2. Thesis

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Issue DateTitleJournal Title
2022Dynamics of Tumor-infiltrating Lymphocytes During Neo-Adjuvant Chemotherapy in Ovarian Cancer Thesis
2017The association between low 50 g glucose challenge test values and adverse pregnancy outcomes Thesis
2017Diagnostic and clinicopathological significance of Ki67 mRNA expression in cervical cancer tissue Thesis
2018Impaired function and epigenetic changes of human cord blood-derived CD133+/C-kit+Lin- endothelial progenitor cells in preeclampsia Thesis
2015Feasibility of three-dimensional reconstruction and automated measurement of fetal long bones using 5D Long Bone™ Thesis
2015단일공 복강경 전자궁절제술 후 오심과 구토를 예방하기 위한 ramosetron 정맥 투여에 대한 비교 연구 : 무작위 전향적 비교 Thesis
2008장액성 난소암 세포주의 확립 및 특성 분석 Thesis
2014자궁경부 세포검사에서 makorin ring finger protein1(MKRN1) 면역세포화학의 유용성 Thesis
2014Expression of nephrin in the human placenta and membranes Thesis
2013Effects of levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system on the expression of steroid receptor coregulators TIF-2, AIB-1 and NCoR in adenomyosisThesis
2013A new prognostic index model using meta-analysis in early-stage epithelial ovarian cancer Thesis
2012Prognostic significance of NANOG in ovarian serous carcinomaThesis
2012Risk factors for preterm birth and the efficacy of prophylactic cerclage in patients with prior conizationThesis
2011Pregnancy outcome of late-onset recurrent preeclampsiaThesis
2011DNA methylation profile analysis of patients with ovarian tumorThesis
2011The correlation of insulin-like growth factor binding protein-3 proteolysis with insulin resistance in obese adolescents Thesis
2011Clinical significance of serum sRAGE and esRAGE in women with physiologic pregnancy and preeclampsia Thesis
2003원발암 근치술 후 Krukenberg tumor 발병 예측 인자에 대한 분석 Thesis
2003Cetrorelix가 자궁근종세포의 자연사 및 자연사 조절인자에 미치는 영향 Thesis
2002Estrogen 치료중인 폐경 여성에게 병합 투여된 alendronate가 골밀도에 미치는 효과 Thesis

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