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Myocardial depressant effects of desflurane: Mechanical and electrophysiologic actions in vitro

 Wyun Kon Park  ;  Myung Hee Kim  ;  Carl Lynch III  ;  Namsik Chung  ;  Young Seok Jee  ;  Jee Eun Chae  ;  Duck Sun Ahn 
 Anesthesiology, Vol.106(5) : 956-966, 2007 
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BACKGROUND: The authors determined whether desflurane altered myocardial excitation-contraction coupling and electrophysiologic behavior in the same manner as isoflurane and sevoflurane. METHODS: The effects of desflurane on isometric force in guinea pig ventricular papillary muscles were studied in modified standard and in 26 mM K(+) Tyrode solution with 0.1 microm isoproterenol. Desflurane effects on sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca(2+) release were also determined by examining its actions on rat papillary muscles, guinea pig papillary muscles in low-Na(+) Tyrode solution, and rapid cooling contractures. Normal and slow action potentials were recorded using a conventional microelectrode technique. Ca(2+) and K(+) currents of guinea pig ventricular myocytes were examined. RESULTS: Desflurane (5.3% and 11.6%) decreased peak force to approximately 70% and 40% of the baseline, respectively, similar to the effects of equianesthetic isoflurane concentrations. With isoproterenol in 26 mM K(+) Tyrode solution, desflurane markedly depressed late peaking force and modestly depressed early peak force. The rested state contractions of rat myocardium or guinea pig myocardium in low-Na(+) Tyrode solution were modestly depressed, whereas rapid cooling contractures were virtually abolished after desflurane administration. Desflurane significantly prolonged the action potential duration. Desflurane reduced L-type Ca(2+) current and the delayed outward K(+) current but did not alter the inward rectifier K(+) current. CONCLUSIONS: Myocardial depression by desflurane is due to decreased Ca(2+) influx, whereas depolarization-activated sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca(2+) release is modestly depressed, similar to the actions of isoflurane and sevoflurane. Desflurane depressed the delayed outward K(+) current associated with significant lengthening of cardiac action potentials.
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