2. Thesis

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Issue DateTitleYonsei Author(s)Type
2018Systematic Evaluation of Variants Linked to Hearing Loss using Minor Allele Frequency and Prediction Tools 이준석thesis
2017The role of local translation in axon survival induced by wldS and sarm1 장정임thesis
2017Knockdown of RPL9 expression inhibits colorectal carcinoma growth via the inactivation of Id-1/NF-κB signaling axis 백인혜thesis
2018위암 천공으로 인한 복막염에서 수술 전 위암 진단 여부가 위암의 단기 및 장기 예후에 미치는 영향 방휘재thesis
2018Sex differences in insomnia symptom : a population-based study 나윤경thesis
2018Extensive disease subtypes in adult patients with ulcerative colitis : outcomes and predicting factors 신동석thesis
2018(A) comparison of one-stage transanal endorectal pull-through and Duhamel pull-through operations for Hirschsprung’s disease 차치환thesis
2018Large discrepancy between unobserved automated office blood pressure and ambulatory blood pressure in a high cardiovascular risk cohort 서지원thesis
2018Neuroplastic changes in insular cortex induce neuropathic pain like behavior 윤민식thesis
2018Pain-relieving effects of the mTOR inhibitor in the anterior cingulate cortex of neuropathic rats 엄선우thesis
2018Investigation of cellular functions of ADCK4 and its relation to nephrotic syndrome 유세영thesis
2018Identification of novel genes associated with progression of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease(NAFLD) 한지윤thesis
2018Evolution and persistence of the resistance-associated substitutions of hepatitis C virus after direct-acting antivirals treatment failures 정예찬thesis
2018Induction of oligodendrogenesis with OCT4 to alleviate dysmyelination in a transgenic mouse model of Huntington's disease 김민지thesis
2018Role of c-Myb in the regulation of natural killer cell activity 신희욱thesis
2018Inhibition of fatty acid amide hydrolase in the insular cortex produces analgesic effects in neuropathic rats 김민지thesis
2018HGF overexpression as a potential predictive marker of MET inhibitor in gastric cancer 김현정thesis
2018담화과제에 기반한 노년층 어휘조사 : 어휘 출현율과 중복도 한서영thesis
2018중증도에 따른 의사소통 상황별 어휘 : 실어증 입원 환자의 보호자 보고를 중심으로 지혜thesis
2018뇌졸중 환자의 삼킴장애지수(DHI)와 관련 변인 분석 김한결thesis