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Kim, Hee Soon [김희순]
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College of Nursing (간호대학) - Dept. of Nursing (간호학과)
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2019What Are the Barriers at Home and School to Healthy Eating?: Overweight/Obese Child and Parent Perspectives JOURNAL OF NURSING RESEARCH
2019Healthcare Transition Readiness, Family Support, and Self-management Competency in Korean Emerging Adults with Type 1 Diabetes MellitusJOURNAL OF PEDIATRIC NURSING-NURSING CARE OF CHILDREN & FAMILIES
2019신생아집중치료실 미숙아 부모의 자율면회 방문 현황과 부모 스트레스와의 상관관계 Child Health Nursing Research
2019The Effect of a Parental Visitation Program on Emergence Delirium Among Postoperative Children in the PACUJournal of Perianesthesia Nursing
2019제1형 당뇨병 청소년의 자기관리 영향요인: 정보-동기-행동기술 모델을 기반으로 Child Health Nursing Research
2019Impact of the mother-nurse partnership programme on mother and infant outcomes in paediatric cardiac intensive care unitINTENSIVE AND CRITICAL CARE NURSING
2018Family management of childhood atopic dermatitisJOURNAL OF ADVANCED NURSING
2017Influencing Factors on Health-Promoting Lifestyle and Health Related Quality of Life among Adolescents: A Path Analysis Based on the Health Promotion Model International Journal of Nursing
2017저소득가정 비만아동의 신체활동 증진 장애요인 : 지역아동센터 이용 아동을 중심으로 Journal of Korean Public Health Nursing (한국보건간호학회지)
2017Efficacy of Bone-Anchored Hearing Aids in Single-Sided Deafness: A Systematic ReviewOTOLOGY & NEUROTOLOGY
2017Self-Management Behaviors of Children With Spina BifidaJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE NURSING
2016아토피피부염 환아의 중증도에 따른 가족관리방식의 비교 Child Health Nursing Research
2016뇌전증 아동 부모의 양육스트레스 영향요인 분석 Child Health Nursing Research
2016Factors Affecting Maternal Coping in Korean Mothers of Children with Cancer Open Journal of Nursing
2016Needs assessment for master of nursing programs among Bangladesh nursesINTERNATIONAL NURSING REVIEW
2016Parent Involvement Intervention in Developing Weight Management Skills for both Parents and Overweight/Obese Children ASIAN NURSING RESEARCH
2015간호교육자가 인지한 국내 간호학생들을 위한 국제보건 핵심역량 Journal of Korean Academic Society of Nursing Education (한국간호교육학회지)
2015간호학생의 학업지속의향과 영향요인 연구 Journal of Military Nursing Research (군진간호연구)
2015The effect of predominant breast-feeding on the risk of obesity in Korean preschool childrenNURSING & HEALTH SCIENCES
2014Estimation of effects of factors related to preschooler body mass index using quantile regression model ASIAN NURSING RESEARCH
2014Economic Differences in Risk Factors for Obesity Among Overweight and Obese ChildrenJOURNAL OF SCHOOL NURSING
2014Reduced serum total osteocalcin is associated with central obesity in Korean childrenOBESITY RESEARCH & CLINICAL PRACTICE
2013저소득 가정 아동의 건강불평등과 건강 복지 Child Health Nursing Research
2013The effects of audiovisual distraction on children's pain during laceration repairINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NURSING PRACTICE
2013Factors Influencing Health-Related Quality of Life of Overweight and Obese Children in South KoreaJOURNAL OF SCHOOL NURSING
2013비만아동을 위한 정서적 자기조절 프로그램의 개발 및 효과: 혼합방법론의 적용 Child Health Nursing Research
2013여고생의 섭식문제 구조모형 구축: 생체행동가족모형의 적용 Child Health Nursing Research
2013Posture Management Program Based on Theory of Planned Behavior for Adolescents with Mild Idiopathic ScoliosisASIAN NURSING RESEARCH
2013미숙아를 출산한 어머니의 양육스트레스 Child Health Nursing Research
2012여고생의 섭식태도와 우울, 부모-자녀 상호작용, 가족기능 Journal of Korean Academy of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing (정신간호학회지)
2012Ecological risk factors of childhood obesity in Korean elementary school studentsWESTERN JOURNAL OF NURSING RESEARCH
2012Association between sleep duration and psychological health in overweight and obese children in KoreaNURSING & HEALTH SCIENCES
2012Home Visitation Screening for Child Abuse Assessment in Korea Journal of Korean Academy of Child Health Nursing
2012가정용 인공호흡기 장착 아동의 재입원 영향 요인 Journal of Korean Academy of Child Health Nursing
2011청소년의 자살충동 경험 유무에 따른 자아존중감, 지각된 삶의 만족, 우울 및 공격성 비교 Journal of Korean Academy of Child Health Nursing
2011건강캠프에 참여한 학령기 아동의 생행동적 특성과 비만 위험요인 Journal of Korean Academy of Child Health Nursing
2011간호학 박사학위논문의 실험연구 경향 분석Journal of Korean Academic Society of Nursing Education (한국간호교육학회지)
2011Randomized pilot test of a simultaneous stage-matched exercise and diet intervention for breast cancer survivorsONCOLOGY NURSING FORUM
2011The effects of an animation distraction intervention on pain response of preschool children during venipunctureAPPLIED NURSING RESEARCH
2010Integrating evidence-based practice into RN-to-BSN clinical nursing educationJOURNAL OF NURSING EDUCATION
2010소아암 생존 청소년과 어머니의 외상 후 스트레스 Journal of the Korean Society of Maternal and Child Health (한국모자보건학회지)
2010SimMan 시뮬레이션 학습 시나리오의 개발 및 학습 수행 평가 - 응급실 내원 천식 환자사례를 중심으로 Journal of Korean Academy of Fundamentals of Nursing (기본간호학회지)
2010Middle-aged women's awareness of cholesterol as a risk factor: results from a national survey of Korean Middle-aged Women's Health Awareness (KomWHA) study.INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NURSING STUDIES
2009Development of a community health promotion center based on the World Health Organization's Ottawa Charter health promotion strategies.JAPAN JOURNAL OF NURSING SCIENCE
2009관상동맥 조영술 후 체위변경이 불편감과 출혈에 미치는 효과 Journal of Korean Clinical Nursing Research (임상간호연구)
2009뇌성마비 환아 어머니의 사회적 지지와 부담감 Korean Journal of Rehabilitation Nursing (재활간호학회지)
2009Health problems and health behaviors of Korean preschoolers living with parents and under guardianshipPUBLIC HEALTH NURSING
2008보육시설 영유아 건강관리 현황 Korean Journal of Child Health Nursing (아동간호학회지)
2008Immunization Statuses of Children in Childcare Centers and Sociodemographic Factors Associated with Delayed DTaP4 Immunization Journal of Korean Public Health Nursing (한국보건간호학회지)
2008일 대학의 RN-BSN 교육과정 평가 Journal of Korean Academic Society of Nursing Education (한국간호교육학회지)