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박해정 [Park, Hae Jeong]
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College of Medicine (의과대학) - Dept. of Nuclear Medicine (핵의학교실)
(Yonsei Health Research Network)
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2019Graph-theoretical analysis for energy landscape reveals the organization of state transitions in the resting-state human cerebral cortex 박해정Article
2019Dynamic causal modeling for calcium imaging: Exploration of differential effective connectivity for sensory processing in a barrel cortical column박해정, 정승수Article
2019Automated diagnosis of ear disease using ensemble deep learning with a big otoendoscopy image database 박해정, 차동철, 최재영Article
2019Neurofeedback learning for mental practice rather than repetitive practice improves neural pattern consistency and functional network efficiency in the subsequent mental motor execution박해정Article
2018Aberrant cerebro-cerebellar functional connectivity and minimal self-disturbance in individuals at ultra-high risk for psychosis and with first-episode schizophrenia박해정, 안석균, 이승구, 이은Article
2018Interregional metabolic connectivity of 2-deoxy-2[18 F]fluoro-D-glucose positron emission tomography in vagus nerve stimulation for pediatric patients with epilepsy: A retrospective cross-sectional study강훈철, 김동석, 김흥동, 박은경, 박해정, 심규원, 오맹근, 이준수Article
2018Involvement of amygdala-prefrontal dysfunction in the influence of negative emotion on the resolution of cognitive conflict in patients with schizophrenia. 김어수, 김재진, 박해정Article
2018수면 뇌파-기능자기공명영상 동기화 측정과 신호처리 기법을 통한 수면 단계별 뇌연결망 연구 박해정Article
2018Geometric Convolutional Neural Network for Analyzing Surface-Based Neuroimaging Data. 박해정Article
2018Effective connectivity during working memory and resting states: A DCM study.박해정Article
2018Dynamic effective connectivity in resting state fMRI 박해정Article
2017Structural Brain Connectivity Constrains within-a-Day Variability of Direct Functional Connectivity 박해정Article
2017Hierarchical Dynamic Causal Modeling of Resting-State fMRI Reveals Longitudinal Changes in Effective Connectivity in the Motor System after Thalamotomy for Essential Tremor 박해정, 장원석, 장진우Article
2017Changes in brain metabolic connectivity underlie autistic-like social deficits in a rat model of autism spectrum disorder 김동구, 김철훈, 박해정, 조호진Article
2017Comparative evaluation of the white matter fiber integrity in patients with prelingual and postlingual deafness김진아, 박해정, 최재영Article
2017Energy landscape analysis of the subcortical brain network unravels system properties beneath resting state dynamics박해정Article
2017Individuality manifests in the dynamic reconfiguration of large-scale brain networks during movie viewing 박범희, 박해정Article
2017Contribution of fronto-striatal regions to emotional valence and repetition under cognitive conflict김어수, 김재진, 박해정Article
2017Analysis of structure-function network decoupling in the brain systems of spastic diplegic cerebral palsy박은숙, 박해정, 오맹근, 이승구, 조성래Article
2017Multivariate Bayesian decoding of single-trial event-related fMRI responses for memory retrieval of voluntary actions. 박해정Article
2016Connectivity-based change point detection for large-size functional networks박해정Article
2016Neural responses to affective and cognitive theory of mind in children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder.김은주, 김재진, 박해정, 송동호, 오맹근, 천근아Article
2016Immediate and Longitudinal Alterations of Functional Networks after Thalamotomy in Essential Tremor 박해정, 장원석, 장진우Article
2016Happier People Show Greater Neural Connectivity during Negative Self-Referential Processing 김재진, 박해정Article
2016Aberrant neural networks for the recognition memory of socially relevant information in patients with schizophrenia 김재진, 박해정Article
2015Altered cingulo-striatal function underlies reward drive deficits in schizophrenia김재진, 박선영, 박해정Article
2015A network analysis of ¹⁵O-H₂O PET reveals deep brain stimulation effects on brain network of Parkinson's disease 김중일, 김해유, 박범희, 박해정, 이종두, 장진우Article
2015The neural basis of a deficit in abstract thinking in patients with schizophrenia김재진, 박해정Article
2015소통 지능의 신경생물학적 기전에 관한 뇌영상 기반 뇌 용적 연구 박해정Article
2015Multivariate detrending of fMRI signal drifts for real-time multiclass pattern classification박해정, 이동하Article
2014Graph Independent Component Analysis Reveals Repertoires of Intrinsic Network Components in the Human Brain 박범희, 박해정Article
2014Functional network organizations of two contrasting temperament groups in dimensions of novelty seeking and harm avoidance김은주, 박해정Article
2014Abnormal Neural Processing during Emotional Salience atrtibution of affective asymmetry in patients with schizophrenia 김재진, 박해정, 석정호, 정영철Article
2014Positive symptoms and water diffusivity of the prefrontal and temporal cortices in schizophrenia patients: a pilot study김재진, 박진영, 박해정Article
2014Involvement of the mirror neuron system in blunted affect in schizophrenia김재진, 박해정Article
2014Histogram analysis of gadoxetic acid-enhanced MRI for quantitative hepatic fibrosis measurement. 김명진, 김한솔, 박영년, 박해정, 최진영Article
2014Reduced Binding Potential of GABA-A/Benzodiazepine Receptors in Individuals at Ultra-high Risk for Psychosis:An [18F]-Fluroflumazenil Positron Emission Tomography Study강지인, 김경란, 김세주, 박해정, 안석균, 이은, 이종두Article
2013Correlations of Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging with Morphologic, Angiogenic, and Molecular Prognostic Factors in Rectal Cancer 김기황, 김남규, 김세훈, 김원호, 박미숙, 박해정, 홍혜숙Article
2013Functional connectivity-based identification of subdivisions of the basal ganglia and thalamus using multilevel independent component analysis of resting state fMRI김대진, 박범희, 박해정Article
2013Is the GABA System Related to the Social Competence Improvement Effect of Aripiprazole? An 18F-Fluoroflumazenil PET Study 김세주, 김어수, 김재진, 박해정, 이종두Article
2013Perceived patient–parent relationships and neural representation of parents in schizophrenia강지인, 김재진, 박해정, 이상훈, 최수희Article
2013Everyday conversation requires cognitive inference: Neural bases of comprehending implicated meanings in conversations박해정Article
2013Combined rTMS to the auditory cortex and prefrontal cortex for tinnitus control in patients with depression: a pilot study문인석, 박세라, 박해정, 최재영Article
2013Evaluation of Node-Inhomogeneity Effects on the Functional Brain Network Properties Using an Anatomy-Constrained Hierarchical Brain Parcellation 박범희, 박해정, 이종두Article
2013Increased GABA-A Receptor Binding and Reduced Connectivity at the Motor Cortex in Children with Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy: A Multimodal Investigation Using 18F-Fluoroflumazenil PET, Immunohistochemistry, and MR Imaging김철훈, 박범희, 박은숙, 박창일, 박해정, 오소라, 이종두Article
2013Structural and Functional Brain Networks: From Connections to Cognition박해정Article
2012A randomized trial of mesenchymal stem cells in multiple system atrophy김동준, 김한수, 김현옥, 남정모, 남효석, 박해정, 손영호, 이종두, 이지은, 이필휴, 정준원Article
2012Hippocampus and nucleus accumbens activity during neutral word recognition related to trait physical anhedonia in patients with schizophrenia: an fMRI study강지인, 김재진, 박해정, 이정석Article
2012Common and differential brain responses in men and women to nonverbal emotional vocalizations by the same and opposite sex김재진, 박해정Article
2012Are brain networks stable during a 24-hour period?김중일, 박범희, 박해정, 이동하, 이종두Article