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Issue DateTitleJournal Title
2023Shape-Configurable Mesh for Hernia Repair by Synchronizing Anisotropic Body MotionSMALL
2017Oxygen-dependent generation of a graded polydopamine coating on nanofibrous materials for controlling stem cell functionsJOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY B
2017UV-irradiated parylene surfaces for proliferation and differentiation of PC-12 cellsENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY
2017Hybrid-spheroids incorporating ECM like engineered fragmented fibers potentiate stem cell function by improved cell/cell and cell/ECM interactionsACTA BIOMATERIALIA
2023Activated carbon nanofiber nanoparticles incorporated electrospun polycaprolactone scaffolds to promote fibroblast behaviors for application to skin tissue engineering ADVANCED COMPOSITES AND HYBRID MATERIALS
2023Body-Shaping Membrane to Regenerate Breast Fat by Elastic Structural Holding RESEARCH
2023Design, fabrication, and structural safety validation of 3D-printable biporous bone augments Bio-design and Manufacturing
2023Usability Study on Patient Monitoring Systems: An Evaluation of a User Interface Based on User Experience and Preference MEDICAL SCIENCE MONITOR
2023Laser-Responsive Shape Memory Device to Program the Stepwise Control of Intraocular Pressure in Glaucoma ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS
2023O2 variant chip to simulate site-specific skeletogenesis from hypoxic bone marrow SCIENCE ADVANCES
1994PC(Personal Computer)를 이용한 Emergency Teleradiology(Medical Image Transmission) System의 개발과 응용 Journal of Korean Neurosurgical Society(대한신경외과학회지)
1994PACS를 위한 고속 CODEC의 하드웨어 구현 Journal of Biomedical Engineering Research(의공학회지)
2022Three-Dimensional Axotomy and Regeneration on Open-Access Microfluidic PlatformIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NANOBIOSCIENCE
20223D in vitro morphogenesis of human intestinal epithelium in a gut-on-a-chip or a hybrid chip with a cell culture insert NATURE PROTOCOLS
2023인공호흡기 원격 통합 모니터링 및 제어 시스템 개발을 위한 소프트웨어 위험관리 및 사이버보안 Journal of Biomedical Engineering Research(의공학회지)
2023Deep Learning on Multiphysical Features and Hemodynamic Modeling for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Growth PredictionIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MEDICAL IMAGING
2023미국 및 유럽 의료기기 품목분류 체계 분석을 통한 국내 의료기기 품목분류 개선 연구 Journal of Biomedical Engineering Research(의공학회지)
2022작업자의 안전관리를 위한 웨어러블 산소포화도 측정 플랫폼스마트미디어저널
2022Shape suitability and mechanical safety of customised hip implants: Three-dimensional printed acetabular cup for hip arthroplasty JOURNAL OF ORTHOPAEDICS
2022Tissue Niche Miniature of Glioblastoma Patient Treated with Nano-Awakeners to Induce Suicide of Cancer Stem CellsADVANCED HEALTHCARE MATERIALS

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