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Shape-Configurable Mesh for Hernia Repair by Synchronizing Anisotropic Body Motion

 Hyunsu Ha  ;  Chan Hee Lee  ;  Kang Suk Lee  ;  Kyubae Lee  ;  Jeongeun Park  ;  Si Yeong Kim  ;  Sewoom Baek  ;  Mi-Lan Kang  ;  Dong Won Lee  ;  Hak-Joon Sung 
 SMALL : e2303325, 2023-07 
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abdominal motion ; computational simulations ; hernia mesh ; metamaterials ; rat hernioplasty ; shape configuration
Continuous progress has been made in elucidating the relationship between material property, device design, and body function to develop surgical meshes. However, an unmet need still exists wherein the surgical mesh can handle the body motion and thereby promote the repair process. Here, the hernia mesh design and the advanced polymer properties are tailored to synchronize with the anisotropic abdominal motion through shape configuration. The thermomechanical property of shape configurable polymer enables molding of mesh shape to fit onto the abdominal structure upon temperature shift, followed by shape fixing with the release of the heat energy. The microstructural design of mesh is produced through finite element modeling to handle the abdominal motion efficiently through the anisotropic longitudinal and transverse directions. The design effects are validated through in vitro, ex vivo, and in vivo mechanical analyses using a self-configurable, body motion responsive (BMR) mesh. The regenerative function of BMR mesh leads to effective repair in a rat hernioplasty model by effectively handling the anisotropic abdomen motion. Subsequently, the device-tissue integration is promoted by promoting healthy collagen synthesis with fibroblast-to-myofibroblast differentiation. This study suggests a potential solution to promote hernia repair by fine-tuning the relationship between material property and mesh design.
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