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Issue DateTitleJournal Title
2023Dedicated to the Late Professor Jae-Duk Lew Archives of Plastic Surgery
2024Multi-locus pathogenic variation identified in a patient with craniosynostosisAMERICAN JOURNAL OF MEDICAL GENETICS PART A
2023Analysis of Perfusion in the DIEP Flap: Role of the Location of the Perforator, Umbilicus, and Midline Crossing-Over VesselPLASTIC AND RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY
2023Subpectoral dissection using an ultrasonic energy device in prosthetic breast reconstruction ARCHIVES OF AESTHETIC PLASTIC SURGERY
2023A bipedicled keystone perforator island flap: Pedicle division technique with enhanced advancement potential for chronic wound coverageJOURNAL OF PLASTIC RECONSTRUCTIVE AND AESTHETIC SURGERY
2023Associated Factors and Prevention of Upper Pole Rippling in Prepectoral Direct-to-Implant Breast Reconstruction Archives of Plastic Surgery
2023Comments on "Filler rhinoplasty based on anatomy: The dual plane technique" JPRAS Open
2024Clinical Activity of TGF-β Inhibitor Vactosertib in Combination with Imatinib in Desmoid Tumors: A Multicenter Phase Ib/II StudyCLINICAL CANCER RESEARCH
2024Patient-reported outcomes of nipple reconstruction with a composite graft from the contralateral nipple ARCHIVES OF AESTHETIC PLASTIC SURGERY
2024Reaching New Heights: A Comprehensive Study of Hand Transplantations in Korea after Institutionalization of Hand Transplantation Law YONSEI MEDICAL JOURNAL
2024A Retrospective study of anatomical differences in levator aponeurosis angle and length in East-Asian blepharoplastyJOURNAL OF CRANIO-MAXILLOFACIAL SURGERY
2024Prevention of Postoperative Complications by Prepectoral versus Subpectoral Breast Reconstruction: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis PLASTIC AND RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY
2023The Study of a Validated Assessment Scale for a Localized Submental Fat Volume JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MEDICINE
2023The Combination of Mechanically Isolated Stromal Vascular Fraction and Fibrin Hydrogel: A Processing ProtocolJOVE-JOURNAL OF VISUALIZED EXPERIMENTS
2023Prevention and Resolution of Silicone Implant-Related Problems in Secondary Rhinoplasty Using a Cross-Linked Human Acellular Dermal Matrix PLASTIC AND RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY
2023Breast Tissue Reconstruction Using Polycaprolactone Ball Scaffolds in a Partial Mastectomy Pig ModelTISSUE ENGINEERING AND REGENERATIVE MEDICINE
2024Durvalumab plus pazopanib combination in patients with advanced soft tissue sarcomas: a phase II trial NATURE COMMUNICATIONS
2023Influence of sarcopenia on postoperative complications in patients undergoing autologous microsurgical breast reconstruction: an inverse probability of treatment weighting analysis FRONTIERS IN ONCOLOGY
2023One Year Experience of the Hand Allotransplantation First Performed after Korea Organ Transplantation Act (KOTA) Amendment Archives of Plastic Surgery
2023Is conservative management of partial zone II flexor tendon laceration possible? A systematic literature review and meta-analysis JOURNAL OF PLASTIC SURGERY AND HAND SURGERY

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