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홍진용 [Hong, Jin Yong]
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College of Medicine (의과대학) - Dept. of Neurology (신경과학교실)

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2015Comparison of regional brain atrophy and cognitive impairment between pure akinesia with gait freezing and Richardson's syndrome 손영호, 이필휴, 함지현, 홍진용Article
2015Olfactory performance and resting state functional connectivity in non-demented drug naïve patients with Parkinson's disease손영호, 이필휴, 함지현, 홍진용Article
2015Nigrostriatal dopamine-independent resting-state functional networks in Parkinson's disease손영호, 이재정, 이필휴, 함지현, 홍진용Article
2015Apathy and olfactory dysfunction in early Parkinson's disease 선우문경, 손영호, 이재정, 이필휴, 함지현, 홍진용Article
2014Cerebral microbleeds in patients with Parkinson's disease.선우문경, 손영호, 이필휴, 함지현, 홍진용Article
2014Cognitive and cortical thinning patterns of subjective cognitive decline in patients with and without Parkinson's disease선우문경, 손영호, 이필휴, 함지현, 홍진용Article
2014Mesenchymal stem cells can modulate longitudinal changes in cortical thickness and its related cognitive decline in patients with multiple system atrophy 선우문경, 손영호, 이지은, 이필휴, 함지현, 홍진용Article
2014Presynaptic dopamine depletion predicts levodopa-induced dyskinesia in de novo Parkinson disease선우문경, 손영호, 이지은, 이필휴, 함지현, 홍진용Article
2014Depression and voice handicap in Parkinson disease.손영호, 이필휴, 이혜선, 홍진용Article
2014Subjective cognitive decline predicts future deterioration in cognitively normal patients with Parkinson's disease.선우문경, 손영호, 이지은, 이필휴, 정석종, 함지현, 홍진용Article
2014The burden of white matter hyperintensities is a predictor of progressive mild cognitive impairment in patients with Parkinson's disease.선우문경, 손영호, 이지은, 이필휴, 함지현, 홍진용Article
2013Levodopa-induced dyskinesia in a patient who has normal presynaptic dopaminergic neurons선우문경, 손영호, 이필휴, 홍진용Article
2013Effect of APOE genotype on gray matter density in patients with Parkinson's disease손영호, 이지은, 이필휴, 정석종, 홍진용Article
2013Dental implants-induced task-specific oromandibular dystonia손영호, 이지은, 이필휴, 정석종, 홍진용Article
2013Neuroanatomical Heterogeneity of Essential Tremor According to Propranolol Response 선우문경, 손영호, 이필휴, 정석종, 홍진용Article
2013Thalamic volume and related visual recognition are associated with freezing of gait in non-demented patients with Parkinson's disease선우문경, 손영호, 이지은, 이필휴, 조규호, 홍진용Article
2013α-Synuclein pathology is related to postoperative delirium in patients undergoing gastrectomy김세훈, 박현정, 선우문경, 이필휴, 홍진용Article
2013The perfusion pattern in a patient with lithium intoxication mimicking creutzfeldt-jakob disease김승우, 선우문경, 이종두, 이필휴, 홍진용Article
2013Predictive value of the smell identification test for nigrostriatal dopaminergic depletion in Korean tremor patients선우문경, 손영호, 이지은, 이필휴, 정석종, 홍진용Article
2012Neurocognitive and atrophic patterns in Parkinson's disease based on subjective memory complaints손영호, 이지은, 이필휴, 홍진용Article
2012Neuroanatomical substrates of visual hallucinations in patients with non-demented Parkinson's disease선우문경, 손영호, 이지은, 이필휴, 홍진용Article