2. Thesis

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Issue DateTitleJournal Title
2017The association between low 50 g glucose challenge test values and adverse pregnancy outcomes Thesis
2017Diagnostic and clinicopathological significance of Ki67 mRNA expression in cervical cancer tissue Thesis
2018Impaired function and epigenetic changes of human cord blood-derived CD133+/C-kit+Lin- endothelial progenitor cells in preeclampsia Thesis
2014Expression of nephrin in the human placenta and membranes Thesis
2013A new prognostic index model using meta-analysis in early-stage epithelial ovarian cancer Thesis
2012Risk factors for preterm birth and the efficacy of prophylactic cerclage in patients with prior conizationThesis
2011The correlation of insulin-like growth factor binding protein-3 proteolysis with insulin resistance in obese adolescents Thesis
2011Clinical significance of serum sRAGE and esRAGE in women with physiologic pregnancy and preeclampsia Thesis
2003원발암 근치술 후 Krukenberg tumor 발병 예측 인자에 대한 분석 Thesis
2003Cetrorelix가 자궁근종세포의 자연사 및 자연사 조절인자에 미치는 영향 Thesis
2002Estrogen 치료중인 폐경 여성에게 병합 투여된 alendronate가 골밀도에 미치는 효과 Thesis
2002자궁 수축 억제의 실패로 인한 조기 분만의 예측 인자로서 Serum Amyloid A 측정의 유용성 Thesis
1980임산부 사망에 관한 연구Thesis
1989만성자궁경부염 치료에 있어서 저온응고법(Cold Coagulation)의 임상적 효과Thesis
1967卵巢 腫瘍의 臨床病理學的 考察Thesis
1979Prostaglandin E2정의 경구 투여법과 Oxytocin 정맥내 지속점적 주입법에 의한 유도분만의 비교관찰Thesis
2010Alteration of elastin metabolism in women with pelvic organ prolaspe Thesis
2009임신 제 이삼분기의 다운증후군 태아에서 성별에 따른 초음파 부수소견과 모체혈청 생화학적 검사의 상관관계 Thesis
2009자궁내막증 환자의 자궁내막에서 thioredoxin 및 thioredoxin binding protein-2 mRNA 발현의 역할 Thesis
2009Enhanced humoral and cellular immunity using HPV quadrivalent recombinant vaccine formulated with the modified lipopolysaccharide/ bacterial DNA fragments/aluminium salt combination compared to alumin Thesis

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