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College of Medicine - Dept. of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine

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2019Insertion depth of nasotracheal tubes sized to fit the nostril: an observational study김현주, 박윤곤, 윤순영, 이보라Article
2017Determination of the appropriate oropharyngeal airway size in adults: Assessment using ventilation and an endoscopic view김신형, 김현주, 민지영, 박윤곤Article
2017Intralipid Restoration of Myocardial Contractions Following Bupivacaine-Induced Asystole: Concentration- and Time-Dependence In Vitro민나현, 박윤곤Article
2016Determination of the appropriate sizes of oropharyngeal airways in adults: correlation with external facial measurements: A randomised crossover study김신형, 김현주, 민나현, 박윤곤Article
2015Deep neuromuscular block improves the surgical conditions for laryngeal microsurgery 고윤우, 김원식, 김현주, 박윤곤, 서영욱, 유영철, 이기영, 이보라, 주형민Article
2014Sex differences in remifentanil requirements for preventing cough during anesthetic emergence. 강상욱, 박윤곤, 소사라, 이보라, 이정림Article
2014Successful management of a patient with massive vocal fold granuloma with transglottal jet ventilation. 김지은, 박윤곤, 선종민Article
2014An assessment of oropharyngeal airway position using a fibreoptic bronchoscope강병찬, 김신형, 김지은, 박윤곤, 허상백Article
2013Usefulness of a Cook® airway exchange catheter in laryngeal mask airway-guided fiberoptic intubation in a neonate with Pierre Robin syndrome -A case report- 김지은, 박윤곤, 소사라, 최은경Article
2012Smooth emergence in men undergoing nasal surgery: the effect site concentration of remifentanil for preventing cough after sevoflurane-balanced anaesthesia박윤곤, 소사라, 이정림, 최승호Article
2012Ionic mechanisms of desflurane on prolongation of action potential duration in rat ventricular myocytes 박윤곤, 안덕선, 채지은Article
2010Cardioprotection via modulation of calcium homeostasis by thiopental in hypoxia-reoxygenated neonatal rat cardiomyocytes 박윤곤, 황기철Article
2010Effects of propofol on beta-adrenoceptor-mediated signal transduction in cardiac muscle; role of Camp 박윤곤, 장철호Article
2010Caudal analgesia reduces the sevoflurane requirement for LMA removal in anesthetized children 박윤곤, 이민휘, 이정림Article
2009Phosphodiesterase inhibition by naloxone augments the inotropic actions of beta-adrenergic stimulat박윤곤, 안덕선, 장철호Article
2009Effects of Desflurane-Induced Preconditioning Following Ischemia-Reperfusion on Modulation of Calcium Homeostasis in Rat Heart 박윤곤, 윤경봉Article
2008Artemin activates axonal growth via SFK and ERK-dependent signalling pathways in mature dorsal root ganglia neurons.박윤곤Article
2008척추 수술 후 오심 및 구토의 고위험군 환자에서 Ramosetron과 Ondansetron의 효과 비교 곽영란, 박윤곤, 심재광, 최용선Article
2008Effect of propofol on calcium homeostasis in hypoxia-reoxygenated neonatal rat cardiomyocytes김현수, 박윤곤, 장우철, 황기철Article
2007Electrophysiologic mechanism underlying action potential prolongation by sevoflurane in rat ventricular myocytes 박윤곤, 안덕선, 채지은Article
2007Myocardial depressant effects of desflurane: Mechanical and electrophysiologic actions in vitro 박윤곤, 안덕선, 정남식, 채지은Article
2007에피네프린 국소 침윤 후 발생한 급성 고혈압 시 베타 차단제 투여 후에 발생한 급성 심부전 김종훈, 박윤곤, 이성진, 이지연Article
2006흡입마취제인 Sevoflurane의 QT interval 연장 효과에 대한 전기생리학적인 연구: 쥐 심실근 세포의 K+ 전류에 미치는 영향 김종훈, 민경태, 박윤곤Article
2006전신마취하 유양골삭개술시의 혈중 ADH (antidiuretic hormone)의 변화 길혜금, 박윤곤Article
2006흡입마취제인 desflurane의 심실근세포에서의 활동전위 연장 효과에 대한 전기생리학적인 연구 김종훈, 민경태, 박윤곤, 배선준Article
2004선천성 Long QT 증후군 환자의 마취관리 강원철, 구본녀, 길혜금, 박윤곤Article
2004마취유도제인 Thiopental이 쥐 심실근 세포의 Transient Outward Current (Ito) 및 Inwardly Rectifying K+ Current (Ik1)에 미치는 영향 박윤곤, 윤경봉Article
2004Nasotracheal intubation in an infant with Pierre Robin syndrome using two fibreoptic bronchoscopes of different diameter구본녀, 김기준, 민경태, 박윤곤, 유대현Article
2004Direct myocardial depressant effect of naloxone: Mechanical and electrophysiological actions in vitro김기준, 박윤곤, 정남식Article
2003Direct myocardial depressant effect of methylmethacrylate monomer 박윤곤Article
2003Radial Nerve Paralysis due to Kent Retractor during Upper Abdominal Operation 김기준, 박윤곤Article
2002개구가 어려운 소아에서 성인 및 소아용 굴곡성 기관지경 두가지를 이용한 경비 기관내 삽관 구본녀, 김기준, 민경태, 박윤곤, 박형식, 유대현Article
2001미세 시간 조절 기능을 가진 경기관 Jet 환기기의 개발 및 기관 : 폐 모델을 이용한 평가 길혜금, 김덕원, 박윤곤Article