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이종복 [Lee, Jong Bok]
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College of Medicine (의과대학) - Dept. of Ophthalmology (안과학교실)

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2019얼굴돌림 및 사시를 동반한 영아안진에서 Adjusted Kestenbaum 술식의 효과 박성은, 이종복, 한승한, 한진우Article
2017Retinal microstructures are altered in patients with idiopathic infantile nystagmus이종복, 이택준, 한승한, 한진우Article
2015Strabismus surgery and long-term visual outcomes in patients with preadolescent onset ocular myasthenia gravis이종복, 한소영, 한승한, 한진우Article
2015Ophthalmological manifestations in patients with Leigh syndrome이영목, 이종복, 한소영, 한승한, 한진우Article
2015Ocular alignment after bilateral lateral rectus recession in exotropic children with cerebral palsy이종복, 한소영, 한승한, 한진우Article
2015Longitudinal analysis of retinal nerve fiber layer and ganglion cell-inner plexiform layer thickness in ethambutol-induced optic neuropathy변민광, 이종복, 이준원, 한소영, 한승한, 한진우Article
2014Pirfenidone Attenuates the IL-1β–Induced Hyaluronic Acid Increase in Orbital Fibroblasts From Patients With Thyroid-Associated Ophthalmopathy이종복Article
2014Surgical management of long-standing antielevation syndrome after unilateral anterior transposition of the inferior oblique muscle.이종복, 한소영, 한승한, 한진우Article
2014Impact of laser refractive surgery on ocular alignment in myopic patients. 이종복Article
2014Real stereopsis test using a three-dimensional display with Tridef software. 이승구, 이종복, 한소영, 한승한, 한진우Article
2014Effect of tanshinone IIA in an in vitro model of Graves’ orbitopathy 유수리나, 윤진숙, 이은직, 이종복, 채민경Article
2013Photophobia measurement in intermittent exotropia using the contrast sensitivity test이종복, 한승한Article
2013성공적인 외사시수술 후 삼차원영상 인지양상 이승구, 이종복, 이형근, 한승한Article
2013Linezolid-Associated Optic Neuropathy in a Patient With Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis이종복, 한승한, 한진우Article
2012Recession-resection surgery augmented with botulinum toxin a chemodenervation for paralytic horizontal strabismus. 이종복, 한승한, 홍사민Article
2012The role of focal adhesion kinase in the TGF-β-induced myofibroblast transdifferentiation of human Tenon's fibroblasts. 성공제, 이종복, 이주카요코, 한승한, 홍사민Article
2012The analysis of AC/A ratio in nonrefractive accommodative esotropia treated with bifocal glasses. 김욱겸, 유수리나, 이종복Article
2012Changes in the interpupillary distance following general anesthesia in children with intermittent exotropia: a predictor of surgical outcomes윤진숙, 이종복Article
2012Complications of cosmetic wide conjunctivectomy combined with postsurgical mitomycin C application.김응권, 서경률, 유수리나, 이종복Article
2012Role of heat shock protein 47 in transdifferentiation of human tenon's fibroblasts to myofibroblasts. 박경수, 성공제, 이종복, 한승한, 홍사민Article
2012간헐외사시에서 근시 진행과 수술 후 외편위 재발과의 상관관계 이종복Article
2012Parent-reported symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children with intermittent exotropia before and after strabismus surgery 유수리나, 이종복Article
2011Practical aspects and efficacy of intraoperative adjustment in concomitant horizontal strabismus surgery이종복, 정승아Article
2011근시 성인에서 조절마비 전후와 조절마비제에 따른 굴절 변화 비교 이종복Article
2011The efficacy of intravenous ketorolac for pain relief in single-stage adjustable strabismus surgery: a prospective, randomized, placebo-controlled trial. 김욱겸, 유수리나, 이종복Article
2011Transient increase of higher-order aberrations after lateral rectus recession in children 서경률, 송원경, 이종복, 홍사민Article
2011수평사시 환아에서 수평직근후전술의 수술 결과에 대한 근시 및 안축장 길이의 영향 이종복, 한승한Article
2011Changes in exodeviation following hyperopic correction in patients with intermittent exotropia김욱겸, 김인식, 이종복Article
2011Supermaximal recession and resection in large-angle sensory exotropia 이종복, 한승한Article
2010The prismatic effect on stereoacuity in intermittent exotropia 이종복, 정승아Article
2010영아 눈떨림 환자에서 눈떨림파형분석을 통한 중심와 시간의 측정과 시력과의 관계 이종복, 한승한Article
2010Two cases of mirror-image eye anomalies in monozygotic twins 이종복Article
2009듀안안구후퇴증후군의 수술결과 분석 이종복, 정승아Article
2009외사시 환아에서 사시 수술 전후 주의력결핍 과다활동의 양상 이종복, 정승아Article
2009Change in ocular alignment after topical anesthetic cataract surgery강성용, 김찬윤, 성공제, 이종복, 장지호, 정승아, 홍사민Article
2008Inadvertent scleral perforation after strabismus surgery: incidence and association with refractive error.김성수, 변석호, 성공제, 이종복, 한승한, 홍사민Article
2008Transforming growth factor-beta does not induce endothelin-1 secretion in primary cultured human tenon's fibroblasts. 김찬윤, 성공제, 이종복, 홍사민Article
2008Pattern Visual Evoked Potential as a Predictor of Occlusion Therapy for Amblyopia 이종복, 정우석, 한승한, 홍사민Article
2008각막반사를 이용한 수평사시 수술중 조정술 이종복, 홍진표Article
2008사시환자에서 입체시의 양상 이종복Article
2007Outcome study of two standard-&-graduated augmented modified Kestenbaum surgery protocols for abnormal head postures in infantile nystagmus이종복, 한승한Article
2007굴절부등 약시 환아의 치료결과에 영향을 미치는 요인 이종복Article
2007굴절부등에 동반된 약시 및 사시 이종복Article
2007Upregulation of TGF-β–Induced Tissue Transglutaminase Expression by PI3K-Akt Pathway Activation in Human Subconjunctival Fibroblasts김찬윤, 윤진숙, 이종복, 황기철Article
2007Recession–resection combined with intraoperative botulinum toxin A chemodenervation for exotropia following subtotal ruptured of medial rectus muscle이종복, 이형근, 한승한, 홍사민Article
2006The effects of interocular differences in retinal illuminance on vision and binocularity이종복, 한승한Article
2006Intraoperative adjustment in strabismus surgery under topical anesthesia 이종복, 한승한Article
2006굴절조절내사시에서 대상부전과 추가치료의 발생 및 위험요인 이종복Article
2006Changes in corneal and conjunctival sensitivity, tear film stability, and tear secretion after strabismus surgery이종복, 한승한Article
2006항상외사시를 보이는 영아외사시의 임상양상 이종복Article