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2019Impact of the mother-nurse partnership programme on mother and infant outcomes in paediatric cardiac intensive care unit김희순article
2019Self-perceptions of body weight status according to age-groups among Korean women: A nationwide population-based survey 김수, 이유미article
2019Correlates of Endothelial Function in Older Adults With Untreated Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Cardiovascular Disease최지연article
2019Medication self-management and the quality of discharge education among parents of children with epilepsy최은경article
2019Preliminary study of outcome-based clinical practicum for undergraduate nursing students김상희, 양유리article
2019Sex differences in factors associated with metabolic syndrome among Korean adults without diabetes mellitus: results from the Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey from 2010 to 2013박정옥, 이향규, 지선하article
2019Psychometric evaluation of the Korean version of the Hepatitis B Quality of Life Questionnaire 장연수article
2019Day care vs home care: Effects on functional health outcomes among long-term care beneficiaries with dementia in Korea이태화article
2019Ecological Factors Affecting Obesity Among Middle School Students in South Korea김광숙article
2019Asian Oncology Nursing(2011~2017년)에 게재된 논문의 경향분석 : 이론 적용을 중심으로 김상희article
2019종합병원 간호사의 임종간호 수행에 미치는 영향 김상희article
2019Impacts of an Exercise Program and Motivational Telephone Counseling on Health-Related Quality of Life in People With Parkinson's Disease이주희article
2019Older Adults With Hip Arthroplasty: An Individualized Transitional Care Program김창오, 오의금, 이주희, 최모나article
2019Effect of psychosocial interventions on the severity of premenstrual syndrome: a meta-analysis김수article
2018학교폭력 가해 아동 ․ 청소년을 위한 중재의 통합적 문헌고찰 김선아article
2018간호대학 학생의 수면의 질과 스트레스의 상관관계 홍혜정article
2018Effectiveness of a brief stress management intervention in male college students김선아, 이향규article
2018Women’s Leadership and Nursing Profession in South Korea 오의금article
2018간호대학생의 도덕적 용기에 대한 도덕적 고뇌와 도덕적 민감성의 관계김상희article
20184차 산업혁명 시대의 윤리적 이슈와대학의 생명윤리교육 방향 제고김상희article