionally mature dendritic cells from elutriated monocytes using polyinosinic : polycytidylic acid and soluble CD40 ligand for clinical application 김신영, 김한수, 김현옥, 이경원
2007 Magnetic poly epsilon-caprolactone nanoparticles containing Fe3O4 and gemcitabine enhance anti-tumor effect in pancreatic cancer xenograft mouse model 김한수, 송시영
2007 고위험군 소아 신경모세포종에서의 말초혈액 자가 조혈모세포 이식술을 동반한 고용량 화학요법 김신영, 김한수, 김현옥, 백은정, 유철주
2007 Monocyte enrichment from leukapheresis products by using the Elutra cell separator 백은정, 이민걸, 김신영, 김한수, 김현옥
2006 Enhancement of antitumor immunity of dendritic cells pulsed with heat-treated tumor lysate in murine pancreatic cancer 김한수, 방승민, 송시영
2006 Differences in immune cells engaged in cell-mediated immunity after chemotherapy for far advanced pancreatic cancer 김한수, 박승우, 방승민, 송시영, 정재복
2006 The farnesyltransferase inhibitor, LB42708, inhibits growth and induces apoptosis irreversibly in H-ras and K-ras-transformed rat intestinal epithelial cells 김한수, 송시영
2005 Isolation of Endothelial Progenitor Cells from Cord Blood and Induction of Differentiation by Ex Vivo Expansion 김한수, 김현옥, 송경순
2005 null 김선아, 김한수, 김호근, 박병규, 박수빈, 김창우, 노성훈, 문정, 박승우, 송시영, 형우진
2004 Differences in genetic expression profiles between young-age and old-age gastric adenocarcinoma using cDNA microarray for endocrine disruptor study 김한수, 노성훈, 박승우, 송시영, 정재복, 정혜원, 형우진
2004 Strategies to Improve Dendritic Cell-based Immunotherapy against Cancer 김한수, 송시영
2003 Ex Vivo Expansion of Human Umbilical Cord Blood CD34+ Cells in a Collagen Bead—Containing 3-Dimensional Culture System 김한수, 김현옥, 민유홍, 유철주
2003 Identification of a ligand for gluticorticoid-induced tumor necrosis receptor constitutively expressed in dendritic cells 김한수, 송시영
2002 위암 조직에서 Integrin α5, α6, αV, β1, β3, β4 아단위의 발현 정재복, 강진경, 김한수, 김현욱, 노성훈, 박승우, 송시영, 신율
2002 Altered Expression of Lewis Antigen on Tissue and Erythrocytes in Gastric Cancer Patients 김한수, 김현옥, 김호근, 노성훈