3. Dissertation

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2021Dental school members' perception and experience of dental accreditation: A focus on isomorphism and decoupling Dissertation
2021Development of diagnostic model through analysis of nystagmus in patients with dizziness Dissertation
2021Mechanism of silver nanoparticle-induced neutrophil extracellular traps and its association with atherosclerosis Dissertation
2020Predictive biomarkers for inhibition of B-cell receptor signaling pathway in activated B-cell (ABC) diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) Dissertation
2020Combination of GSK3 and HDAC inhibitors increases gene expression efficiency to the hypoxia/neuron- specific system : an optimal experimental scheme in treating spinal cord injury Dissertation
2020Application of a targeted next generation sequencing panel for newborn screening Dissertation
2020Annual trends of ultrasonography-guided 14-gauge core-needle biopsy for breast lesions Dissertation
2020Scar remodeling by alginate gel-encapsulated decoy Wnt receptor (sLRP6E1E2)-expressing adenovirus in a pig model Dissertation
2020Radiocarbon dating of skeletal remains Dissertation
2020Extracellular vesicles derived from human cardiac mesenchymal stromal cells and their angiogenic potential Dissertation
2020Effectiveness of school-based oral health education for children and adolescents in low and middle income countries : systematic review and situation analysis of Ghana Dissertation
2020Modulation of host NLRC4 inflammasome signaling pathway by bacterial secretant Dissertation
2020Integrin β4-mediated metabolic reprogramming of cancer-associated fibroblasts in triple negative breast cancer Dissertation
2020Development and application of high-throughput methods to evaluate activity of CRISPR-nucleases Dissertation
2020Microbiome and mycobiome profiling of house dust mites and their significance in allergic inflammation Dissertation
2020The neural mechanism involved in the consumer decision-making process and the relationship with self-concept Dissertation
2020Impact of cost sharing exemption for hospitalized children under the age of six on healthcare utilization Dissertation
2020The burden of disease associated by hypertension and cost-effectiveness analysis of adding non-pharmaceutical interventions with medications to control blood pressure Dissertation
2020Evaluation of the impact of neuroticism on coronary heart disease and type 2 diabetes using Mendelian randomization Dissertation
2020Global trends in occupational injury indices and their relation to national indicators Dissertation

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