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Correlation of neotongue volume changes with functional outcomes after l...

In Sik Yun ; Dong Won Lee ; Won Jai Lee ; Dae Hyun Lew ; Eun Chang Choi ; Don... Journal of Craniofacial Surgery, Vol.21(1) : 111-116, 2010

Effect of human adipose derived stem cells on scar formation and remodel...

In Sik Yun ; Yeo Reum Jeon ; Won Jai Lee ; Jae Wook Lee ; Dong Kyun Rah ; Kwa... Dermatologic Surgery, Vol.38(10) : 1678-1688, 2012

Activated platelet-rich plasma improves fat graft survival in nude mice:...

DONG SEOK OH ; YOUNG WOO CHEON ; YE RUM JEON ; DAE HYUN LEW Dermatologic Surgery, Vol.37(5) : 619-625, 2011

Dept. of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (성형외과학교실)

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