2. Thesis

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Issue DateTitleYonsei Author(s)Type
2018PERMA Profiler를 이용한 구강작열감증후군 환자의 웰빙 지수 평가 서이나thesis
2018구강내 장치를 이용한 혼합치열기 전치부 기능성 반대교합의 치료기간 분석 송지혜thesis
2018하악 제2소구치 결손과 연관된 치아 결손 및 발육지연 박민지thesis
2017Mandibular condyle and fossa morphology according to vertical and sagittal skeletal patterns: a cone beam computed tomography study 노경진thesis
2017Effect of the number of abutment teeth on the marginal and internal accuracy of four-unit monolithic zirconia fixed dental prostheses 김웅기thesis
2016Adhesive layer thickness of universal adhesives and influence of air-thinning on its thickness 조가영thesis
2016Effect of pH and concentrations of ethanol on surface change and color stability of heat-activated denture base resin 홍연희thesis
2016Effects of maximum retraction of anterior teeth on third order torque of incisors and soft and hard tissue changes by conventional and self-ligating brackets 오영은thesis
2016Comparison of biological efficacy of two mineral trioxide aggregate based materials : in vivo study 이명연thesis
2016Validation of model analysis according to the severity of crowding of digital models obtained by intraoral and model scanners 윤재희thesis
2016Factors associated with sinus membrane thickness in the posterior maxilla 송소란thesis
2016Accuracy of indirect bracket bonding via virtual setup and 3D printing 서희주thesis
2016Analysis on inpatient dental consultations to pediatric dentistry at the Severance hospital in past 5 Years : a retrospective study 손정은thesis
2016Comparison of transverse dental axis changes in skeletal class III with asymmetry treated by preorthodontic orthognathic surgery and conventional surgery 송한솔thesis
2016Analysis of developmental dental abnormalities in childhood cancer survivors 김에스더thesis
2015Influence of different types of resin cement on the fracture resistance of teeth restored with MOD ceramic inlays 권기현thesis
2015Evaluation of universal bonding agent containing MDP on zirconia bonding 김태우thesis
2016The effect of biological aging of implant on osseointegration in the dog 황병문thesis
2016Effects of fluoride-contained oral rinses on the corrosion resistance of titanium alloy (Ti-6Al-4V) 황계월thesis
2016구내 하악지 수직 골절단술 후 하악지의 3차원 형태 변화 및 골개조 패턴에 대한 분석 조훈thesis