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청소년의 자살충동 경험 유무에 따른 자아존중감, 지각된 삶의 만족, 우울 및 공격성 비교

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 Comparison of Self-esteem, Perceived Life Satisfaction, Depression and Aggression According to Experience of Suicidal Impulse in Adolescents 
 박미정  ;  김희순  ;  박소미  ;  최지혜 
 Journal of Korean Academy of Child Health Nursing, Vol.17(4) : 266-271, 2011 
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 Journal of Korean Academy of Child Health Nursing 
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Suicide ; Self-esteem ; Satisfaction ; Depression ; Aggression
Purpose: The purpose of this study was to compare self-esteem, perceived life satisfaction, depression and aggression according to the experience of suicidal impulse in adolescents. Methods: Data were collected from 249 middle and high school students in J city. The constructed questionnaires included items on self-esteem, perceived life satisfaction, depression and aggression. Results: Self-esteem, perceive life satisfaction, depression, and aggression differed significantly between the suicidal impulse group and non-suicidal impulse group. The suicidal impulse group experienced lower self-esteem (OR=3.27), higher depression (OR=12.38) and higher aggression (OR=5.72) than the non-suicidal impulse group. Conclusion: The findings indicate that integrated and effective interventions are needed to prevent suicidal attempts by adolescents who had experiences of suicidal impulse. Information on the cognitive, psychological and social characteristics of adolescents must be considered when developing the interventions.
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