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Electrophysiologic mechanism underlying action potential prolongation by sevoflurane in rat ventricular myocytes

 Jee Eun Chae  ;  Duck Sun Ahn  ;  Wyun Kon Park  ;  Carl Lynch III  ;  Myung Hee Kim 
 ANESTHESIOLOGY, Vol.107(1) : 67-74, 2007 
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Despite prolongation of the QTc interval in humans during sevoflurane anesthesia, little is known about the mechanisms that underlie these actions. In rat ventricular myocytes, the effect of sevoflurane on action potential duration and underlying electrophysiologic mechanisms were investigated.
The action potential was measured by using a current clamp technique. The transient outward K current was recorded during depolarizing steps from -80 mV, followed by brief depolarization to -40 mV and then depolarization up to +60 mV. The voltage dependence of steady state inactivation was determined by using a standard double-pulse protocol. The sustained outward current was obtained by addition of 5 mm 4-aminopyridine. The inward rectifier K current was recorded from a holding potential of -40 mV before their membrane potential was changed from -130 to 0 mV. Sevoflurane actions on L-type Ca current were also obtained.
Sevoflurane prolonged action potential duration, whereas the amplitude and resting membrane potential remained unchanged. The peak transient outward K current at +60 mV was reduced by 18 +/- 2% (P < 0.05) and 24 +/- 2% (P < 0.05) by 0.35 and 0.7 mm sevoflurane, respectively. Sevoflurane had no effect on the sustained outward current. Whereas 0.7 mm sevoflurane did not shift the steady state inactivation curve, it accelerated the current inactivation (P < 0.05). The inward rectifier K current at -130 mV was little altered by 0.7 mm sevoflurane. L-type Ca current was reduced by 28 +/- 3% (P < 0.05) and 33 +/- 1% (P < 0.05) by 0.35 and 0.7 mm sevoflurane, respectively.
Action potential prolongation by clinically relevant concentrations of sevoflurane is due to the suppression of transient outward K current in rat ventricular myocytes.
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