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Yoo, Nae Choon [유내춘]
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College of Medicine (의과대학) - Dept. of Internal Medicine (내과학교실)

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2009Brain metastases from hepatocellular carcinoma: prognostic factors and outcome: brain metastasis from HCCJOURNAL OF NEURO-ONCOLOGY
2009Increments of alpha-dystroglycan expression in liver metastasis correlate with poor survival in gastric cancerJOURNAL OF SURGICAL ONCOLOGY
2009Clinical features and treatment outcomes of advanced stage primary hepatic angiosarcoma ANNALS OF ONCOLOGY
2009High-throughput identification of clinically important bacterial pathogens using DNA microarrayMOLECULAR AND CELLULAR PROBES
2009Association of the ABCB1 gene polymorphisms 2677G>T/A and 3435C>T with clinical outcomes of paclitaxel monotherapy in metastatic breast cancer patients ANNALS OF ONCOLOGY
2009Phase II study of transarterial holmium-166-chitosan complex treatment in patients with a single, large hepatocellular carcinomaONCOLOGY
2008Mobilized CD34+ cells as a biomarker candidate for the efficacy of combined maximal tolerance dose and continuous infusional chemotherapy and G-CSF surge in gastric cancerCANCER LETTERS
2008대장암의 간전이 및 간부전으로 인한 간이식 1예 Korean Journal of Medicine
2008Isolation and Characterization of an Extracellular Antimicrobial Protein from Aspergillus oryzaeJOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY
2008Phase III trial of adjuvant 5-fluorouracil and adriamycin versus 5-fluorouracil, adriamycin, and polyadenylic-polyuridylic acid (poly A:U) for locally advanced gastric cancer after curative surgery: final results of 15-year follow-up. ANNALS OF ONCOLOGY
2008A phase II study of paclitaxel combined with infusional 5-fluorouracil and low-dose leucovorin for advanced gastric cancer.CANCER CHEMOTHERAPY AND PHARMACOLOGY
2008A single institutional experience of surgically resected thymic epithelial tumors over 10 years: clinical outcomes and clinicopathologic featuresONCOLOGY REPORTS
2008Capecitabine and doxorubicin combination chemotherapy as salvage therapy in pretreated advanced gastric cancer.CANCER CHEMOTHERAPY AND PHARMACOLOGY
2007Development of a DNA chip for the diagnosis of the most common corneal dystrophies caused by mutations in the βigh3 gene BRITISH JOURNAL OF OPHTHALMOLOGY
2007Changing patterns of prognosticators during 15-year follow-up of advanced gastric cancer after radical gastrectomy and adjuvant chemotherapy: A 15-year follow-up study at a single korean instituteANNALS OF SURGICAL ONCOLOGY
2006A phase II trial of S-1 monotherapy in metastatic colorectal cancer after failure of irinotecan- and oxaliplatin-containing regimens BRITISH JOURNAL OF CANCER
2006DNA microarray-based detection of nosocomial pathogenic Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Acinetobacter baumanniiMOLECULAR AND CELLULAR PROBES
2005개복하 고주파열치료(Radiofrequency Ablation) 후 발생한 합병증 증례 ; 개복하 고주파열치료 후 발생한 발열, 혈소판 감소증 및 간기능 저하 Journal of the Korean Liver Cancer Study Group (대한간암연구학회지)
2005A Pilot Study of Trans-Arterial Injection of 166Holmium-Chitosan Complex for Treatment of Small Hepatocellular Carcinoma YONSEI MEDICAL JOURNAL
2004Development of DNA microarray for pathogen detection BIOTECHNOLOGY AND BIOPROCESS ENGINEERING
2004제 1형 신경섬유종증 환자에서 발생한 악성 섬유성 조직구종 JOURNAL OF THE KOREAN SURGICAL SOCIETY
2004Constitutive production of human leptin by fed-batch culture of recombinant rpoS−Escherichia coliPROTEIN EXPRESSION AND PURIFICATION
2004Analysis of gene expression profiles of hepatocellular carcinomas with regard to 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose uptake pattern on positron emission tomographyEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF NUCLEAR MEDICINE AND MOLECULAR IMAGING
2004Lack of Correlation Between P-glycoprotein and Chemotherapy Resistance in Nasal NK/T-cell LymphomasLEUKEMIA & LYMPHOMA
2003A Case of Paraneoplastic Nephrotic Syndrome in a Patient with Ovarian Carcinoma YONSEI MEDICAL JOURNAL
2000Transduction effect of antisense K-ras on malignant phenotypes in gastric cancer cellsCancer Letters
1999Effects of interleukin-2 transduction on the human hepatoma cell lines using retroviral vectorONCOLOGY REPORTS
1998Synchronous elevation of soluble intercellular adhesion molecule-1 (ICAM-1) and vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 (VCAM-1) correlates with gastric cancer progression YONSEI MEDICAL JOURNAL
1998Telomerase Activity and Telomere Lengths in Various Cell Lines: Changes of Telomerase Activity Can Be Another Method for Chemosensitivity EvaluationINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ONCOLOGY
1998Bioequivalence study of cipol-N (cyclosporine microemulsion preparation) in healthy adultsTRANSPLANTATION PROCEEDINGS
1998Menstrual state should be considered in determining sero-positivity of soluble angiogenic factors in breast cancer.INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR MEDICINE
1998Retroviral Vector를 이용한 Herpes Simplex Virus-Thymidine Kinase 유전자의 도입과 발현이 인체 위암세포주의 Ganciclovir 감수성에 미치는 영향 Journal of the Korean Cancer Association (대한암학회지)
1998위암세포주에서 p53 유전자 형질도입이 위암세포주의 Malignant Phenotype에 미치는 영향 Journal of the Korean Cancer Association (대한암학회지)
1998p53 유전자 변형이 발생한 위암세포주에서 유전자이상 교정에 의한 항암제 감수성 변화 Journal of the Korean Cancer Association (대한암학회지)
1998Physiological and pathological changes of plasma urokinase-type plasminogen activator, plasminogen activator inhibitor-1, and urokinase-type plasminogen activator receptor levels in healthy females and breast cancer patientsBREAST CANCER RESEARCH AND TREATMENT
1998암 발생 과정에서 유방암 세포의 TGF-β에 대한 저항성 획득과 제1형 및 제2형 TGF-β 수용체의 유전자 변화에 관한 연구 Journal of the Korean Cancer Association (대한암학회지)
1998Alpha-fetoprotein-producing gastric cancerONCOLOGY REPORTS
1998위암으로 전위절제술을 시행한 환자에서의 비타민 B12 결핍성 빈혈 Korean Journal of Medicine (대한내과학회지)
1998An unusual case of gastric carcinoma with synchronous non-Hodgkin's lymphoma YONSEI MEDICAL JOURNAL
1998Loxoprofen sodium 제제(레녹스정)의 생물학적 동등성시험 Journal of Applied Pharmacology (응용약물학회지)
1998감염관련 혈구탐식증후군 (Infection-Associated Hemophagocytic Syndrome)으로 추정되는 2예 보고 및 국내 증례 분석 Korean Journal of Infectious Diseases (감염)
1997진행성 악성종양에서 항암약물요법에 의한 호중구 감소증에 대한 DA-3030(재조합 과립구 콜로니 자극인자: rhG-CSF)의 안전성 및 효과를 평가하기 위한 제 I/II상 임상시험Journal of the Korean Cancer Association (대한암학회지)
1997위암 환자의 혈액 및 조직에서 Urokinase-type Plasminogen Activator 발현의 임상적 의의Journal of the Korean Cancer Association (대한암학회지)
1997Retrospective Comparison of Infusional 5-Fluorouracil, Doxorubicin, and Mitomycin-C (Modified FAM) Combination Chemotherapy Versus Palliative Therapy in Treatment of Advanced Gastric CancerAmerican Journal of Clinical Oncology
1996악성 종양 환자에서 새로운 Anthracycline 유도체: DA-125의 제1상 및 약동학 연구 Journal of the Korean Cancer Association(대한암학회지)
1996P-glycoprotein as an intermediate end point of drug resistance to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in locally advanced gastric cancer YONSEI MEDICAL JOURNAL
1996골육종환자에서 다방면 복합요법의 효과 및 P-Glycoprotein 과다발현의 임상적 의의 Journal of the Korean Cancer Association(대한암학회지)
1996정상 성인에서 Cyclosporine 연질 경구제제 네오프란타의 생물학적 동등성에 관한 연구 Journal of Korean Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics(임상약리학회지)
1996Gastric Cancer in Young Patients Who Underwent Curative Resection: Comparative Study with Older PatientsAMERICAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL ONCOLOGY-CANCER CLINICAL TRIALS