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소통 지능의 신경생물학적 기전에 관한 뇌영상 기반 뇌 용적 연구

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 A Study on the Neurobiological Basis of Communicative Intelligence Using Voxel-Based Morphometry 
 김주환  ;  윤신애  ;  박해정 
 Korean Journal of Schizophrenia Research (대한조현병학회지), Vol.18(1) : 35-42, 2015 
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 Korean Journal of Schizophrenia Research (대한조현병학회지) 
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Communicative intelligence ; Voxel-based morphometry ; Conversational competence · ; Emotional competence ; Empathic competence ; Schizophrenia
Objectives : To develop reliable tools for measuring communication skills in schizophrenia, the present study proposed the concept of communication intelligence, consisting of conversational competence, emotional competence, and empathic competence, and explored its neurobiological underpinnings using regional gray matter volume with healthy people. Methods : Communicative intelligence scores were obtained from 126 healthy young participants. Correlation analyses between regional volume distributions and communication intelligence subcomponents were conducted using voxel-based morphometry of structural MRI. Results : The significant positive correlations between the regional gray matter volumes with conversational competence were found mainly at the ventromedial frontal gyrus while the negative correlations between the bilateral middle frontal gyrus. With emotional competence, the volume of right superior temporal gyrus was positively and that of bilateral insula was negatively correlated. With empathic competence, the volume of the left middle frontal gyrus was positively and that of the insula was negatively correlated. Conclusion : Each of the subcomponents of communicative intelligence scores showed distinctive neurobiological underpinnings. The regions for the subcomponents, which constitute a common network for social cognition and emotion, are highly associated with the regions of the schizophrenia pathology. In conclusion, communicative intelligence scales have neurobiological basis to evaluate social skills of patients with schizophrenia.
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