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차명훈 [Cha, Myeoung Hoon]
Department :
College of Medicine : Dept. of Physiology
(Yonsei Health Research Network)
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2017Spatiotemporal changes of optical signals in the somatosensory cortex of neuropathic rats after electroacupuncture stimulation 배선준, 이배환, 차명훈
2017Inhibition of Mammalian Target of Rapamycin (mTOR) Signaling in the Insular Cortex Alleviates Neuropathic Pain after Peripheral Nerve Injury 배선준, 이배환, 차명훈
2017Repetitive motor cortex stimulation reinforces the pain modulation circuits of peripheral neuropathic pain 남택상, 이배환, 차명훈
2016Manganese-enhanced MR imaging of brain activation evoked by noxious peripheral electrical stimulation이배환, 차명훈
2016In vivo voltage-sensitive dye imaging of the insular cortex in nerve-injured rats배선준, 이배환, 차명훈
2015Plasticity-Related PKMζ Signaling in the Insular Cortex Is Involved in the Modulation of Neuropathic Pain after Nerve Injury 권민지, 단위오까, 배선준, 이배환, 차명훈, 한정수
2015In situ patch-clamp recordings from Merkel cells in rat whisker hair follicles, an experimental protocol for studying tactile transduction in tactile-end organs 차명훈
2015Behavioral, metabolic and functional brain changes in a rat model of chronic neuropathic pain: a longitudinal MRI study차명훈
2014Merkel cells transduce and encode tactile stimuli to drive Aβ-afferent impulses 차명훈
2013Motor cortex stimulation activates the incertothalamic pathway in an animal model of spinal cord injury 차명훈
2012Changes in cytokine expression after electroacupuncture in neuropathic rats. 곽용호, 남택상, 이배환, 차명훈
2012Assessment of chronic trigeminal neuropathic pain by the orofacial operant test in rats 차명훈
2010Acute electroacupuncture inhibits nitric oxide synthase expression in the spinal cord of neuropathic rats배선준, 이경희, 이배환, 차명훈
2009Modification of cortical excitability in neuropathic rats: a voltage-sensitive dye study.남택상, 이배환, 차명훈
2009Modulation of neuropathic pain by galanin and neuropeptide Y at the level of the medulla in rats남택상, 이배환, 장진우, 정세정, 차명훈
2009Manganese-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Spinal Cord in Rats 이배환, 차명훈
2004침술에 의한 통증의 억제이배환, 차명훈