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박진영 [Park, Jin Young]
Department :
College of Dentistry - Dept. of Periodontology
(Yonsei Health Research Network)

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2017Comparisons of the diagnostic accuracies of optical coherence tomography, micro-computed tomography, and histology in periodontal disease: an ex vivo study 김희진, 박진영, 이중석, 정의원, 최성호Article
2017Bone augmentation at peri-implant dehiscence defects comparing a synthetic polyethylene glycol hydrogel matrix vs. standard guided bone regeneration techniques박진영, 정의원Article
2015수직적 치조골 증대술을 활용한 상악 구치부 임플란트 식립 증례 김유경, 박진영, 유훈, 이재홍, 이중석, 정의원, 차재국, 최성호Article
2015The efficacy of BMP-2 preloaded on bone substitute or hydrogel for bone regeneration at peri-implant defects in dogs박진영, 이인경, 정의원Article
2015상악 정중이개가 있는 환자에서 white and pink esthetic score에 기반한 임플란트 식립: 증례보고 박진영, 이재홍, 이중석, 정의원, 차재국, 최성호Article