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Kim, Won Joo [김원주]
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College of Medicine (의과대학) - Dept. of Neurology (신경과학교실)
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2021Weekend catch-up sleep and depression: results from a nationally representative sample in KoreaSLEEP MEDICINE
2021Impact of Insomnia Symptoms on the Clinical Presentation of Depressive Symptoms: A Cross-Sectional Population Study FRONTIERS IN NEUROLOGY
2021Vascular endothelial growth factor receptor-3 regulates astroglial glutamate transporter-1 expression via mTOR activation in reactive astrocytes following pilocarpine-induced status epilepticusGLIA
2020뇌전증지속상태로 발현한 신경매독 Journal of the Korean Neurological Association (대한신경과학회지)
2020Family cohesion is differently associated with felt stigma depending on enacted stigma in adults with epilepsyEPILEPSY & BEHAVIOR
2020Sex differences in the association between chronotype and risk of depression SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
2020Central Nervous System Infection-Related Isolated Hippocampal Atrophy as Another Subtype of Medial Temporal Lobe Epilepsy with Hippocampal Atrophy: A Comparison to Conventional Medial Temporal Lobe Epilepsy with Hippocampal Atrophy JOURNAL OF CLINICAL NEUROLOGY
2020Withanolide-A treatment exerts a neuroprotective effect via inhibiting neuroinflammation in the hippocampus after pilocarpine-induced status epilepticusEPILEPSY RESEARCH
2020국내 노인인구에서 도시와 지방 지역에 따른 수면 실태 조사 Journal of Sleep Medicine
2020Gender Differences Influence Over Insomnia in Korean Population: A Cross-Sectional Study PLOS ONE
2019Genetic Characteristics of Non-Familial Epilepsy PEERJ
2019Self-reported insomnia as a marker for anxiety and depression among migraineurs: a population-based cross-sectional studySCIENTIFIC REPORTS
2019Excessive Daytime Sleepiness in Tension-Type Headache: A Population Study FRONTIERS IN NEUROLOGY
2019Sirtuin3 Protected Against Neuronal Damage and Cycled into Nucleus in Status Epilepticus ModelMolecular Neurobiology
2019Status epilepticus due to cerebral air embolism after the Valsalva maneuver Journal of Neurocritical Care
2019Prevalence and Characteristics of Restless Legs Syndrome in Korean Adults: A Study in Two Independent Samples of the General PopulationNeuroepidemiology
2019High risk of obstructive sleep apnea, insomnia, and daytime sleepiness among commercial motor vehicle driversSLEEP AND BREATHING
2018Increased expression of WNK3 in dispersed granule cells in hippocampal sclerosis of mesial temporal lobe epilepsy patientsEPILEPSY RESEARCH
2018Impact of migraine on the clinical presentation of insomnia: a population-based study JOURNAL OF HEADACHE AND PAIN
2018Insufficient Sleep in Tension-Type Headache: A Population Study JOURNAL OF CLINICAL NEUROLOGY
2018Increased Superoxide Dismutase 2 by Allopregnanolone Ameliorates ROS-Mediated Neuronal Death in Mice with Pilocarpine-Induced Status EpilepticusNEUROCHEMICAL RESEARCH
2018Short sleep duration and poor sleep quality among migraineurs: A population-based studyCEPHALALGIA
2018탈수초질환 환자에서 발생한 돌발구음장애-실조 Journal of the Korean Neurological Association (대한신경과학회지)
2018Prevalence, sleep characteristics, and comorbidities in a population at high risk for obstructive sleep apnea: A nationwide questionnaire study in South Korea PLOS ONE
2017Insufficient sleep is prevalent among migraineurs: a population-based study JOURNAL OF HEADACHE AND PAIN
2017Fundamental requirements for performing electroencephalography Journal of the Korean Society for Clinical Neurophysiology (대한임상신경생리학회지)
2017Anxiety and depression in probable migraine: A population-based studyCEPHALALGIA
2017Electroencephalography for the diagnosis of brain death Journal of the Korean Society for Clinical Neurophysiology (대한임상신경생리학회지)
2017Restless legs syndrome and tension-type headache: a population-based study JOURNAL OF HEADACHE AND PAIN
2017Association Between Weekend Catch-up Sleep and Lower Body Mass: Population-Based StudySLEEP
2017Insomnia in tension-type headache: a population-based study JOURNAL OF HEADACHE AND PAIN
2017Sleep characteristics associated with drowsy drivingSLEEP MEDICINE
2017Trafficking patterns of NMDA and GABAA receptors in a Mg2+-free cultured hippocampal neuron model of status epilepticusEPILEPSY RESEARCH
2017Dural Arteriovenous Fistula Manifested as Rapid Progressive Dementia Successfully Treated by Endovascular Embolization Only Neurointervention
2017단독 연수막 신경사르코이드증 Journal of the Korean Neurological Association
2016Anxiety and Depression in Tension-Type Headache: A Population-Based Study PLOS ONE
2016Excessive daytime sleepiness is associated with an exacerbation of migraine: A population-based study JOURNAL OF HEADACHE AND PAIN
2016Insomnia in probable migraine: a population-based study JOURNAL OF HEADACHE AND PAIN
2016Associations of impaired sleep quality, insomnia, and sleepiness with epilepsy: A questionnaire-based case-control studyEPILEPSY & BEHAVIOR
2016Habitual Sleep Duration, Unmet Sleep Need, and Excessive Daytime Sleepiness in Korean Adults JOURNAL OF CLINICAL NEUROLOGY
2016Factors contributing to the development of perceived stigma in people with newly diagnosed epilepsy: A one-year longitudinal studyEPILEPSY & BEHAVIOR
2016단일기관에서의 단순헤르페스바이러스 2형 수막염의임상특성 Journal of the Korean Neurological Association
2015Association of knowledge about epilepsy with mood and self-efficacy in Korean people with epilepsyEPILEPSY & BEHAVIOR
2015GWAS identifies two susceptibility loci for lamotrigine-induced skin rash in patients with epilepsyEPILEPSY RESEARCH
2014경두개 도플러초음파 박동성지수와 대뇌백질 고강도신호 병변과의 관련성 Journal of Neurosonology (신경초음파학회지)
2014Cilostazol Decreases Cerebral Arterial Pulsatility in Patients with Mild White Matter Hyperintensities: Subgroup Analysis from the Effect of Cilostazol in Acute Lacunar Infarction Based on Pulsatility Index of Transcranial Doppler (ECLIPse) StudyCEREBROVASCULAR DISEASES
2014Human fetal brain-derived neural stem/progenitor cells grafted into the adult epileptic brain restrain seizures in rat models of temporal lobe epilepsy PLOS ONE
2014척수 혹은 경막외 마취 후 발생한 화학적 수막염 Journal of Neurocritical Care
2014Effect of Androsterone after Pilocarpine-induced Status Epilepticus in Mice Journal of Epilepsy Research
2013Genetic Variations of ABCC2 Gene Associated with Adverse Drug Reactions to Valproic Acid in Korean Epileptic Patients Genomics & Informatics