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2020Huge Anterior Skull Base Defect Reconstruction on Communicating Between Cranium and Nasal Cavity: Combination Flap of Galeal Flap and Reverse Temporalis Flap김용욱, 김창훈, 신동우, 유대현, 이원재, 장종희, 홍종원Article
2020Hydrogel cross-linking-programmed release of nitric oxide regulates source-dependent angiogenic behaviors of human mesenchymal stem cell 강미란, 권병주, 백우열, 성학준, 이용재, 최영식Article
2018광범위한 안면외상 환자에서의 미세술기를 이용한 재건술 노태석, 백우열, 송승용, 이원재Article
2018Quantitative Analysis and Classification of Skull Deformities on 3D Head CT Images Using Shape Descriptors김용욱, 심규원Article
2020Microchannel network hydrogel induced ischemic blood perfusion connection 강미란, 김대현, 백우열, 성학준, 이정복Article
2019Inlay graft of acellular dermal matrix to prevent incisional dehiscence after radiotherapy in prosthetic breast reconstruction 김미정, 송승용, 유대현, 이동원Article
2019Postoperative Cancer Surveillance Following Oncoplastic Surgery with Latissimus Dorsi Flap: a Matched Case-Control Study김민정, 박세호, 송승용, 유대현, 이동원Article
2019로봇재건수술을 위한 미세수술 훈련 신동우, 이동원, 이원재, 홍종원Article
1999선형 예측 모델을 이용한 비관혈적 과비음성 추정 김덕원, 나동균, 최홍식Article
1999유리피판술 및 Ilizarov 골 신장을 병행한 광범위한 하지결손의 재건 김학선, 탁관철Article
1999손에 발생한 거대 혈관평활근종탁관철Article
1999교차하지 (Cross-Leg Fashioned) 유리 근육피판술의 신생혈관 형성에 관한 고찰 탁관철Article
2019Commentary on: Paranasal Augmentation Using Multi-Folded Expanded Polytetrafluorethylene (ePTFE) in the East Asian Nose노태석Article
2019Coffee and Free Flaps: Foes No More이동원Article
2019Antifibrotic Effects of High-Mobility Group Box 1 Protein Inhibitor (Glycyrrhizin) on Keloid Fibroblasts and Keloid Spheroids through Reduction of Autophagy and Induction of Apoptosis 이원재, 이주희Article
2019Sequential reconstruction for recurrent head and neck cancer: A 10-year experience 변일환, 이원재, 정순원Article
2019Extended temporalis flap for skull base reconstruction 김용욱, 이원재, 정순원, 홍종원Article
2019Analysis of factors involved in brain-death donor processing for face transplantation in Korea: How much time is available from brain death to transplantation? 김용욱, 유대현, 이원재, 정순원, 홍종원Article
2019Does acellular dermal matrix expand in response to tissue expander inflation? 송승용, 양채은, 유대현, 이동원Article
2019Robot-assisted Nipple-sparing Mastectomy with Immediate Breast Reconstruction: An Initial Experience 김승일, 박형석, 송승용, 유대현, 이동원, 이지아, 조영업Article

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